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Learn from the success and failures of others who have made millions in the internet marketing space. You’ll get twenty-five interviews on exactly how it’s done. 

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Below are twenty-five (25) of my best audio interviews and recorded case studies about Internet Marketing. 

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01 – Marketing That Could Have Your Customers Multiplying Like Rabbits – Interview With Mark Joyner

What if you could get an extra 25, 50, or even 100 customers for every 100 customers you already had? That’s what word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing can do, but it’s not just luck that creates it. And in this audio, Internet marketing expert Mark Joyner shows you the science behind word-of-mouth marketing and how to realistically get your customers to sing your praises louder than Evangelists. Read More

02 – The 9 Quickest Website Fixes You Can Make Today – An Interview With Million-Dollar Mike Morgan

When someone stumbles onto your website, chances are, they’re looking for a reason to leave. That’s just the nature of the Internet. People have become “click-happy,” so you only have seconds to lure them in. The good news is – there are ways to give your website a fighting chance at their attention. But you’ve got to make sure you plug up these 9 holes first.  Read More

03 – Four Steps To Build Your Online Business – An Interview With Michel and Sylvie Fortin

Sylvie Fortin remembers being on welfare and just staring at her last $20. She knew she needed to make it grow but she only had a typewriter, a phone, and a business idea. She ended up being so successful she now teaches others the business model that made it all happen. Read More

04 – 171 Lead-Generating Strategies – Which One Would You Use – An Interview With Matt Bacak

Matt Bacak has 171 proven techniques for lead generation sitting on his laptop as we speak, probably even more by now. But why does he need so many? Read More

05 – 3 Steps All New Marketers Should Take – An Interview With Brad Linder

To Internet marketing expert Brad Linder, the term “guru” is a bad word. He says there are five levels of marketing – newbie, consumption, affiliate marketing, self-branding, and master marketing. But, he says, most gurus will only walk you through to the affiliate level. Read More

06 – Can You Make Serious Money At The Bottom Of An MLM Pyramid – An Interview With Burke Jones

When Burke Jones signed onto his first multi-level-marketing system way back when, he quickly discovered that after you go through your initial contact list of friends and family, it’s really hard to find anyone else to sign up. Time, money, massive amounts of rejection – and all to make the people at the top rich. He decided there had to be a better way, and he found it. Read More

07 – How To Extract Gold From Videos And Never Waste a Lead Again

Let’s face it, driving traffic to a website is getting more and more expensive every day. That’s probably why smart marketers use every lead they can to their best possible advantage. In other words, they look for ways to convert. They look for “dead real estate” they can use so no opportunity is lost, and they test and tweak things until it all works.  Read More

08 – This Is The Only Thing You Need To Make Money Online – An Interview With Frank Sousa

Ask most gurus and they’ll tell you to “follow your passion” and you’ll be rich and unstoppable on the Internet – not Frank Sousa. Frank says most of us are passionate about junk – the kind of weird stuff no one else is going to care about, and there’s no way to make money off of it. Read More

09 – How A Technophobe Newbie Made More Than 100K On His First Online Product Launch

When Jeff Wellman needed money fast, he turned to his son, famous Internet marketing expert Keith Wellman. The plan was for Keith to give his dad a crash course on creating an Internet marketing product so he could start an online business. Only problem was, his dad really didn’t know too much about the Internet. He was a dairy farmer.  Read More

10 – How To Carve Out A Spot For Yourself In An Over-Crowded Niche – An Interview With Jonny Andrews

According to Jonny “the Guru Assassin” Andrews, the biggest mistake most new marketers make is they know they need a hungry market, so they spend all their time and money marketing to a huge, over-saturated one. This kind of “spray and pray” approach never works because you can’t sell everything to everybody at one time. In fact, you’ll probably just end up losing your shirt trying. Read More

11 – How To Build An Ebay Business From Scratch For A Few Dollars – An Interview With Kevin Johnson

There are really only two key elements to a successful eBay business – finding your products and growing your inventory. But once you’ve gone through your own closet, your friends’ closets, and your friend-of-friends’ closets, where do you turn? Read More

12 – Be The Guy At The Marketing Seminar Who Actually Sees Success – An Interview With Kevin Nations

When Kevin Nations came back from his very first Internet Marketing seminar way back when, he immediately started putting the techniques into practice and immediately started seeing five-figure monthly results. He was thrilled and went back for a second seminar to learn more. That’s when he realized his success wasn’t the norm. In fact, most people (even the ones who were offering more value than Kevin) weren’t seeing much success at all. Read More

13 – Are These Stumbling Blocks Stopping You From Success – An Interview With Lynn Schuerell

