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Here are the downloads to your Joint Venture Magic System and a few of my most important audio consultation and interviews on the subject of Joint Venture Deal Making. Remember that starting your HMA practice by approaching prospects cold can be a very long and complicated process. Using the power of a joint venture endorsement can make your consulting life much easier. Don’t overlook the power of these concepts. Each of these audio recordings is packed with expert joint venture money making ideas and specific examples of how you make money doing joint ventures. Enjoy!

Before you go through the file “The Atlas Collection” make sure you have already finished listening to the “Joint Venture Magic System.”

01 – How To Grow Your Small Businesses The Verizon Wireless Way

Before he became an HMA consultant a year and a half ago, Frank Swiatek worked for Verizon Wireless as a performance consultant.

He even co-authored a book in 2011 called Managers, Can You Hear Me Now with Denny Strigl (Verizon’s former CEO who took the wireless company from $192 million to a staggering $62 billion).

According to Frank, Denny grew Verizon to its incredible heights by sticking to the same four principles the HMA System uses to build up small businesses: Grow revenue, get new customers, keep the customers you already have, and cut costs.

So in this audio, you’ll hear what the HMA System has in common with that insanely successful formula, but you’ll also get a step-by-step look at how Frank applies it to his HMA practice – using it to land clients and make money fast.

Frank also shows us how he talked his local Chamber of Commerce director into letting him run a 3-hour program (that Frank got paid for as a speaking engagement) and how he used that program to sell $55,000 in consulting fees afterward to just one client.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • Why it’s so important to search out “non-sales-oriented” businesses when you’re prospecting for customers and the three best kinds of small businesses that fit that bill.
  • The four projects Frank starts his clients with before he even thinks about doing an opportunity analysis – establishing metrics, discovering weaknesses, redefining roles, and getting everybody on board (and what he charges for each).
  • The one tactic Frank uses to get around traditional cold calling – that makes it almost a no-brainer for prospects to give him the green light.
  • Everything you need to know about setting up a program at the Chamber of Commerce – from how to “pitch” your program to the agreement you need to have the director sign.
  • The two “magic” buzzwords to drop during a meeting with a Chamber director that instantly shows them you not only know your stuff but you know how to present it to their members.
  • All the details about Frank’s three-hour program – where it was conducted, what the Chamber provided for him, what materials he brought – and the two exercises he included in his agenda that subtly sold prospects using “a-ha” moments he had them discover themselves.
  • How to find hidden “pockets of sales and income opportunities” that exist with every client, so you can do more projects – and make more money.

According to Frank, small businesses are the marketing opportunity of the future. There are 23 million of them in the United States alone, and they make up 54% of the sales here.

So the market is huge, and there’s a lot of opportunities if you know how to find it. And in this audio, Frank tells you exactly how to do that by applying the four Verizon Wireless (and HMA) principles of success to your practice and your clients.

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02 – Eat Your Face Interview & Advertising Strategies How To Eat Your Face And Market Your Head Off

When Mike Samonek came up with an idea for a unique cookbook that combined food with special effects (and included a recipe for eating your face), he didn’t even think about going to a publisher with it. He wanted to maintain complete control of the book, the marketing, and the profits. So he went the self-publishing route – and sold 500,000 copies by marketing them with his advertising strategies!

And in this interview, you’ll learn how to sell a book and hear exactly how this self-made millionaire did it, along with some tips and tricks on how you can do it too.

First and foremost, Mike considers himself a space advertising wiz. He’s been successfully advertising his products in magazines for years. So he knows all about catchy headlines and good copy.

And in this interview, you’ll hear how Mike came up with his brilliant idea, how he’s managed to get an insane amount of free publicity for it, how he writes catchy press releases that scream for media attention and how he targets his audiences – all within this hour-long interview. And that’s not even the whole story. You’ll also get lessons on direct marketing, space advertising, and product selection.

Some Key Ideas You’ll Get In This Interview:

  • How to use a big red envelope and a black magic marker to get more publicity than you may be able to handle.
  • How to cash in on the Baby Boomer market by knowing what kinds of products they want right now.
  • How to write unforgettable press releases that get you noticed.
  • Ways to get into the psychology of your customers so that you know how to appeal to their wants and needs.

Mike has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success with his special effects cookbook. He’s had articles written about him and has appeared on TV and radio programs all across the United States – even the Food Network has run a segment on him.

And Mike drummed up all of that publicity himself. But he hasn’t stopped with the cookbook. He’s still producing and advertising a whole range of products- from chicken soup tablets to a course on advertising.

