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Guerrilla Marketing Secrets for Optimizing Your Web Site to Build Your Business.


The Guerrilla Internet Marketing Home Study Course
By Nicholas Gilbert & Michael Senoff.


Finally, there is a marketing program that was developed by an online business owner to help other online business owners grow their Internet businesses. If you have clients who are looking for web site help, SEO and some of the more detailed internet tricks to increase web conversion, clicks and SEO positioning, don’t ignore this training.

Nick Gilbert is owner of, a multimillion dollar company with thousands of clients with e-commerce Web sites.  Nick knows what works and what doesn’t.  He’s the guy who’s been hosting my server since day one.  Nick is a serious student of marketing and the internet.  Based upon his Internet marketing experience, he’ll share his “Guerrilla Marketing” techniques. This training is designed to help you grow your clients online presence up to 20% in 20 days.

It will teach you what you need to know so you can help your clients be and stay competitive online.

You’re going to learn how to maximize your internet consulting profits. This material is cutting edge information that’s working today.

You can work through the 50 page Guerrilla Marketing Guide, with written and online exercises to ensure you understand  and implement the material properly.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • Part 1: Guerrilla Internet Marketing Weapons: How you can market online with a tight budget.
  • Part 2: The Hidden Secrets about Google Ad Words.
  • Part 3: Creating an Online Affiliate System.
  • Part 4: Money Saving and Conversion Tips for Paid Online Advertising, and Website Analytics.
  • Part 5: What your Web stats are really telling you.
  • Part 6: Websites to Help You Build Your Internet Business.
  • Part 7 (Bonus): Getting Your E-Mails Though Spam Filters and an interview with an SEO Expert.

You’ll get the transcripts, Guerrilla Marketing Guide and the written exercises and more.

You’ll be amazed by what you’ll learn and how fast you’ll be able to execute these online marketing projects for your clients.

01 – Part 1: Guerilla Internet Marketing Weapons – How You Can Market Online with a Tight Budget

In the first audio clip, Part 1, I talk to Michael about the background for the Guerilla Marketing program. On this recording, I present the tools and techniques of Module 1, Guerrilla Marketing Weapons: How You Can Market Online with a Tight Budget. This is the first of the five audio recordings to help you get the most out of your Internet business. Read More

02 – Part 2: The Hidden Secrets about Google AdWords

Your Internet business will be successful only if prospects and customers have easy access to your site as they search for relevant information. This audio recording, Part 2, Module 2, continues Michael’s conversation with me, who explains the importance of using Google AdWords tools to increase traffic to your Website and increase sales. Read More

03 – Part 3: Creating Your Online Marketing Affiliate System

In Part 3, Module 3, I continue by explaining how online marketing affiliate systems are critical to the success of your Internet business. In fact, the motto, Affiliate or Dissipate, is important to remember! When you listen to this audio recording, you will be surprised when you hear how easy it is to set up and manage this safe, revenue-generating marketing system for your online business. Read More

04 – Part 4: Money-Saving and Conversion-Boosting Tips for Paid Online Advertising

While free advertising is good, if you want to ramp up traffic to your Website more quickly, paid advertising may be your answer. It is important to be sure that you get the most out of each dollar you spend, but how to do it may be a challenge. In Part 4, I continue by sharing tips and tricks from his. Guerilla Marketing. home study course about getting the most out of your paid online advertising.  Read More

05 – Part 5: Web Analytics to Increase Website Conversions

Just as you thought you finally finished work on your Website, your work has just begun! Listen carefully to Part 5, Module 5, as Nicholas shares his programming and Web hosting experience to explain the Web statistics that are a .must. to access and understand. I carefully explain the importance these statistics to continuous testing of every aspect of your site. Read More

06 – Part 6: Websites to Help You Build Your Internet Business

Now that you listened to the first five parts of the “Guerilla Marketing” program, this audio is provided as another add-on bonus! Nick shares his favorite Websites links that review what you learned in the first five parts and much more! Read More

07 – Part 7: Getting Your E-Mails Though Spam Filters (Bonus)

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your marketing e-mails are not getting through? With spam filters getting increasingly stricter, learn how to be sure your e-mails are reaching everyone on your client list!. In this bonus recording, Nick shares his expertise about this important topic. Read More

08 – Search Engine Optimization

This audio clip is provided as an “add-on” to the “Guerilla Marketing” five-part audio program. Nicholas and I are fortunate to interview the Greg, the owner of a search engine optimization firm. In this interview, Greg shares secrets about search engine optimization based on his experience helping large and small companies grow. Read More