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How To Locate, Buy, Fix & Sell Appliances and More In Your Local Community

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You CAN make $50, $100 even $300 per day in the scrap and junk business starting today if you are willing to look at junk differently.

Hundreds of millions of dollars each year is trashed because it’s what others consider as junk.

Because people don’t see and appreciate the value, they’ll give it to you for nothing.

And if you’re willing to recognize worthwhile stuff from trash (and know where and how to sell it), you can join an underground industry and make a huge chunk of change for yourself.

It’s easier than you probably think and my all new Scrap Magic system will show you how.

You can do it as a side or main business, with or without property to put stuff on. You can do it from your computer without ever risking a dime or taking ownership of the property.

Dave’s been making a decent living from his scrap business since the 1980s, and although the industry has changed a lot since then, there’s still plenty of opportunities to be made if you know how.

And in Scrap magic, he’s going to tell you all you need to know so you can start making cash money from the get go.

Below is the core training of Scrap Magic plus your bonus resources.

Each lesson is offered as a mp3 audio download and play audio button.

You can take the lessons with you on the go.

Download or play from your smart phone, home computer, lap top or mp3 player.

Each lesson comes with the word for word printable PDF transcripts.

Now you’ll have all the tools and training you need to making a fortune buying and selling all kinds of products that other people think are junk!

Don’t wait another minute.


How To Find A Fortune In Other People’s Junk…

When most people think about the junk business, they picture huge lots full of rusty cars, assorted parts, and expensive machinery. And that’s a fairly accurate picture of a thriving, serious, junk/scrap business. But there are also little guys out there making it off of what other people throw away – as a side or main business, with or without property to put their stuff on. And they’re not experts on parts, metal, or antiques either.

They’re just people who have learned to recognize valuable stuff from trash. They also know what to do with it.

And in this audio, you’ll get a feel for exactly what that industry’s like from an expert. Dave’s been making a decent living from his small scrap business since the 1980s, and although the industry has changed a lot since then, there’s still plenty of opportunities to be made if you know how. And he’s going to tell you.

You’ll also hear…

  • A full-proof strategy for getting any idle car you want in your neighborhood for cheap – sometimes, you’ve just gotta be patient and on-call
  • Do this one thing to most of the broken lawn mowers people toss out in your area, and Dave says they’ll start right up, so you can resell them for quick and easy cash
  • A couple quick stories that illustrate why Dave’s motto of “You’ve just gotta go look” is the most important saying in this business (because things could be much, much better than described or much, much worse)
  • The one place you should always grab your flashlight and check for hidden money in any used car (and the other surprising valuables people stash away in their cars then forget about when they sell them)
  • A quick-start guide to piecing out a junk car – how much parts usually go for, what a “core buyer” is and how to find one in your area – and a cost-effective look at whether or not this is even worth it anymore
  • The shocking truth about the US steel industry and China: what happened and what that means for you
  • Dave’s “barrel route” for getting started today in scrap – he says no one else is doing this, so it’s a huge opportunity (and all you really need are a few $3 barrels and a homemade trailer)
  • Dave’s small Yellow Page ad for buying junk cars that did better than most the full-page ones right by him – and the 3-step plan he used to close his deals for cheap

There’s a lot of value in what other people consider junk, but because they don’t see it, they’ll give it to you for nothing, or next to it.

If you learn to recognize worthwhile stuff from trash (and know where and how to resell it), you’ll not only make a good chunk of change for yourself, but you’ll also be doing the environment a favor by keeping the landfills from piling up with stuff that doesn’t need to be there. It’s easier than you probably think. And this audio will tell you how.

Audio Recordings…


How to Find the Right stuff — Fix it Cheap — and Sell it Fast

Part One: Where to Start and What to Look For

In the United States, we’re drowning in appliances. They don’t last long, and when they die (or when they get upgraded), people just toss them out. Washers, dryers, refrigerators – and most of these only need a simple fix to be running again. That’s why they’re a great area to start with when you’re thinking about getting into the scrap/junk business.

You just have to know your market and what you’re doing. You also have to know how to tell the easy fixes from the ones that aren’t worth the trouble. And in Part One, you’ll hear strategies for doing all of that… before you even leave your house.