You won’t want to miss this interview. It shows just how powerful and profitable “thinking outside the box” can be.

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03 – Dave Flannery – Getting Clients the Easy Way – How Dave Flannery Uses Joint Venture Deals To Land Clients

With 17 clients and a long waiting list, Dave Flannery is one of the busiest consultants around — and he didn’t get that way by making cold calls. Let’s face it; hardly anyone likes cold calling. It’s a slow, tedious and ineffective way to generate leads. Fortunately, it’s not the only way. And in this interview, you’ll hear all about joint ventures, how they’ll make your life infinitely easier than cold calling and exactly how Dave uses them to generate more leads than he can handle.

What is a joint venture?

A joint venture is a strategic alliance that businesses form with one another. As an HMA Consultant, you may want to team up with other companies that have clients who might need your services. For a small cut of the deal, these firms will likely give you access to their customer lists.

And in this interview, you’ll hear how Dave makes the most of his joint venture deals including:

  • What kinds of businesses have customers who need HMA consulting services and how to find them?
  • What he says to a company that practically guarantees they’ll make a joint venture with him.
  • Who pays for what in the deal, how the split up the money and how to maintain trust so that everybody’s happy.
  • Advice on how to build credibility, so you look like a sound investment.

Dave says that because most people have never heard of joint ventures before, the first step should always be educating them on it. And, he gives some helpful tips on how to do that. Even though this interview’s short, it’s full of ideas that will get your wheels turning. And if you’d like to learn more about joint ventures, go to the products section of the website. Enjoy!

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04 – $7 Into $5,000 A Month Washing Windows – Using Lessons From Just One Of My Interviews

Nineteen months and three days ago, Jeremy was unemployed and looking for ways to make fast cash. Although he’d dabbled in marketing consulting, he’d never really gotten things off the ground, so he needed something to fall back on, and quick. He found what he was looking for after listening to my interview on window cleaning.

He immediately got off the couch, went to the 99-Cent Store, and for less than $10, was knocking on doors and landing clients. But it wasn’t until he started incorporating joint ventures into his marketing plan that he began seeing serious (and easy) money.

And in this interview, you’ll hear exactly how he took that initial $7 investment and grew it into a thriving business. Now, he’s at the point where he’s thinking about selling his company, taking on a partner, or getting back into consulting – but no matter what happens, he’ll have a skill to fall back on if he ever needs to make fast money again.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • The free and easy way Jeremy trained himself to develop a professional window cleaning technique, and the “almost magical” products you can get that will have you doing an expert job your first time out.
  • The one deadly mistake Jeremy says he used to make with his sales pith.
  • All the details about the joint venture that changed Jeremy’s life
  • How he approached the largest window cleaning business in his area and exactly what he said that got the giant to throw him more jobs than he could handle.
  • The word-for-word script he uses to land clients now.
  • All the details about the joint venture that changed Jeremy’s life – how he approached the largest window cleaning business in his area and exactly what he said that got the giant to throw him more jobs than he could handle.
  • Jeremy’s pricing structure per window, what he averages per job – along with an easy (maybe even sneaky) trick for landing repeat clients from the get go.
  • Two can’t-miss ways to scout out the kind of big-money companies that can afford to do joint ventures with you (and three reasons why they’ll be more than happy to).
  • How to find out if you’re accidentally cutting yourself out of your joint venture deals (nothing is worse than getting everything set up and then not getting paid on the job) – and the one simple $5 trick that will make sure that never happens.
  • A quick cure for what went wrong with Jeremy’s marketing consulting practice using secret techniques straight from the HMA system.

When it comes to entrepreneurialism, whether it’s window cleaning or consulting, the most important thing is taking action. If you get off the couch and are consistent, it won’t take long to build a nice little business. Jeremy made his window cleaning business right off the bat without spending a dime on advertising. And in this audio, you’ll hear how he did it, and how easily you can do it too.

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05 – How To Reignite An Old Email List And Get It Red-Hot Again Even If It’s Been Five Long Years

Fabiana is the JV Queen, and she doesn’t even know it. She started with nothing – no list and no experience – and in just two months, had partnered with more than ten experts to run a teleseminar series that got her a quick-and-easy 6,000 subscribers and $50,000 in revenues. Talk about an amazing story and an amazing start. The only problem? That was five years ago, and she’s done nothing since.

