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By having this complete package of materials which include the WBP books, the audio review and the video demonstrations, you will experience tremendous gains in the three major tenets of Whole Brain Power in the fastest time possible.

A benefit for Whole Brain Power students who have access to all of the “Advanced Secrets” to Whole Brain Power is that you will not misinterpret the information and implement your system to only moderate success.

As you receive this personal instruction and execute the WBP system the proper way, your learning rate accelerates especially because of the access to these audio and video demonstrations provided by Coach Lavery.

The last thing that we want for you to do is invest wasted hours with ineffective training. Some practitioners believe that they are executing the tenets of Whole Brain Power effectively, but this is often not the reality.

We will make sure that you are accessing the key ingredients for having immediate benefits in all of the aspects of your Whole Brain Power journey.

By having Coach Michael J. Lavery as your personal mentor in addition to the Whole Brain Power book and the WBP Workbook, you will be able to stay the course and become one of our top Whole Brain Power All Stars.

Below you’ll find both the links to your Whole Brain Power Book and the Whole Brain Power Workbook and Progress Journal. They are provided to you in the universal downloadable PDF file format.

Here you’ll have access to many powerful audio recordings and video demonstrations. Listening and watching these recordings will give you new and additional insights into the Whole Brain Power training materials.

There is no mp3 download to these recordings at this time. We feel that sitting and listening to these interviews at a desk with a pen and paper while taking notes is the best way to study these materials.

Try and set some time aside each day and without distractions while listening to these audio and video files.

We feel this is the best course of action for understanding the Whole Brain Power “Advanced Secrets” methodologies.

These recorded interviews and videos are designed to instill confidence in you, and they will help you get off to a fast “All-Star Start.”

Your Whole Brain Power system contains some of the most intense “insider” secrets ever discovered about the brain and your human potential.

Your Whole Brain Power Coaching system will work for you if you put in the effort and just take action.


Hammer Drills and Golf Ball Training Disclaimer.

When any new Whole Brain Power practitioner begins to do the hammer and golf ball training, it is imperative that the technique is done properly by the student. When doing this undue exercise stress can be placed on the lower back if the practitioner is bending from the waist instead of taking the recommended stance and bending at the knees and putting the stress loads on the thighs instead and lower legs. When you begin this hammer drill training at first, there will be lots of misses, and the ball will roll away from you. Remember that when you go down to pick up this missed ball, you should bend at the knees and not at the waist. This is a new activity for you so caution should be used. There is a video that has been produced by Coach Lavery that demonstrates the position that you should assume.  The hammer drill training kicks up a person’s ability to improve at motor skills quickly. This new sense of power in your core and arms and legs should be used with caution. Remember that if you are to play a sporting event that you should warm up properly and gradually get into the endeavor of choice.

Disclaimer to all Whole Brain Power practitioners: When doing the hammer drill training and spending considerable time on this important tenet of the brain enhancement program you might experience eye strain. This is something that WBP practitioners have reported. It is important to have good lighting when performing these drills. Try going out side for optimal lighting. It is normal to experience this eye strain problem just as with looking at the computer screen for extended periods of time. Remember that the eye muscles are getting a serious active stress workout and soon will adjust to the training. If you have eye strain, please back off this part of the WBP program until the problem resolves itself.

Click on the book to Download.

1. Whole Brain Power Book PDF Download: The Fountain of Youth for the Mind and Body.

Michael J. Lavery’s theories about how large and small motor-skill development of both right and left hands are directly linked to development in the left, and right hemispheres of the brain are revolutionizing our understanding of how best to train the brain.

The application of his theories and training methodologies are universal, including benefits for athletes seeking to supercharge their performance, for Baby Boomers wanting to reverse the aging process, and for retirees looking to rejuvenate their memory powers and regain an active lifestyle.

Learn how a dozen Whole Brain Power All-Star practitioners from the ages of fifteen to ninety-one have transformed their brains and bodies through Michael’s simple ambidextrous skill training, penmanship drills, and memory drills.

Get ready to become part of the revolution in whole brain development in the 21st century.

– 304 page Book in PDF format.

2. Whole Brain Power: Workbook & Progress Journal PDF Download

Your Whole Brain Power Workbook & Progress Journal is the companion to the book Whole Brain Power: The Fountain of Youth for the Mind and Body. This Workbook is the ideal training guide for practicing Whole Brain Power over the first 90-days of training.

It provides the critical information from the book in the three main training regimens, penmanship, memory, and ambidexterity, but equally important, it provides daily training assignments, practice routines, and skill tests.

