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Claude C. Hopkins (1866-1932) was one of the great advertising pioneers, he believed advertising existed only to sell something and should be measurable and justify the results that it produced.

He worked for various advertisers, including Bissell Carpet Sweeper Company, Swift & Company and Dr. Shoop’s patent medicine company. At the age of 41, he was hired by Albert Lasker owner of Lord & Thomas advertising in 1907 at a salary of $185,000 a year, Hopkins insisted copywriters researched their client products and produce reason-why copy. He believed that a good product was often its own best salesperson and as such he was a great believer in sampling.

To track the results of his advertising he used key coded coupons and then tested headlines, offers and propositions against one another. He used the analysis of these measurements to continually improve his ad results, driving responses and the cost effectiveness of his clients advertising spend.

His classic book, “Scientific Advertising,” was published in 1923, following his retirement from Lord & Thomas, where he finished his career as president and chairman. He died in 1932.

Start on this facinating journey by downloading your Claude Hopkins Master Course and Study Guide below based on his classic books, “My Life in Advertising” and “Scientific Advertising.”

BONUS #1 The Claude Hopkins Rare Ad Image Collection You get sixty of the Claude Hopkin’s original ads that I’ve compiled based on his classic books, “My Life in Advertising” and “Scientific Advertising.” This ad collection includes many of the actual ads Claude Hopkins wrote:


“Claude Hopkins Ads Transcripts” – Typed and formatted transcripts of all 60 Hopkins ads.

You get the transcripts of each ad in this collection. Once you read the words of Claude Hopkins, you’ll want to use them for your benefit. Typing and transcribing these ads are time consuming and a hassle. We’ve spent several hundred dollars to transcribe each ad in its entirety so you can use them as you wish. Find a section you like in an ad, highlight it, copy, paste and modify the words to fit your product or service. Claude’s words live! They are as applicable today as they were when he wrote them … even more so since he has a fresh, direct, no-nonsense approach that grips you. Put Claude on your staff and bring life profits back into your losing promotions.


The 1903 dead-man’s manuscript.

Here’s the story about a rare advertising manuscript. Wait till you get your greedy little hands on this. It’s a rare manuscript by Claude Hopkins’ arch enemy and number one rival, J. Walter Thompson. In this 1903 rare 57-page advertising manuscript , you’ll learn J. Walter Thompson’s teachings on the cardinal principles of advertising, marketing and salesmanship. Every lesson and word are still applicable today.

You’ll learn how The Lord & Thomas advertising agency and the J. Walter Thompson agency were extreme rivals during Claude Hopkins’ day. You’ll compare what Claude Hopkins’ teaches and what J. Walter Thompson was doing during this bitter rivalry. You’ll have the inside tactics on how both competitors approached challenges of marketing and advertising goods and services in the early 1900s. There’s nowhere else you’ll be able to find this gem. In my opinion, the skill with which these two leading agencies were doing advertising a century ago is better than any time in history. Once you dive into the secrets in this manuscript, you’ll know why.”J. Walter Thompson Book” – Rare 57-page advertising manuscript from 1903.


12-months Special VIP membership to my new and exclusive web site on hard to find ads. 647 secret ad swipe file. You get my exclusive web site on hard to find ads containing the most effective classic ads from the largest circulated publications during the1950-1960 era (most are over 50 years old). These are the ads used by The Wall Street Journal, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, General Electric, Ivory Soap, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, American Express Travelers Cheques, New York Stock Exchange, Quaker Oats, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Motorola, The Sugar Information Inc., Green Giant Company, Postum by General Foods Corp., Reynolds Wrap, Beltone Hearing Aid Company, Listerine mouthwash, and many other companies … BEFORE they fell into the trap of “Image Advertising.”

Every ad was selected for this collection only if it satisfied all 5 of the following criteria: it had a powerful headline, compelling copy, was written in editorial style, featured a classic product still around today and was a pure example of “salesmanship in print.”

I created this additional web site for my personal use to study great marketing ads, and to access a huge bank of killer ads and headline ideas. Now this extra collection of classic ads is your own personal digital swipe file that you get. Just go to


“Claude Hopkins Radio Ads” – Download and hear over 101 extremely rare audio recordings of early radio advertising.  Claude Hopkins worked for Albert Lasker, owner of the Lord and Thomas advertising agency, which pioneered radio advertising and created some of the first instances of “salesmanship on the air.” Lord and Thomas placed nearly half of all national radio advertising on NBC in 1927-28 and in the first four years of radio network operation purchased an astounding 30 percent of all national network time. It created shows for RCA, Cities Services, Pepsodent, Palmolive and yet other accounts Hopkins worked on. