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The USP is the number one most important thing before you do anything else with a marketing consultant deal. You get them to sit down and you figure out what in the world these guys stand for.  If they can’t differentiate themselves and if they don’t have reasons they’re different, then you can get the sales scripting, you can get the copywriting, you can go the media, cross promoting, community marketing – because nobody knows why you’re different, why you. So, the very first thing you do is you have to say, “What does your business stand for?” And, that’s the USP, and that’s the basis around all the marketing efforts. So, you’ve got to get that defined first.

Below are the most relevant audio consultations on the subject of USP. Many of these recordings are actual consulting sessions with paying clients and they cover more than just the USP. But because I have followed the opportunity analysis, the USP development will be worked on first since it’s the first step in the HMA system. Other recordings may deal entirely on the USP subject. Make sure you review the Audio segments from both the 1995 and 2005 HMA systems. Get ready to hear how I craft and teach the power of a USP. Keep in mind, this is only my way and not necessarily the best and only way to do this.

You may have a better or more effective way. If so, use it. Each of these consultations is packed with money making ideas and specific examples of how you can take what your client does and developed it into a powerful reason why someone should buy from them.

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How To Integrating Nick’s USP In To His Web Hosting Business To Sell More, Sell Stronger (Part Three).

In this third recording in my series with Nick, the owner of Advanced Hosting Networks, now I make a presentation to Nick about how to utilize his USP in the company’s day-to-day customer activities. In my excitement to create a great presentation, I whipped up a “straw man” web application that not only includes the items in his USP, but that I suggest be the basis for a real application that could be developed to assist his service representatives in answering the phone, capturing information, and especially to obtain new customers. In that respect, this is more of a Workshop than simply a recording. Do you want to be part of this interactive session? Before beginning the recording, go to and you can review and go through the exact same screens that I discuss with Nick as you listen. Read More

Why Your Customers Will Always Know Your USP Better Than You (Part 2).

This next recording is a follow-up to the consulting call I did with Nick above, the owner of Advanced Hosting Networks. You may recall that I asked Nick’s permission to call some of his newer customers in an effort to determine what is important to people as they shop for a web hosting provider. Read More

New Case Study With Avery Manko – HMA Marketing Consultant And Advice From Richard On USP.

Here’s a real live case study with HMA Consultant, Avery Manko, Michael Senoff and Richard. Listen in as Avery discusses his idea for the USP for his five million dollar client. Listen to Richard’s advice and strategy of how Avery should handle this clients. Use the ideas as a guide for helping you develop your own USP.  Read More

How to Develop a Compelling USP.

Clarify Your Marketing Message, Craft A 30 second Elevator Speech, Align Your Business Image With Its Operations, And then sell, Sell, SELL in RECORD time Without Doing Hardly Anything at All Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Nick, A Chicago Web Site Hosting Company (Part 1).

If you’re interested in the process of uncovering the hidden marketing assets in your business, this recording is for you! It is a consultation I did with Nick, the owner of a medium-sized web hosting company based in Chicago. Nick was interested in growing his already successful business and needed some ideas.  Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Raphael Small Moving Business.

Raphael recently ordered some pre-owned marketing materials from me. As part of his order, I offered to conduct an opportunity analysis for his 30 year old moving company. Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Barcus Accounting Practice.

Here’s a live training call that teaches you how to discover hidden marketing assets and get clients fast. Please download the opportunity analysis worksheet and follow along. Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Small Start-Up Internet Business.

Here’s another training call I conducted with a Mr. Mark Mysack. Mark called looking for marketing advice on his new internet start-up business. This is only the fourth time I have conducted an opportunity analysis. You’re learning as I am. Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Dave Owner Of A Diabetic Supplement Company.

This is an Opportunity Analysis that I did with a business owner named Dave. Dave has an online business marketing supplements to diabetics and wanted some advice about how to grow his business – and grow it quickly. Read More

Opportunity Analysis Training With Jonathan The Owner of A Guided Fishing Tour Business.

Here is another special opportunity analysis training with Jonathan, the owner of his own small fishing tour business. Keep in mind this is not the ideal client I would recommend you take on. But this opportunity analysis training has some important lessons that cannot be denied. Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With String Cheese Distributor.

Here’s a live training call that teaches you how to discover hidden marketing assets. opportunity analysis worksheet and follow along. Read More