This daily approach to guiding the Whole Brain Power practitioner to higher and higher levels of skill development and brain power is an essential tool to successfully master Whole Brain Power.

– 252 page Book in PDF format.

Leonardo Da Vinci Cursive Worksheets.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the world’s foremost mirror writer, and his creativity and imagination were superior to his contemporaries. Michael J. Lavery has students that are doing the mirror writing that comes and says, “I can’t even believe what I was writing. I held it up to a mirror, and I was shocked at what my left hand was outputting,” because the left hand’s connected to the right brain.

When you’re writing from right to left, you’re making the brain see the opposite direction. So you’re stimulating a lot of parts of your brain that normally do not have activity.

That’s why we’ve included the Da Vinci Worksheets as your first of three fabulous prizes.

Once you start output beautiful cursive handwriting, both right-handed or in left-handed mirror image, creative ideas will start flowing from your brain. I’m willing to bet you’ll be blown away by what you put on the paper when you write this way.

These two worksheets are designed to get you writing like Da Vinci in no time.

These are designed to integrate your “hands” with your mind. Remember, The Hands Grow The Brain. Use these worksheets with pen and paper to accelerate your WBP Coaching progress.

Questions or problems, 24 Hour help when you need it. Don’t hesitate to text or call 858-692-9461 or contact us.

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Whole Brain Power: Coaching Case Studies.

Listen to the 15 WBP coaching case studies. If you have not listened to these case studies from other WBP coaching practitioners, you should before moving on to the “Advanced Secrets” to Whole Brain Power Coaching materials. You will learn from other students who have been working on Whole Brain Power and this will give you confidence and will be an important experience to hear from others first.

Can Whole Brain Power Really Help End Anxiety Attacks Without Drugs?

The first time Marcus got an anxiety attack, he wasn’t sure what was going on – his chest was pounding, his head began to spin, everything around him suddenly got blurry, and he collapsed. This happened time and time again. He knew he had to do something, but as a gym owner and bodybuilder, he was against using “drugs” to cure anything. Still, he made the decision to go on medication because he was desperate. He couldn’t keep “freaking out” anymore.  Read More

The truth about antidepressants and their effect on the body – and how to use the exercises in Whole Brain Power to heal your brain after years and years of abusive side effects.

Meet Douglas. Douglas is a tennis coach in his 50s, but just recently started doing ambidextrous exercises and says it feels like he’s finally “healing his brain.” His coordination is better. His mood is enhanced, and he feels stronger and more energetic.  Read More

Can Whole Brain Power Help This Blind Athlete Improve More Than Just Physically?

Tanner Gers lost his eyesight in a car accident at the age of 21 when a tree went through his windshield and impaled his face. It was a traumatic head injury that also cost him his sense of smell and some hearing too. Read More

Is It Really Possible To Hit Longer, Harder Golf Drives… Without Killing Your Back?

Alan hopes to make it on the PGA tour someday. So he’s decided to go on Whole Brain Power to improve his golf game but wasn’t sure he’d be able to do some of the brain exercises like memorizing the alphabet backward or the states in alphabetical order. Three days into it, and he was not only able to meet those challenges – but he says his brain seems like it’s moving at 100 mph (and asking for more). Read More

How To Put Your Hand-Eye Coordination On Autopilot – Lock In On The Ball And Make Save After Save Without Thinking About It: An Update With WBP Student Doug At Week 9.

When Doug started Whole Brain Power nine weeks ago, he almost immediately felt life-changing results. His mood was better, he had more energy, and he says he just felt like he was in his thirties again. But in this audio, you’ll hear how he’s doing now that he’s had a chance to really get into the program.  Read More

How To Put On Weight Using Just The Power Of Your Brain (No Protein Shakes Necessary).

Nolan wants to be a pro golfer, so he decided about a month ago to go on Whole Brain Power to help him do that. He immediately noticed a difference in his game – his chipping is now phenomenal, his fundamentals are improving and so is his ball striking. But one of the most amazing parts has been his sudden ability to gain weight. Read More

Pat Venditte Sr. Interview.

Listen to this insightful interview with Pat Venditte Sr, the architect of the ambidextrous pitching movement. For the record, Pat Venditte Jr is currently the only professional ambidextrous pitcher in the world. This 2012 season Venditte is pitching for the New York Yankees AAA affiliate. Literally, Pat Jr. is one step away from pitching on the biggest sports stage in the baseball world with that one being Yankee Stadium. It is interesting to speculate what will happen when ambidextrous Pat Venditte becomes a household name. Read More

“My Dad Thought I Was On Drugs When I Asked If I Could Make Him Breakfast, But I Was Just Happy From All The Whole Brain Power Stuff I Was Doing”.