So in this audio, you’ll not only hear exactly how this JV Queen ran her the summit to get subscribers and revenues in the first place, but you’ll also hear how she can rekindle her seemingly-dead list to bring it back to life and find as many untapped opportunities as she can.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • The two sources of revenue Fabiana put together for her the summit that sent her sales skyrocketing – and what she could have done to make even more.
  • Clear and straightforward advice for anyone fearful of doing their interviews, even if you think you have a thick “hard-to-understand accent.”
  • How to protect yourself from common newbie pitfalls like the recent deal Fabiana made, financed, and spent the last six months of her life on – only to have it fall through.
  • Debunking the myth that “the money is in the list” and where the money’s at.
  • The single most important thing to remember when making joint ventures – and a real-life example of why it’s so important never to sell yourself short.
  • An exclusive look at the email sequence that will revive Fabiana’s list the right way.

The biggest problem Fabiana has is that she thinks she needs a business partner to run successful teleseminars when she doesn’t. She has the power to easily do everything herself (and keep all the profits) – and you do too.

But first, she needs to rekindle her list, which is a lot like rekindling a lost friendship. You can do it but you’ll have to start slow and test the waters. And in this audio, you’ll hear how to do that.

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06 – Exactly How One AMS Student Made $90,000 Off Just $1

Arthur Robinson was a nursing assistant with a dream when he came across He immediately decided he wanted to interview experts in the marketing and business industry and didn’t let the fact that he had no experience (or that his training was in a completely different field) stop him. He quickly built a website and a great reputation.

And Arthur found that not only was it easier than he thought to land interviews, but it was also easy to strike up affiliate deals and joint ventures with the experts he was interviewing. But he admits, he was most surprised when he and his expert each made a quick-and-easy $90,000 on just one joint-venture Clickbank interview package they ran (and they made it in just a few short days), and in this interview, Arthur reveals exactly how he made that kind of money.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • The fastest known way to build confidence so you can land big-name interviews – and all about the road Arthur took to land his first huge one – Laura Langemeier.
  • The critical elements that need to go into any audio email invitation – that will instantly carve out all the value your experts will get from doing an interview with you.
  • Arthur’s formula for landing experts – that works even if you have no credibility, experience or website.
  • A quick action plan for making the kind of life-changing JV deals that will allow you to quit your day job tomorrow.
  • The surprising reason Arthur says most experts prefer “live” interviews – and exactly how he promotes his to his list to get the most money for him and his expert.
  • The most efficient (and easiest) way to only take an expert’s book and turn it into an entire interview topic.
  • How Arthur marketed the Clickbank interview package that grossed $200,000 (and landed him and his expert more than $90,000 a piece) and what he did to make it such a valuable product.

Arthur says the two most important steps he took to success were to “decide and do” because the only way your lifestyle is ever going to change is if you change it. Five months ago, he quit his job as a nursing assistant and had never looked back. And in this interview, you’ll hear how he did it and how you can “decide and do” it all too.

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07 – How To Harness The Power In Your Next Big Idea – The Amazing Story Of Richard Branson

Flying anywhere can be a hassle, but flying into St. Barth’s can be ten times the hassle. The reason why is because of air travel to St. Barth is severely limited, and flights after sunset aren’t allowed at all.

So unless you had an extra $1200 to charter a private plane, you’re going to be shit out of luck. Before, you’d be forced to stand in line at the airport, drag your luggage behind you through customs only to discover you may get bumped off your flight.

Meanwhile, the rich folks with money for a chartered flight have an agent to take their luggage and passports through customs while they drink leisurely in a lounge and wait for their air-conditioned vehicle to take them straight to their plane.

Most people only complained, bitched about this common scenario but Terrance saw an opportunity.

And that’s when he decided to charter planes himself and sold out the seats.

Now his clients can get all the amenities of a chartered flight while only paying for the seat they sit in.

And in this interview, you’ll hear how Terrance took this simple idea to build his virtual travel agency to the largest of its kind in the St. Barths area.


  • Steps for knowing your target market including their needs, wants, desires, and fears.
  • The guarantee Terrance gives his clients – and the one business-killing sentence his prospects will never hear him say.
  • How Terrance sucker punches his competition every day just by picking up the phone.
  • The one area of business Terrance still needs to work on – that he figured out in real time while on the phone with me.
  • The Art Hamel tactic Terrance used to get 100% owner financing of a successful travel agency even after the owners insisted they only wanted big-money (and in cash) for the deal.
  • “Real-life” insight into pricing your product or service for market – and a quick look at why you should never be afraid to charge a premium price for a premium product.
  • All the details about how Terrance upsells his clients and how much he charges for his services.
  • Why you live and die by word-of-mouth and how Terrance quickly built his reputation and USP – “if you want to bypass the crap, go to Terrance.”

