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Licensing is a creative game with very little boundaries or limitations. Known as the poor man’s advertising, it can give enormous media exposure to even the smallest of businesses by leveraging off the popularity of movies, events, personalities or brands. Licensing crosses over into all markets, can easily launch a product, expand a business, make a career, or make you a household name overnight.

In this two-part seminar, you’ll hear all about it from one of Hollywood’s top dog licensing experts. His name is Rand Brenner. Rand’s been in the licensing game since the early days when huge corporations were still guessing at how to make money from it. 

He helped Warner Brothers Studios successfully license the first Batman movie and also helped Saban Entertainment make it big with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers brand.

Rand shares his biggest (and easiest) secret techniques he’s learned along the way so you can make it big in the intellectual property licensing game. He demystifies the truth about how to use licensing as a shortcut to success even if you’re on a shoestring budget. This HMA Intellectual Property Licensing Training System is not made available anywhere. 

Part One: Exploring The Possibilities.

According to Rand, timing is everything when it comes to licensing. You will hear surefire ways to identify licensing opportunities before the competition. You will also hear an overview of licensing with specific examples of how even the smallest of companies use licensing every day to expand their businesses and break into new territories. You’ll learn:

  • Examples of intellectual property licensing.
  • 5 quick-start steps for using it to make money.
  • A “can’t miss” way to get started.
  • How to present yourself when putting license agreements together.
  • How to start with no prior experience.
  • Everything you need to find intellectual properties to license.
  • License VS selling – The truth about both.
  • Exploding the education myth with IP licensing.
  • Steps to go from zero to making money in licensing in 90 days.
  • Real-life insights into identifying lucrative licensing opportunity.
  • What your first move should be once you find a product to license.
  • The surprising reason why you don’t you have to be a lawyer.

This audio interview consists of a 51-minute audio and accompanying 34-page transcript above.

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Part Two: Getting Started.

Licensing is a game that everyone can get involved in. And Rand walks you through the entire process no matter where you are right now. You will hear what your options are for getting started and how to determine your best approach. You’ll also learn:

  • An almost unknown way to compete with the IP big boys.
  • The Very simple tactic to lock up exclusive rights deals.
  • An “almost magic” way to get a fast-start in international licensing.
  • The one best way to avoid legal pitfalls.
  • 2 overlooked places to source IP.
  • The single, critical key to making your idea marketable for licensing.
  • The simple little tip that will show what your product is worth.
  • What the best industries are profit-wise for licensing.
  • How a small company can approach a big company and get a deal.
  • What categories are the “hottest” right now for licensing.
  • Who’s the right person to talk with at any given company?
  • Exactly where to go/what to do for making connections in IP.
  • Breakthrough solutions for drafting easy IP agreements.

Licensing is a huge part of every market and a billion-dollar industry. The opportunities licensing offers are not only mind-boggling, they’re also completely obtainable – even for the average small business owner who’s struggling in today’s economy and in this interview, you will hear all about it.

This audio interview consists of a 37-minute audio and accompanying 34-page transcript above.

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Part Three: Most Important 105 Questions.

Rand Brenner answers the most important 105 questions about the subject of licensing intellectual property.

These questions, on the PDF file above, are answered in a series of seven (7) audios with accompanying transcripts above.

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