You’ll also hear…

  • How to use Craigslist and eBay as a quick research guide for knowing right away whether you should fix something or just toss it
  • A little trick for becoming the “middle man” in an appliance deal: find stuff… but repair nothing and still get paid
  • The one hardest part about repairing appliances – and the two websites you can go to that’ll make that part a heck of a lot easier
  • The $2 item Dave says has saved his butt legally more than a few times, and how to use it to possibly save yours
  • The one small-but-important investment you’ll probably want to make if you’re going to get into this business (but the good news is – you probably already own it)

Dave says the best part about starting with appliances is you won’t have to hassle with any of the titles or paperwork like you would if you were working with vehicles. And, he says about 75% of the appliances people throw out will only need an easy fix to get them ready for market. So in Part One, you’ll hear ways to tell if the appliance you’re looking at falls in that 75%.

Audio Recordings…


Part Two: Where the Insiders Go to Find Tons of Free/Cheap Stuff (and Where They Go to Resell It)

Although Craigslist is a great source for finding free and cheap stuff, it won’t be your only source – not even close. If you follow the strategies outlined in Part Two, you’ll have a whole arsenal of resources that you can use to acquire as much stuff as you can handle. Dave even outlines a strategy for starting a side moving or junk-hauling business to go along with your resale one so you get paid to haul away a steady stream of inventory (that you can fix up and sell later). But that’s just one idea.

And once you start finding stuff, you’re going to notice some unique or hard-to-find items mixed in there that you’ll want to get top dollar for. Selling these is going to require a little bit of research that Dave says goes beyond eBay and Craigslist. And in Part Two, you’ll hear all the little-known places Dave goes to find a ton of cheap stuff, and how to resell it all for the most money possible including…

  • The best ways to contact property managers so you become their go-to junk-hauling business – the critical research you must do ahead of time, how to stand out from the rest of the crowd, and more
  • A door-hanging trick you can do in nicer neighborhoods that’ll have rich people paying you to take their stuff away (and you’ll be surprised at the kind of stuff rich people throw away too)
  • Everything you need to know to take advantage of military surplus and industrial failures and closings – what to always look for, when the good stuff usually comes in, the one thing advertisers don’t tell you when they say, “Come get your airplanes, jeeps, tanks…” and more
  • Exactly what to expect at government auctions and liquidations – along with the one thing you absolutely must do before you pick your stuff up… and the one thing you’ll probably always want to say as you’re leaving
  • Inexpensive ways to dump the stuff you come across that’s just not worth fixing – so you never pay overpriced city-dump fees unless you have to
  • Why Dave says it’s so important to just start sorting things right off the truck, and the best ways to do it
  • What to do if you want to get in this business but can’t afford a truck – believe it or not, you have options (cheap ones too)
  • The one surefire way to secure valuable free items from just about any Craigslist seller out there – even if they’ve had 50 other people call them before you

There’s a lot of good stuff out there if you know where to look. Auctions, surplus stores, storage lockers, junk hauling, close-outs – and in Part Two, Dave tells you how to find them in your area and work them so you can take your “junk” business to whatever level you’d like.

Audio Recordings…


Part Three: What You Need to Know Before You Make Any Repairs

Although most of the items you come across will only need a simple repair or two to get them running again, you might have to work with some pretty high-risk stuff in order to do it – electricity, gas, glass, sharp metal. So it’s important to know the hazards and how to avoid them. And in Part Three, Dave goes over these along with some real-life examples of what can go wrong.

You’ll also hear…

  • A layman’s look at working with electricity: what to expect, what not to wear, and a simple device you can buy that’ll keep you from getting shocked
  • A lot of appliances use what’s called a condenser to start – here’s what it looks like, what you need to know about it, and how to avoid the scary “blow you across the room” result that can happen if you don’t take precautions
  • Dave’s personal horror story and the lessons he learned after getting 2nd degree burns on 40% of his body

Although repairs are easy, they can also be dangerous if you don’t take simple precautions while you’re doing them. And in this quick audio, you’ll hear the steps you need to take to prevent yourself from getting seriously injured.