If you apply simple “Richard Branson-like” entrepreneurial steps to an idea, your success will be almost limitless.

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  • SOON!

08 – Tim The Painter Interview – How To Work Less And Make More

Tim is a struggling home painter. Even though he works his butt off every day, he’s only taking home about $5 an hour after taxes and other expenses. He’d like to earn $100,000 a year but isn’t sure how to go about doing it. So in this interview, you’ll hear my business strategies for Tim that will turn his simple painting business into a high-end service provider. And with JV deals doing most the work, Tim will be working less while making a lot more. And these strategies can be used for any business, not just painting.

So over the next hour, you’ll hear me tell Tim how to set himself up as the go-to guy for all of his customers’ household needs from gardening and tile to electrical and drywall repair. If Tim sets up JV deals with many different kinds of businesses and collects a percentage of those referrals, he’ll be making money for nothing and growing his business with little effort. But you have to know how to do it the right way.

So In This Interview, You’ll Learn:

  • How to set up a referral network.
  • Natural incentives that will entice homeowners to go with you for all of their household needs.
  • How to make sure you’re getting paid for deals you make with partner businesses.
  • How to check up on your partners to make sure they’re giving your hard-earned customers the quality they deserve.
  • How to create an audio CD to promote you and your partners quickly.
  • 14 of the best ways I know of getting new leads.

Tim works way too hard for $5 an hour, and I show him how he can end all of that. But the best part is, he’ll be making more while working less. The trick for Tim is to use the time he’s at the homeowner’s house to sell them on his partner’s services.

Then, Tim can just sit back and let other people do all the work while he collects 25%. How easy is that?

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09 – You’re Only One Joint Venture Away From Success – A Guide For Setting Up Strategic Alliances

Cory is a new HMA student who’s gone through all the videos, has a general sense of how it all works, but would like to know the best ways to make contacts and get started.

He hates cold calling, and truth is known, that’s not the easiest route. But the good news is, if done right, it could set you up for a long time. By making your primary focus establishing joint ventures instead of trying to land one single client, you might be able to take your business from fledgling to thriving with just one “yes” response.

The trick is to look for networking opportunities like the ones you’ll find at your local Chamber of Commerce. And in this audio, you’ll hear three ways you can use that group to set up joint venture deals, get your name established, meet key people in your region, and gain clients fast. But still, that’s not the only JV option you’ll hear in this audio.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • The little-known joint venture techniques you can learn from a window cleaning business in Arizona (after listening to this guy’s story, you’ll never underestimate the power of one good JV again).
  • Key strategies for making joint ventures with competing businesses – yes, you can approach other consultants with JV opportunities too, here’s how.
  • Cold-calling scripts you can use to set up all of these joint ventures – but why you may not want to use them word for word.
  • How to combine the $500 value of the opportunity analysis with a nice little referral fee – and make establishing a joint venture with you seem like a no-brainer.
  • Exactly where to go to find group training and seminar opportunities for your HMA practice – and have businesses pay you $1,000 to train a group of employees, or only sell the materials for an easier profit
  • The one type of activity you should stay away from when prospecting because they never have control of their marketing and won’t be able to implement a thing.
  • An easy Craigslist trick you can do for finding joint ventures fast (that will more than pay for itself after your first real client).

When it comes to setting up your first joint venture, the hardest part is picking up the phone and introducing yourself, but it will get easier the more you do it.

If you’re sincere with your approach and you’ve got a good action plan, you should have no problems establishing the kind of joint ventures that could change your business overnight.

And in this audio, you’ll get a step-by-step look at how to make them.

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10 – How You Can Make Big Money As Easily As Answering Your Phone

The best presentation on joint venture marketing I have ever heard is from John Alanis. He delivered it way back in the year 2000 at a Ron LeGrand information-publishing seminar called “The Information Marketing Boot Camp.”

It is as hard-hitting and basic as the name implies. My friend Bob Lee owns the resale and duplication rights to this 16-audio tape seminar. He leased this space on my site to give you a free sample of the quality of the workshop. Pull out your pen and take notes on this one. It is extremely practical and will gift you a rare insight into how “the big boys” use joint ventures to make obscene amounts of money very quickly.

Enjoy this million-dollar education on joint venture marketing.

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11 – How To Introduce The Massive Power Of Barter Into Your Joint Venture Deals

In this interview, you are going to hear about both barter and joint ventures at the same time. Using this triangle method you can be making money as soon as next week. You are going to learn how to triangulate a joint venture deal. A triangle has three sides.