Lynn “The Creative Catalyst” Scheurell says most entrepreneurs are the same. Their “racing minds” are so full of ideas they sometimes don’t know where to start, how to prioritize, what to outsource, or even where to turn. They usually undervalue their time and products, guess at price points, and then, when they’re thoroughly confused, they ask the worst people possible for advice – friends and family. (Because your friends and family love you, they tend to steer you away from your craziest ideas, which are usually your best ones.) Read More

14 – Make A Living Off Of Fun And Say Good-Bye To Your Day Job – An Interview With Alan Bechtold

Before the Internet, you could never open a store specializing in turtle leashes and expect to make money, in any city. It didn’t happen… no matter how much you loved your pet turtle. But that kind of very specific niche is just what makes money on the Internet. The trick is in finding a niche within a niche within a niche – that still has a market – and that you love. And it’s probably easier than you think. Read More

15 – Is Marketing Really The Most Powerful Force On The Planet – An Interview With Ben Mack

When Ben Mack was just 19, he was making $375/hr doing magic tricks at parties – considerably more than other magicians twice his age. He did it by creating what he now calls the Legend Platform, and it works something like this. Before he’d perform his main card trick, he’d tell the audience that it was going to be the most amazing card trick they would ever see in their lives. He repeated those words throughout the trick, asking for confirmation along the way. Read More

16 – Use Videos To Convert Traffic Just Like The Top Marketers Do – An Interview With Micheal Savoie

Instead of writing one long blog article about five marketing tips, Internet marketing expert Micheal Savoie takes each of those tips and creates five different blog posts. Then, he makes a video about each and puts them all up on Youtube. Videos are not only a great way to repurpose content and make it fun and fresh again, but they’re also one of the most versatile forms of marketing. Read More

17 – Build The Kind Of List Everyone Will Want To Do Business – An Interview With Anthony Smith

With the right list, you can make money just by sending out a quick email. You’ll be able to earn “true residual income” – the kind that goes on for years and years. And you can command your own affiliate marketing rules and percentages because, let’s face it, what merchant wouldn’t want a chance to market to your incredible list? Read More

18 – Create Multiple Streams Of Traffic And Income Adding Resell Rights To Videos – With Ameer Salim

There’s no denying it – videos are a huge part of the Internet now. They’re easy to digest, can actually show you how to do something instead of just tell you, and are fun to watch and share. They’re also easy to produce – and a proven way to increase traffic and income streams if you know how.  Read More

19 – 4 Steps That Will Keep Your Internet Business From Failing – Interview With Peter Prestipino

Peter Prestipino says he gets about 60 emails a week at Website Magazine from people pitching products and services, but he knows most of them won’t be around in the next six months. Why? He blames it on the fact that most people were just never taught what it takes to be successful online. Read More

20 – The Fastest Way To Become The Next Internet Superstar – An Interview With Reed Floren

Every Internet guru had a starting point, just like everyone else. The only difference is they didn’t let fear cripple their progress. They got off their butts and they connected with as many people as they could. They didn’t worry whether those people were “beyond their level.” They made joint ventures and they cross-promoted their way to building lists and making money. Read More

21 – Affiliate Marketing 101: How To Get Started The Right Way With An Interview With Ron Capps

Most people go into affiliate marketing with big dreams. They stick a few affiliate links up here and there and think they’ll be able to quit their day job the next morning when the money rolls in. It doesn’t work that way. Affiliate marketing can be profitable, but it can also be work. And in this interview with Ron “The Niche Professor” Capps, you’ll hear how to get started the right way.  Read More

22 – Get The Big Names Involved In Your Next Product Launch And Other Advice From Ross Goldberg

Generally speaking, customers don’t have large lists. They don’t promote products, and they’re not going to care much about yours beyond their one-time purchase. So why do so many marketers spend all their time creating products from a customer’s perspective when they could be quadrupling their sales by creating products with affiliates in mind? Read More

23 – Take Your Online Business From Zero To 3K A Month – An Interview With Ruddy Ortiz

Ruddy Ortiz thought he was being hired on permanently at his administrative assistant job when he was called into the boss’s office back in 2000. Instead, he was told he was being fired, and that security guards would have to escort him back to his cubicle if he wanted to get his personal stuff. He felt devastated and humiliated in front of his peers. Read More

24 – How to Use Giveaway Events To Grow A List From Scratch: An Interview With Stephanie Mulac

Stephanie Mulac remembers how excited she was when she got her first 50 subscribers signed onto her list, then 200, then 500, and so on. She says it’s a great feeling to watch your list grow before your eyes and to know that you’re not only helping people but that they’re genuinely interested in you and your business. Let’s be honest, though, having a growing list is also a great way to make serious marketing money. Read More

25 – The Idiots Guide To Blogging For Profit

It used to be (and it wasn’t that long ago) that if you wanted a website, you pretty much needed a degree in web design and a copy of Dreamweaver to get it – or thousands of dollars to pay somebody to make it for you. Fortunately, times have changed.  Read More