Audio Recordings…


Part Four: Easy Fixes for Reselling Washing Machines Fast

Like most appliances, when a washing machine breaks down, there are usually only a handful of things that could be wrong with it. And in Part Four, Dave tells you how to diagnose, troubleshoot, and easily fix those things including…

  • The first place you should go to find a simple fix for just about every model out there
  • How to diagnose quick and easy fixes: the agitator won’t move, the machine shakes, it won’t unload water, the washer leaks, etc.
  • The one thing to make sure you do before you resell any washer – because customers won’t like it if this happens
  • A simple thing to look for that could tell you right away if a washer is worth fixing

A lot of fixes can be done for under $10 and in under an hour once you know what you’re doing. And Part Four will quickly tell you how.

Audio Recordings…


Part Five: Making Money Fast Off of Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Dryers

When it comes to fixing refrigerators and air conditioners, Dave says the one thing you never want to mess with is Freon. If you accidentally bust open a line, you’re looking at an expensive fine. But the good news is – if you follow the strategies outlined in Part Five, you’ll never have to mess with any of that… and you’ll make a lot of money in the process.

You’ll also hear…

  • Dave’s go-to website for just about any appliance repair you can think of – it’s chockfull of step-by-step videos straight from a maintenance tech
  • The number one reason most air conditioners and dryers break down (believe it or not, it’s a free and easy fix) – here’s what to look for and what to do
  • The one thing you’ll want to yank out of any dryer before you toss it — if you don’t, you’ll be throwing money away
  • If a fridge won’t run, try this first – it could just be a matter of turning the right screw
  • Dave’s little trick for getting air conditioning units cheap
  • Exactly what a Freon leak looks like and other repairs you’ll want to avoid

Dave says, when it comes to finding deals on appliances, you might have to learn to think “outside the area.” In other words, what might be hard-to-find or expensive in your area might be cheap and easy-to-get somewhere else. And in Part Five, you’ll hear how to find the best deals and how to make the most of them.

Audio Recordings…


Part Six: There’s Still Value in Old TVs and Stereos

If you find a nonworking newer TV, Dave says you probably won’t want to mess with it. It’s usually not worth it to fix. But the old ones still have value – stereos too. And you’d be surprised what old parts go for on eBay. So in this audio, you’ll hear what to look for when it comes to TV and stereo equipment, how to tell if an old part works, what to do if it doesn’t, and the best ways to get top-dollar for all of it.

You’ll also hear…

  • Other “old equipment” to look for at every garage sale – like 8-track players, certain typewriters, even scrabble games. They still have value and here’s how to make the most of them
  • Exactly what you should pull out of an old TV or stereo before you trash it
  • Got a big ole cabinet stereo you need to get rid of? Here’s a quick look at what collectors want from it

Dave says there’s a reason you don’t see TV repair shops anymore – new TVs are made to be junked. But the old ones still have value. And in Part Six, you’ll hear how to find it.

Audio Recordings…


Part Seven: A Quick Look at Vacuums and Oxygen Concentrators

A lot of people have respiratory problems nowadays, so you’re going to come across oxygen equipment from time to time in this business. And while there’s really no value in the tanks themselves, there’s a lot of value in the oxygen concentrators. And in Part Seven, you’ll hear the medical reason people usually give these away after a certain point and the (completely different) market you can resell them to. Dave also goes over the resale value of fixing vacuum cleaners – and whether or not that’s even worth it.

You’ll also hear…

  • The shocking truth about eBay and the oxygen concentrator market – exactly what happened that made eBay start putting restrictions on reselling them (and how to get around those restrictions)
  • A quick look at the usual problems and fixes for vacuum cleaners (and why you may not want to bother)
  • How to find and take out an air compressor – and how much you can usually make on them

You’re going to come across a lot of the “same old stuff” in this business, so it’s good to know what’s worth it and what’s not. And in Part Seven, you’ll hear how to pull all the worthwhile pieces out of oxygen equipment and vacuums.

Audio Recordings…


Part Eight: How to Fix and Resell Gas Mowers And Other Yard Equipment Fast and Cheap

The average person will have no idea why their gas mower won’t run from one season to the next. They figure it’s too much trouble to hassle with it, so they toss it out without even bothering to look up the problem. It’s usually an easy fix too – like stale gas or a $3 spark plug.