A triangulation joint venture has three players.  I think this interview will give you deeper understanding of the enormous potential of Joint Ventures. If you learn what this ambitious Florida man has to teach you about eBay and the barter or retail trade industry, you can make and save you and your family oodles of money for the rest of your life. You’ll be astounded by this interview about the worldwide barter and trade industry.

You’ll learn the best way to turn your time into an ongoing cash income stream. What transpired was an original 40-minute training class explaining how the major trade organizations operate, inside secrets of how their members obtain and use their trade dollars, the problems these members may experience, as well as the myriad of products and services purchased by the members of these organizations. It’s unbelievable! More important, you’ll learn how to buy top-of-the-line goods and services in the trade industry for twenty cents or less on the dollar using my personal technique.

I also reveal the best types of products and services to purchase trade dollars. After purchasing these goods and services at a low price, a person can sell what items for, fifty cents on the dollar thus netting thirty cents or more on each dollar sold. You’ll also learn about a great way to get signed up with these retail trade companies for free.

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12 – Attitude Is Everything – Learn How To Make The Best First Impression When Approaching A Joint Venture Prospect

Your attitude and presence say so much about you. Your abilities, your potential, and your success doing and setting up joint ventures are all quickly assessed by potential business partners, and you only get one chance to make the best first impression.

I got a call from Gabriel who was interested in learning how to set-up Joint ventures. In this short but incredibly powerful conversation, we explore how to position yourself and exude confidence, to win over your prospects and convince them that partnering with you is the best thing they could do.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to have a solid proposal to pitch, but once you’re ready to meet people and make it happen; you have to exude confidence and conviction in your project. Whether you’re the outgoing, can sell ice to an Eskimo type of person or you’re more reserved and shy; you’ll learn how to approach people and create an unforgettable presence that sticks with them and compels your potential joint venture partner to work with you. Dare to believe you’re the best and you most certainly will be. Go for it.

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13 – Three Years Later On Joint Ventures, Business Deals, And Marketing

After revealing my last interview with Vanish Patel to my joint venture magic buyers, I received an overwhelming response to hearing more interviews with Vanish. Yes, it had been three years since we last chatted and we both thought that it was time to catch up on what we’ve been doing over the past three years. This audio is packed with some great content about joint ventures, investing, and some innovative marketing ideas using current technology.

In this recording, Vanish gives us the brief history of his education and how he lived in the US for several years before returning to the UK. Vanish gives some sage advice about applying systems that you’ve learned to your environment and that everything is based on your own personality and experiences. The bottom line is that you need to find out what will work for you when dealing with a prospective client. This applies to both the US and the UK. The evaluation of ideas and researching those ideas for their potential is the same on both sides of “The Pond.”

Vanish explains that the differences between selling to an American versus selling to an Englishman become apparent with the need of sometimes translating business terms.

We next talk about Angel Investing and the interviews about Angel Investing that are available on my website. Vanish is very familiar with the UK-based corporation that I talked to. It’s an educational interview that you should listen to if you haven’t done so already.

Vanish tells of his recent experiences investing in new businesses with a lot of potentials to help them grow and prepare them for being on the stock market. You’ll enjoy his success story of a small company that he invested a few years ago that is doing quite well and growing by leaps and bounds.

With success, there is almost always a failure. Vanish tells how he became involved with a gentleman who was creating a free distribution real estate directory where other types of home-related business could also advertise. It sounded like a great plan, but this was a one-man operation. Because there was no team, this business could only be successful in one local geographic area and could not be taken on the whole UK. Vanish advises that your investment should be made in a business that has a team.

Also, look for limiting factors that a business may have and not realize at first. Vanish gives the example of a pizza restaurant that sends out thousands of leaflets in a city only to find that people won’t travel for more than fifteen minutes to get a pizza! This narrows the restaurant’s ability to grow significantly. Look at the marketing consulting business as another example. A limiting factor here is that there are only so many hours in the day for you to do your marketing as well as work with your clients.

Learn how Angel Investing can be to find a local business investing club. With companies investing clubs, you join, and the club believes the best investment opportunities that will be presented to club members.

Learn what companies to avoid like the pelage and why. Learn what makes a company ripe for buying.

Pay close attention to the last part of the interview where Vanish talks about his new practice of text messaging.

I hope that you find this interview with Vanish as educational and enjoyable as I did. Let’s hope that he and I don’t wait another three years to talk again.

You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

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14 – UK Joint Venture Guru Explains How To Quickly And Easily Set Up Profitable Joint Venture Deals

I meet a lot of people in this business. One of my newest mentors is Vanish Patel from the UK. Vanish originally contacted me via e-mail after listening to every one of my audio clips listed on this page. Vanish meets with over 200 businesses a year.

