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With these audio interviews on publicity, you’ll gain an understanding about publicity that you’ve never even considered before. The best thing about publicity is other that your personal time, it’s free advertising. Huge businesses can be built on just free publicity alone.

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01 – How To Get Your Client Thousands In Free Press

Here’s a series of five interviews I conducted with Robert the PR Doctor. The PR Doctor is an expert when it comes to getting free press for his clients. Robert’s expertise is writing and distributing press releases to targeted media. Listen in as I challenge him to give me all his advice for a pen product. Weather your customer sells ice to the Eskimos or hamburgers to the Hindus, you’ll be able to gain some great ideas on how you can use a simple press release to get your client business. Read More

02 – Sample Media Releases

Below are a series of professionally done media releases that I designed to get me on radio, TV and the internet. I was positioning me as the expert using audio interviews to help get more clients. It’s simple to take out the audio and convert these for your HMA consulting practice. Just integrate how the steps of the system can help a business grow without spending more on advertising. The goal of doing a media kit like this it to make it easy for the interviewer. You’ll see below ten different subjects and media angles. Each of of these can be used and modified for your HMA consulting business. Use these as a template. Read More

03 – Learn How He Transformed An Ordinary Taxi Cab Into The Ultimate Magical Mystery Money Making Tour Business

How An Aspen Colorado Taxi Driver Transformed An Ordinary Taxi Into The Ultimate Magical Mystery Money Making Tour. The Ultimate Taxi was born on Halloween night, 1983, Jon’s vision started modestly with a few flashlights, some dry ice, a Star Trek light on the dash, a good sound system, and some strategically-placed tin foil.  Read More

04 – How To Take Charge Of Your Publicity And Sell Yourself To The Media

From the moment this interview starts, you’ll understand why Jill Lublin is considered a publicity expert. She directs the structure of the interview before I even ask the first question.  Read More

05 – Eat Your Face Interview and Advertising Strategies – How To Eat Your Face And Market Your Head Off

When Mike Samonek came up with an idea for a unique cookbook that combined food with special effects (and included a recipe for eating your own face), he didn’t even think about going to a publisher with it. He wanted to maintain complete control of the book, the marketing and the profits. So he went the self-publishing route – and sold 500,000 copies by marketing them with his own advertising strategies!  Read More

06 – The Wolf Of Wall Street Reveals The Persuasion Secrets That Made Him Rich (And Incarcerated)

Jordan Belfort had it all – fast cars, helicopters, mansions, yachts, anything he wanted and more – thanks to the persuasion techniques he developed that led prospects to buy whatever he was selling.  Read More

07 – How To Use Retail Barter Exchange Network Interview As Your Personal Ticket To Ride Out The Recession

Now is the perfect time to get into a Barter Exchange Network because they offer so many powerful opportunities to stretch every dollar – especially if you own a small business. You can pay employees in part-cash and part-barter. You can put together employee benefit packages using barter, or just pay for your next vacation with your barter bucks. And in this interview, you’ll hear exactly how it works. Read More

08 – What Does It Really Takes To Sell Using Your Sales Letters, Emails And Other Direct Response Ads

Here is another exciting interview from my copywriting series. Several years ago, I found a direct response copywriter. His name is Ben Settle. And when someone had sent me a newsletter that he had written about my site, after reading that copy, I knew this guy was really good and then I knew that I would want to be doing some work with him soon. Ben has since written several winning sales letter for me and my website at , including my Secret Loophole product, my Joint Venture Magic product, and my Art Hamel Seminar product. He’s also done revisions of my letter for my HMA Marketing Consulting Training and several others.  Read More

09 – How To Effectively Use Story Telling In Your Copy To Sell More Of Your Ideas, Products Or Services

Ruben, a screen writer and a teacher of screen writing skills, was in the process of creating an information product on how to write compelling stories, screenplays, or stage plays. He was basing the content of his product on his own personal experience, various teachings from his mentors over the years, seminars, and courses. Read More