And in Part Eight, you’ll hear simple steps for troubleshooting, fixing and reselling these including…

  • Why it’s so important to turn the gas mower over before you buy it – because if you see this one thing, it’s junk – don’t bother
  • The real reason gas goes stale quicker nowadays – how to figure out if that’s the problem and fix it, and how to prevent that from happening in your own gas engines
  • A quick way to check if a safety switch is the problem on yard equipment – and a quick solution
  • The one crazy little reason why new mowers and chainsaws usually get tossed out (…two screws and a bulb later and you’ve got yourself a brand new mower to resell)
  • The two different kinds of mower engines – vertical crankshaft and horizontal crankshaft – how to know the difference, and a quick look at the resale market for both

Dave says the engine is hardly ever the problem when yard equipment dies. It’s usually something simple, and in Part Eight, you’ll hear all about those simple fixes so you can make money quickly and easily in this one area alone.

Audio Recordings…


Part Nine: How to Capitalize on “Weird:” From Carpet Scraps to Old Postcards

When you’re looking through junk, keep your eye open for things that seem weird or nostalgic because there’s usually a huge (and hungry) resale market for them. In other words, don’t bother too much with things like generic used bikes because anyone can go to Wal-Mart and buy a decent new one for under $100. But nostalgic old bikes still go for a lot and so does jet-age, 60s furniture and weird postcards… And In Part Nine, you’ll hear how to start spotting these kinds of gems, and how to capitalize on them.

You’ll also hear…

  • A moneymaking idea for carpet scraps that may have you rethinking their worth – and where to pick them up for peanuts
  • What to look for with old posters – and how to list them on eBay to maximize their value
  • A quick way to get “Antique Roadshow-like” research done in minutes

You’re going to come across a lot of unusual stuff in the junk business, and in Part Nine, you’ll hear why that’s never a bad thing. Learn to be the guy who doesn’t gloss over it, and you’ll have a nice chunk of change in weird stuff alone.

Audio Recordings…


Part Ten: Got Land?

You Can Turn It into Profit with Junk RVs And Boats

Dave says in his area, RVs and boats are pretty much rotting away on every corner. And while there’s a huge disposal problem with them, there are tricks and tips for getting around that – and a ton of money to be made off salvaging parts. And in Part Ten, you’ll hear all about this area of the scrap business – from stripping and inventorying parts to advertising and selling them.

You’ll also hear…

  • A little story about a guy Dave knows who salvages boats for a living – and the amazing “assembly line” science he has it down to with day laborers, pricing parts, and an extra boat just for trash
  • The simple little adjustment you can make to a boat – that’ll turn it into an instant trailer for hauling and disposing junk
  • All the details about finding value in junk RVs – generators, gas fridges, fuel tanks, etc.
  • Why you may want to pick up any speedboats you come across – (people go crazy for those parts alone). Here’s what to look for
  • All about Dave’s “Redneck Wrecker Tow:” who says you can’t use a pipe as brakes?

If you’re in a rural area or sitting on a bunch of land, this might be an area to get into because there’s a ton of money to be made. And in Part Ten, you’ll hear all about it.

Audio Recordings…


Part Eleven: The Little Known Gold in Computers, Cell Phones, Copy Machines, and Even Used Clothes

Computers and cell phones are a relatively new category in the scrap/junk business, but they’re coming on strong – and partly because there’s actually gold (and other rare metals) in them. Dave says the older the computer, the more it’ll have too. And in Part Eleven, he goes over where to find the best parts, how to strip them out, and how to get top dollar.

He also goes over the value that can be found in the “rag trade” (buying and selling used clothing) like Levi’s and designer items. He tells you where to go to find things cheap, how to spot the good stuff (some shirts resell for $200+ a pop), and what to expect.

You’ll also hear…

  • The hidden value in old copy machines, where to find them and how to part them out
  • The surprising way some thrift stores work in bigger cities and how to work them (be prepared to dive into giant bins while wearing thick gloves if you want to try this route)
  • A sneaky little trick for getting deep discounts at large Chinese manufacturing websites — without paying their large shipping fees
  • Dave’s go-to website for all things metal
  • The best way to get in touch with Dave if you have any questions

There are many different areas to focus on in the junk/scrap business because almost everything you’ll come across has value. If you learn how to spot the good stuff, repair (or part out) the almost-good stuff, and resell everything fast – you’ll quickly be able to make a decent living off the things most people throw away. And in Part Eleven, you’ll hear how to make sure you get every last gem.