He and I have had several talks on joint venturing, and I felt this information was so powerful and important, I asked Vanish to share with you what he told me! Once you hear this talk on the right way to approach a joint venture, you will know what types of businesses are best. You will also know exactly what to say to them, how to structure compensation, and what kind of agreements to use to protect yourself. Do not miss this interview. You will learn how to make a six-figure income doing nothing but setting up joint venture deals right from your home with no product and no customers. Listen now to part one on Joint Ventures with Vanish Patel.

You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

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15 – How Oprah Winfrey Created A Multi-Million Dollar Stream Of Income With One Simple Joint Venture

Bianco is an experienced joint venture marketer and one of the best at explaining joint ventures. Listen as he shares his experience with joint venture marketing and the benefits of setting up this highly leveraged business strategy.

The purpose of this 55-minute interview is to share strategies on how to set up joint ventures so you can make more money using the assets of others to grow your business.

In this interview, you are going to learn:

  • What is joint venture marketing?
  • Advantages of joint ventures compared to lead generation.
  • How to find prospects for joint ventures.
  • How joint venture marketing works and examples.
  • How to get started.
  • How to establish agreements.
  • How to weed out winning deals from losers.
  • The importance of market testing.
  • Where to get more information.

Learn how to apply Bianco’s strategies for joint venture marketing in your business. When you do, you will be able to make more money with less effort. Follow along and use these same strategies to set up a joint venture of your own. I know you will learn valuable inside secrets in this intensive interview.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

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16 – 75K A Month Selling Leads To Yellow Page Advertisers

Not only is Vanish Patel my good friend, but he is a marketing genius who I have learned a great deal from over the years. Vanish, and I had this conversation just to catch up on our lives and businesses. I have to admit that, once again, Vanish astounded me with some new marketing secrets that will benefit any HMA Consultant! Here’s what you are going to learn.

  • Learn how you can quickly pick target markets with money for advertising for your marketing consulting practice by simply leafing through your local Yellow Pages.
  • After you’ve found a great target market, learn how to calculate almost to the penny how much each company is spending on Yellow Pages advertising with one phone call.
  • Learn why capturing people’s email addresses is so important and Vanish’s proven online strategy to obtain those email addresses.
  • Listen to the secret of how to make money matching qualified prospects to companies in your target market.
  • Hear how you can apply this proven strategy to offline businesses by offering a service that will bring you amazing profit margins.

In this recording, you’ll also hear how Vanish currently operates his marketing consulting business and his philosophies about owning and running businesses. I know that you will enjoy and benefit from Vanish’s very human approach to the consulting activities as well as operate his own business.

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17 – The Price of Success An interview on strategic pricing

Pricing is critical. Most businesspeople know that. Your goods and services are why you’re in business, to begin with, and pricing them correctly is how you’re going to stay in business. Now, even an idiot knows he’s not going to stay afloat buying eggs at a dollar each and selling them at $10 a dozen, right?

So why is it that so many smart businesspeople think they need to lower their prices to stay profitable?

There are a lot of myths floating around the business world about pricing, and that’s why this audio is so important. In it, you’re going to meet a strategic pricing expert named Larry who’ll show you exactly how to stay competitive by raising your prices and maintaining your profit margins.

Here are a few of the pricing issues covered in this interview:

  • The three basic rules you absolutely must know if you want loyal customers paying premium prices.
  • How responding with the word “so…” to shoppers will lead to a sale more often than not.
  • What a “price buyer” is, how to spot one, and why you shouldn’t care about pleasing them.
  • Why most people don’t make purchases based on price, even though they think they do – and the actual reasons why they’ll break out their wallets.
  • The two things that customers will do to try to beat up a sales rep on price – and the ways you can turn the table on them.
  • How increasing volume decreases your profit margin and what you should do instead.

It seems like most people price out of panic. They worry about what their competition is doing. They become intimidated by customers who say they’re only going to buy the lowest priced goods. Or, they lower their prices in hopes of making it up in volume. And as Larry explains, “business is a game of margins and not a game of volume. If you maintain margins, you’re going to be profitable.” And after you listen to this interview, you’ll know exactly how to do it.

So sit back and listen to the most efficient ways to price your goods and services from someone who knows. This interview is about an hour long, and after you listen to it you’ll have a better understanding of how the game of pricing is played — and how to succeed at it. Enjoy!