Diego Irigoyen is a 21-year-old male who discovers the Whole Brain Power program through a group meeting with founder Michael J. Lavery. It is the rapt attention of Diego’s two young friends that gets him interested in becoming a WBP practitioner. Initially, Diego was not interested in seeing the performance that Lavery was demonstrating to his friends as they visited Laguna Beach Ca. However, when returning nearly one hour later and witnessing that his two friends were intently caught up in conversation with Lavery, Diego knew that he had to investigate WBP. Read More

How To Be The Only One At The Senior Park Without A Walker, Oxygen Tank, Or Pills.

Walking around his senior park every day, Mike Hayden has seen it all – mostly oxygen tanks, walkers, and slow moving people popping expensive medication. And although the way you grow old is certainly a choice, Mike says he’s pretty sure his peers don’t know there’s an alternative. Read More

Orange County California Fireman Loses Weight While Being Resigned To Laying On The Couch Most of The Day.

Meet new Whole Brain Power Coaching Student, Andrew Ricker. Andrew is age 29 and he is recovering from a serious knee injury sustained while working as a fireman in Orange County California. After a total reconstruction surgery to repair the right knee Andrew is laid up for a few months. Read More

Improvement With Short Term Memory.

Tim Schramm is currently age 39 and has been working on the Whole Brain Power program for nearly 4 months. He initially bought the Whole Brain Power Workbook and Progress Journal to begin the training. Read More

“My Life Was Particularly Hard and Whole Brain Power Coaching Has Turned That Around”.

Mark Langdon is currently age 57 and has been doing Whole Brain Power Coaching for approximately eighty days. He has had tremendous improvements in many aspects of his working memory processing, his focus, his mood elevation, and his muscle density. His overall hand to eye coordination is now significantly enhanced. Read More

“I’m Now Hitting The Golf Ball 30 Yards Further”.

Hugh Mobley is currently age 44. He first became aware of the tenets of Whole Brain Power Coaching and the unusual skills of founder Michael J. Lavery from a business associate and golfing buddy. Mobley met Lavery in person at a local driving range in Southern California. After watching Lavery strike the golf ball with an unusually short backswing and hit the golf ball with awesome compression and control, Mobley and Lavery struck up a conversation. The two men soon become friends. Read More

Professional Golfer Shoots a Record Low 57 After Only Five Days on The Whole Brain Power Program.

Robert Twine age 34, is a professional golfer and he met Michael J. Lavery in the fall of 2011 at a driving range in Southern California. This is a great interview about the transformations that Twine experiences immediately with some of the secrets that Lavery shares with him about his Whole Brain Power Coaching Methodology. Read More

“How I Became More Attractive To Women “.

Michael Glauser is currently age twenty. He is a student at Irvine Valley College in Irvine, California. He meets Michael J. Lavery at a local driving range and is impressed by Lavery’s ability to hit his irons and his driver with accuracy and length. As a consequence of Michael Glauser having a conventional golf swing, Lavery starts to work with Glauser on this concept of ambidexterity and its importance in being able to have control for both hemispheres of the brain to guide the body in terms of the actions of the legs and the arms and the hands. Read More

Double Your Salary Using the Methodologies Of Greater Focus and Communication Skills.

Adam Gockle, entrepreneur, music producer, at current he’s 33. Adam Gockle meets Michael Lavery approximately two years ago and decides to go on the Whole Brain Power Coaching program. Gockle has always been very disciplined about his personal development in terms of his ability to stay focused with training in the gym and keeping physically fit. He’s also been very disciplines about his reading and his accumulation of knowledge from books on self-improvement. Read More

Against All Odds: The Chuck Mellick Story.

Chuck Mellick is currently 41. He’s a husband and father of two children and a successful businessman. Chuck is also an avid baseball player. Chuck resurrects his baseball dreams seventeen years after giving up the game. But this time, he decides to activate ambidexterity in his pitching prowess. Originally a natural right-handed pitcher, Chuck begins to train to throw left handed. Tapping into his mix handed nature and having the natural ability to write with his left hand, Chuck begins an incredible journey and pitch ambidextrously at the professional level. Read More

“The Best 100 Days Of My Life”.

