HMA University – Selling On Craigslist

You’re about to have some very powerful money-making and money-saving ideas that most people never even dreamed existed all from buying and selling on Craig’s List. Once you get this stuff down, you’ll be looking at stuff in an entirely new way. You’ll understand that just about everything has value to someone and you can make extra cash money part time, easily and under the radar.

Selling stuff on Craig’s List works for me and for millions of other buyers and seller all over the world. Why would it not work for you?

Below you’ll have over 50 of my personal money making and money saving stories in this product below to guide you on your way. Check back because this will be your Craig’s List central for new and upcoming interviews with Craig’s List Experts other than me. Now go for it!


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6 Ways To Turn A Craigslist Ad Into Money: And Other Little-Known Tricks For Making More On Every Listing

When it comes to Craigslist and eBay, the greatest sales are in the timing. Having the right person come along at the right time with the right amount of money. But without the right ad, that person may never come along. So in this audio, you’ll hear all the elements you need to make the kinds of ads that sell.  Read More

How To Make Your Money For Nothing By Working The Free Section Of Craigslist

After 20 years in the auto industry, my wife’s cousin lost his job, and (like many Americans right now) was having a hard time finding a new one. So, I decided to show him how to “hustle” on Craigslist. We brought up the free section and found something in our area right away. And in Part One of this seminar, you’ll hear how we made $540 for three hours of “work” that day.  Read More

Trash Or Treasure: 10 “Real-Life” Craigslist Deals That Will Help You Know The Difference

We’ve all heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That’s exactly what you have to keep in mind when you’re dealing on Craigslist. Almost everything will have some value to someone, so don’t underestimate what might look like junk… at least not without doing a little homework first. And in this audio, you’ll hear 10 deals I’ve recently made on Craigslist that demonstrate how easy it is to take what looks like “trash” and make money off of it.  Read More

Here’s The One Thing You Have To Change If You Want To Make Easy Money On Craigslist

If you look at the free section of your local Craigslist, you’ll probably see more free spas than anything else. People have fallen out of love with them, and they understand it costs money to get rid of these eyesores – let’s face it, they can’t just stick them on the curb.  Read More

Stop Cold Calling And Start Enjoying The Flood Of New Prospects That Will Be Calling You.

Thanks To A Completely FREE Advertising Technique One Web Designer Discovered For Getting Clients Fast. One of the biggest questions I get is this: Read More

Can You Really Use Craigslist To Pay For An HMA System?

You might remember Matt. About five years ago, Matt bought the HMA system from me and had just started getting his first few clients when one of them offered him a job. If you’ve ever listened to any of my HMA stuff, you know that happens a lot.  Read More

eBay 101: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Today

Greg is an eBay expert who makes a nice living listing auctions on the site, but when he first started out he was only selling unwanted stuff from his garage. He says his family and friends used to laugh at him… until they found out how much he was making. Now they bring over their unwanted stuff for Greg to sell online as well.  Read More

Help Me Sell On eBay Seminar

Have you ever wondered why some eBay listings go for a lot more than others when the products seem practically the same? Greg doesn’t. He’s a power seller on eBay who has figured out how to make more on every auction just by incorporating a few key direct marketing strategies into his listings. And he reveals exactly how he does it in this three-part audio seminar  Read More

One Man’s Amazing Story: “How I Made $8,000 Selling Books On Craigslist”

Like so many people nowadays, Bob wrote a book but wasn’t sure how to sell it. He put up a website but knew he’d have to generate a ton of traffic in order to make any kind of money. For most people, that usually means paying for advertising, persuading bloggers to promote them, making joint ventures, writing e-articles… essentially putting in a lot of time, trouble, and money in order to make money.  Read More

Outrageous Option Agreement

How can you take legal position of something and sell it without actually owning it?  Read More

Neighborhood Junk Sniffer Letter

Here’s the letter and option agreement downloads. These can become important tools for you in finding and selling items on Craig’s List.  Read More