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18 – A Short Course on Joint Venture Deal Making And Negotiation

Here’s an interview with an honest to goodness Joint Venture deal making master we’ll call Mr. JV. Mr. JV began his career in Joint Ventures 20 years ago in South Africa. He deals mainly with small to medium sized businesses all over the world.

If you’ve been studying business deal making or joint ventures, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this interview. Mr. JV. Presents Joint Venturing in a simple, down-to-earth fashion that you’ll understand and learn a great deal. You’ll hear about real life deals with real people in the real world.

His international organization teaches people how to broker joint venture deals with no risk and unlimited opportunity. He teaches students how to link people together and to get paid for it by using existing resources.

In this interview, you’ll learn how to position yourself as a “middle man” for setting up deals where you share the profits. If you’re a business owner, you’ll learn how to arrange a joint venture deal for yourself.

You learn how to think logically about removing cost and risk for each transaction you make.

Learn how to master strategic issues such as:

  • What is fair for each person involved.
  • How is profit calculated?
  • How each person is paid.
  • How oftern each person is given payment

You’ll hear why joint ventures are more about psychology and human nature than mere contracts. Since human nature is so important to the creation and success of joint ventures, you’ll have to be realistic and not expect every deal to go smoothly. Each player in a deal must go into the venture with an optimistic idea that it will last for a long time.

If you want to learn a way to restore your financial dignity, joint ventures can be a great solution. If you’re a senior, who wants to work but can’t get a job or a young people coming out of school or an individual who has been laid off from your job or even just someone who wants to improve their lifestyle and not be locked in sitting behind a desk, keep reading.

Being a good deal maker may be interesting to you. The best part is, you don’t have to be a salesperson. It’s really about understanding. If you can help someone to get what they want, you can get paid for it.

In addition to this interview, you’ll learn about ongoing education and support for people who want to create financial independence using Joint Ventures. Each of these resources holds a wealth of free information about Joint Ventures and his programs and philosophies.

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19 – How To Use Your HMA Practice Like A Bank And Buy Companies Without Using Cash

Even though Chris had no problems finding clients and making thousands of dollars per HMA step, it wasn’t nearly the kind of money he wanted from his consulting practice. So he decided to get a little creative. Now when Chris finds a company that can significantly and quickly benefit from the HMA system, he’s no longer looking to get fees from them. He’s looking to acquire the company itself.

It all began when Chris noticed a trend in the business community. He started seeing more and more “baby boomer” owners looking to hand off their businesses and retire without losing their shirts. Chris also noticed these business owners were very realistic about their options in today’s economy and were more than open to less-than-traditional buyout offers.

That’s where the HMA system comes in. Chris uses only the revenue generated by his HMA steps to buy out companies. He simply makes a deal with the business owners that any money made more than their current operating margins goes toward the acquisition of their business. And in this audio, you’ll hear all the details of these unusual buy-outs, and how you can quickly start making them too.

You’ll Also Hear:

    • Exactly how Chris buys out a company from start to finish including where he finds the businesses and how he closes his deals.
    • What criteria Chris looks for in potential businesses and how he analyzes and tests them before he jumps in.
    • Why you’ll want to assemble a team for your buyouts and how to do it effectively and efficiently.
    • What risks you can expect and ways to mitigate them.
    • How to tell business owners that you’d like to acquire their companies using untraditional methods and how to negotiate those deals.

All about the “out” clauses involved in a sale – and how to make sure you’re never working for anything.

  • Who pays into the company to get the HMA steps going and what happens if there are silent shareholders or the business has a lien.

Chris’s method essentially joins the HMA system with the Art Hamel one, creating a powerful combination that allows you to have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in company profits without needing to put any cash down to do it.

The potential here is limitless. And now is the perfect time to get started – with more and more businesses experiencing cash flow problems while their “baby boomer” owners are looking to get out. So even if you’re not sure buying out businesses is for you, you may want to give this hour-long audio a listen.

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20 – How To Use 45K Online And How To Set Up The Most Profitable Joint Ventures Client Getting System

Paypal is the online world that can make you rich using this Joint Venture Papal idea. There is no disputing the fact that joint ventures are the most powerful way to generate sales with the least amount of effort. Your success doing a joint venture is dependent or you are finding a good, reliable, accurate customer list to offer your marketing services to.

I have developed a way to joint venture with Papal business clients that is so easy it will make you cry with joy. Listen to this recording as I teach my system to my personal assistant. This joint venture strategy is a novel technique for creating, finding, establishing, and implementing a win-win joint ventures deal that can potentially flood you with hungry clients wanting you to be their marketing consultant. In this recording, I am talking about a CD-ROM that I send out to folks to get business. As you hear this recording, it will become evident that you can do the same by sending people to the Your Online PowerPoint Presentation.

You can use this tape to train people you find on Elance to contact these Paypal shop owners too. You get all my best insights, all my techniques, all my strategies; I give it all away so that you too can go out and make some money doing joint ventures with Papal shop owners. If you like this idea, I’ll set a page up like the one I use for you customized with your contact information. Just let me know.

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21 – Get Sales Faster by Changing your Cold Calling Methods – a Challenge to Traditional Thinking

Old “tried and true” Cold Calling Techniques and sales techniques that were once successful have completely lost their effectiveness over the years. Here are a completely new sales mindset and cold calling approach that will quickly and automatically put you ahead of the game and instantly in a league above your competition.

This 45-minute interview will challenge your thinking and change your mind. You will hear from Arie, an experienced sales trainer, who designed and developed sales training for inside and outside salespeople in enormous companies–companies that increased sales because of these techniques.

The purpose of this audio interview is to provide new cold calling tools and techniques to get deals faster by:

  • Diffusing pressure and removing suspicion.
  • Changing from the “dreaded salesperson” to trusted advisor.
  • Transitioning from selling “product” to problem-solving.

You will learn about the following cold calling techniques and topics:

  • Opening the call.
  • Talking to customers in a non-aggressive way.
  • Examples of what to say that are different from traditional scripts.
  • Avoiding customer negative responses—words to avoid.
  • Avoiding objections and “putting you off” comments.
  • Handling gatekeepers and voice mail.

By applying the techniques you will hear on this interview, you will eliminate fear and reluctance in making cold calls and build trust, help prospects, and make sales.

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22 – HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With String Cheese Distributor

Here’s a live training call that teaches you how to discover hidden marketing assets. Opportunity analysis worksheet and follow along.

Treat yourself to a consulting adventure you have to stay home for. You’re about to be handed the key to getting all the marketing consulting clients you can handle. The first thing I want you to do is to download these two files below, “Opportunity Analysis Worksheet” and “HMA Opportunity Analysis Training.”

Print these out and follow along with me before you listen to any of the recordings. Here’s why:

I know if I can show you by example (not just recite “theory”) how to get a client, you’ll see just how easy it is to do this yourself. Believe me; this is not “voodoo” stuff you need to be a genius to implement yourself. All you need is a list of questions to ask your consulting prospects, and you’ll be more likely to meet with them. Once you listen in to this call, you will see how to effortlessly conduct an “Opportunity Analysis” of a client’s business by phone, without face-to-face meetings. I know you’re going to benefit tremendously from this real live case study on how to use the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to get all clients you can handle.

Here’s what you are about to learn:

  • What you’ll hear in the first section is a real customer calling me for the first time looking for marketing help for his cheese business. Then, you’ll hear me call Richard for coaching advice on how to perform the opportunity analysis interview with this prospect.
  • Richard has 14 years of experience conducting hundreds of business opportunity analysis sessions with clients ranging from Mom and Pop small businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. Richard will use his years of “in-the-field” experience to give me a 20-minute coaching session of his best advice on what to do before I call my prospect.
  • Then, you’ll hear me call the prospect and conduct the Opportunity Analysis for real. This part is about an hour long of me taking the client through the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet. Listen in as I hunt for hidden marketing assets. You’ll hear how I distinguish how my consulting is different from other marketing consultants. You’ll hear me offer my services with my unique risk-free guarantee. You’ll hear all the exciting, fun, educational and profitable details in this part of the lesson. But even more importantly…you will see how easy this is…and exactly why you can just as easily…do the same thing!
  • And, finally, at the very end of part three is what we all want to hear from our prospects. It’s the client calling me back to hire me as a consultant. You’ll hear him take my mailing address down so he can send me the money via Federal Express. This was only the second time I have used this Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to sell consulting services. The first is in another recording below with an accountant from Australia.

This is real, as it happened, and it’s absolute proof you can do this too. Other consulting opportunities will tell you how to get clients. They’ll give you loads of unnecessary, untested client generating tools. They’ll give you postcards, newspaper ads, and fancy calculators. You do not need all that stuff. All you need is one thing that works. They’ll tell you how to get clients, but I’ll show you how. I’ll offer you PROOF! All you have to do is follow this proven “recipe.” Now get some clients. And once you have a customer, let me show you what to do with them by using Richard’s Marketing Consulting Training System. Each part of the recording is 30 minutes.

Have your speaker volume turned up? The sound may take a few seconds to start playing depending on your connection. Press green play button to start flash recording.

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