Meet Nathan Thompson. Nathan is age 26. He meets Michael J. Lavery while on an afternoon visit to Laguna Beach, California. Seeing Lavery demonstrate his ability to do his mirror writing Nathan Thompson becomes captivated about learning the methods of Whole Brain Power Coaching. Read More

Mr. X Reveals The Secrets of Whole Brain Power Coaching.

Here’s an interview with another Whole Brain Power practitioner we’ll call Mr. X. He’s a high-powered business executive who has requested his identity not be revealed for business reasons. Read More

“For Months, I’ve Been Sleeping In Two Hour Naps And Now After Only 8 Days, I’m Sleeping Through The Night”.

John Collins, age 44 located in Flatwoods Kentucky. John decided to investigate Whole Brain Power Coaching. After reading the WBP book he elects to have an initial consultation with Coach Michael J. Lavery and he expresses his concerns about his condition of ADD.  Read More

He Gained Phenomenal Improvements In His Sporting Excellence.

Rolly White, current age 64 became a Whole Brain Power practitioner in the year 2006. Essentially he has been exposed to these concepts for six years now. He dedicated himself to doing the WBP program after witnessing his pupil (Michael J. Lavery) shoot under par. It was after watching the transformation of Lavery from not being able to shoot 110 to posting a score of 65 that Rolly decided to learn the secrets of The Whole Brain Power Coaching methodology. At that point he does the program exactly as designed by Lavery.  Read More

“How I Raised My HDL Levels From 48 to 91 Bouncing A Golf Ball Off of a Hammer”.

Brad Dugdale is currently age 53. He is a husband, and father of two sons, a business man, and avid golfer. He decided to invest in the Whole Brain Power Coaching methodology with Michael Lavery in July of 2011.  Read More

Whole Brain Power: Advanced Secrets.

The Whole Brain Power book and Workbook interview guide is a wonderful journey into the understanding of the theories and applications of Michael J. Lavery’s ground breaking discoveries.

Follow along as Lavery explains the very beginnings of quest to tap into the Whole Brain Power model of harnessing human potential. You will hear firsthand how Lavery makes the quantum jump in thinking to harness true ambidexterity with motor skills and cognitive functions as well.

Can You Really Turn Your Creativity On At Will And Never Stare At A Blank Page or Computer Screen Again?

Here’s A Simple, Straight Forward And FREE Webinar That Guarantees To Show You How Applied Neuroscience Can Be Used To Stimulate And Enhance Originality, Imagination And Your Own Unique Style Of Creativity in Today’s Modern World. Read More

Give This Man 30 Minutes Of Your Time And You’ll Have The Most Powerful Brain Around.

If you’re like most people, you probably think a lot of your problems are just naturally occurring because you’re getting older. Insomnia, tip of the tongue memory problems, foggy brain syndrome and concentration issues – they happen as we age, right? The truth is, they don’t have to. Read More

Dean Brittenham World’s Foremost Ambidexterity Trainer.

Dean Brittenham is considered one of the foremost pioneers in the outside of the box training of the athletes. He has always emphasized flexibility, speed and ambidexterity training with more emphasis on functional strength.  Read More

You With a Push Button Memory: An Interview With Legendary Memory Expert Harry Lorayne.

Yes! Here at last is your chance to gain the super-powered, file-cabinet memory you’ve always dreamed about…so easily and so quickly that you’ll be astounded…AND now you’ll hear from Harry Lorayne, the legend. Read More

Live Coaching Session – John Collins One Week Into Whole Brain Power.

New Whole Brain Power student John Collins, age 42, testifies to the effectiveness of doing the tenets of the brain training program designed by Michael J. Lavery. John states with great enthusiasm as to how his life is transforming within a 10 day period.  Read More

Live Coaching Session – Clayton Bretey.

Clayton Bretey is age 51 and a husband and father of 5 children. He begins the Whole Brain Power program for almost 2 months before he elects to receive personal coaching from Michael J. Lavery. He seeks out this brain training program to address health issues that have become concerns for him.  Read More

How I Improve My Cholesterol Readings By More Than 30% By Pigging Out On Eggs and Without Taking Statin Drugs.

Year after year, I’d go to my doctor for a regular physical exam, and my cholesterol would always come back pretty much the same. I just thought it was my “normal numbers.” I was wrong. After doing Whole Brain Power for just 120 days, I recently went in to get my cholesterol readings checked again. Read More

Can Unleashing The Power Of Your Whole Brain Really Work Better Than Steroids?

Although Frank has only been doing Michael Lavery’s Whole Brain Power exercises for a short time, he can’t believe the amazing transformation he’s already experiencing. Read More

Consultation With Geoffrey Moss from Australia.