Audio Recordings…



Part Twelve: Junk Finder Letter

Here’s the letter and option agreement downloads.

These can become important tools for you in finding and selling items.

You’ll hear Dave talk about finds he got off the street from his neighborhood and sold for good money. They are all around you.

Your next door neighbor, your upstairs neighbor, the neighbors across the street from you. If you’re a student and you live in a dorm, it’s your neighbor across the hall from you.

This letter will help you find valuable item in your own backyard for free.

You can mail this letter or you can insert this letter into a #10 white BLANK envelope and have a flyer distribution service distribute in your neighborhood for about 10 cents per letter.

Compare that to postage and you are getting a huge savings. But be careful, if you send out too many, you will be flooded with calls.

Play short recording on my personal thoughts about how you can use this letter.

Audio Recordings…


Part Thirteen: Zero Money Down Agreement

How can you take legal position of something and sell it without actually owning it?

It’s with my outrageous Option Agreement.

I learned about this clever agreement from the late great direct mail king, Jim Straw.

Jim sold over 400 million dollars on product via the mail.

He’s also made $1,000,000 back in the day when a million bucks was really something on one deal from just snooping around.

He tells the story how he had learned about an abandoned building that had over a bunch of printing equipment in side.

He was able to use this legal options agreement to take temporary ownership of this equipment until he could sell it. And he did sell it for a profit of 1,000,000.00. Not bad Jim.

With your Outrageous Options Agreement you’ll have the rights to extend the time frame of temporary ownership. You’ll have total control and legal ownership of a product for virtually no money down for as long as you agree. You just spell out the terms in this agreement.

When you start using my Neighborhood Snoop letter, you’re going to come across all kinds of valuable stuff. And your seller would be willing to sell you the item. But you don’t want to invest your money in an item only to take ownership. Plus moving it can be expensive too.

Now you can use this legal Option agreement to do the same.

This agreement will help you legally take ownership of valuable property for an agreed time frame without you having to pay or take ownership. It will virtually erase off of you downside risk in buying and selling items too large to take possession of.

Play my short audio explanation of this agreement below.

You may want to consider using a service called

Go to

They are a digital document signing service that will allow you to get this agreement uploaded and formatted in a way that will let you send this agreement to someone without them having to mail, fax, or scan the doc.

The PDF version is an example of the option agreement loaded up on the Echosign document signing service.

This is how I get all of my agreements signed. It’s an incredible tool for any business. You need to check it out.

Audio Recordings…


Part Fourteen: BONUS Direct Contact With Dave Bross “The Boss”

This is something special. If after going through the Scrap Magic System you still have questions, you get Dave’s personal email address. You can ask him any advice you want. Pick his brain on the best way to handle a deal, locate the best buys or just to say hi to let him know how much you enjoyed the product. Dave’s pretty good about getting back by email and am sure having his contact information can be helpful. He’s also has agreed that if you want to get on the phone with him, he’ll offer you consulting by phone for only $1 per minute with a 10 minute minimum. This price is ridiculously low and almost crazy but he said that he wants to help as many of my subscribers enjoy the business that has been so good to him over the years. You can first contact Dave by email at Just let him know you are one of my Scrap Magic Buyers. And if you want to set up some talk time, let him know and he’ll fit you in.

Dear Friend,

Above you will find links to your downloads training series and their accompanying PDF transcripts and bonuses to Scrap Magic.

This training will get you off to a “fast start”, and contains some of the most intense “insider” sales secrets ever discovered on Locating, Buying, Fixing and Selling.

These ideas will work for you too if you put in the effort and take action.We wish you all the best in your investment and promise to deliver the value that you deserve..

If you have any questions at all, feel free to text of call me at 858-692-9461.


Michael Senoff

P.S. Please don’t try and digest all of the training in one day. Your best bet is to listen to one or two parts per day.