Geoffrey Moss from Australia is 63 years of age and he is very excited about the prospects of becoming a Whole Brain Power Coaching All Star. Geoffrey is a very active man physically doing regular hiking and tai chi classes but he realizes that at this point in his life that it is of extreme importance to maintain his mental alertness. He has the determination of living another 30 plus years. Read More

How To Make Your 70s The Best Decade Of Your Life.

The average person expects to die sometime after seventy, deteriorating along the way until they become vegetables – immobile, unintelligible, and senile — as if that’s just the natural progression of life. It doesn’t have to be that way. And in this audio, you’ll meet Herb. Herb is a 64-year-old man well on his way to making his senior years one of the most productive and exciting times of his life. Read More

Consultation With Deborah (Dee Jay).

Deborah (Dee Jay) Hart is currently 64 years young and she is highly motivated to become a Whole Brain Power All Star. She is aware of the problems that afflict many aging citizens and she is first hand experiencing the demise of her beloved aunt to Dementia. She has witnessed her aunt go from being a very integrated, educated woman with a tremendous zest for life to a senior citizen that has a hard time finding the bathroom in her apartment. Read More

New Research About your Brain And Exposure to Violent Video Games And Violent Hyper Edited Television and Movies.

Violent video games and violent hyper edited television and movies are the nature of this intense interview by Michael J. Lavery. He explains his take on the research that he has done over the years to paint a disturbing picture for anyone that has a habit of partaking in these seemingly harmless activities. Read More

Explanation of The Peg System: How to code numbers, letters and words for a more efficient and powerful memory.

In this interview with Michael J. Lavery you will learn the basics of the Peg System, Original Awareness, and Linking Systems. Follow along as Lavery explains how to learn a system by which you first assign a letter or letters (consonants) to the numbers 0 through 9. Then as you memorize this Peg list you learn to expand it so that the numbers from 11 to 99 are also coded. The codes then become words and then words and numbers become interchangeable. Read More

The Memory Exercise of Reciting the States in Alphabetical Order.

One powerful drill for your memory is to recite the names of the United States in alphabetical order. If you can do it in alphabetical order, more power to you, but don’t make that the focus of this initial exercise. Read More

Powers of 2: Grow Your Brain’s Processing Speed Reciting The Powers of 2.

The Powers of 2 Interview is a fascinating journey into the magic of number crunching and the methods that make easy retrieval of the list accessible to trained Whole Brain Power Coaching practitioners. Read More

Vocabulary: How To Use An Enhanced Vocabulary To Grow Your Brain.

The 5 syllable Vocabulary assignment is a fun interview as Michael J. Lavery shares his unique concepts on how to enhance one’s communications skills through vocabulary usage. The reason that Lavery chooses 5 syllable words throughout the alphabet is because he believes that these types of words add more variety and offer the practitioner a greater ability use more description in both one’s written as well as one’s spoken expression.  Read More

Conversation: WBP Conversation Enhancement Training.

In this audio interview with Michael J. Lavery you will learn some of the inside secrets to methods that will improve your verbal as well as written communication skills. According to Lavery the practice of daily penmanship training and the harvesting of vocabulary words from the dictionary is a great discipline to utilize.  Read More

ABC: Memorizing Your ABCs Backwards Using Chunking, Linking and Visual Awareness Right Brain Stories.

The training of the alphabet for Whole Brain Power Coaching is one in which the alphabet can be first learned and recited backwards from Z to A as fast as a person can recite it from A to Z. Then the practitioner will use the original awareness linking system designed by Lavery to accelerate this process in which he can be done for permanent retention. Next, the alphabet is learned from the ends to the middle in terms of 1-26-2-25-3-24. Read More

Penmanship: Secrets of The Mighty Pen.

The Penmanship interview by Michael J. Lavery is a very enlightening experience for anyone that has an interest in improving their brain health and overall hand to eye coordination. Read More

Ambidexterity: Secrets Revealed From The Ambidextrous Mind.

This module is on the subject of ambidexterity by Michael J. Lavery. It covers many key concepts as it relates to motor skills as well as cognitive function. Most people think that ambidexterity equates to the equal use of the hands, but this informative explanation discusses the harnessing of the whole body and the whole brain for greater coordination in movement and thought. Read More

The Michael J. Lavery Story – an Introduction To The Whole Brain Power Coaching Methodology, Book and Workbook Progress Journal.

Lavery will provide many references to the work by leading brain pioneers that supports the theory that the brain is way more plastic than ever perceived and that truly the hands do in fact grow the brain.  Read More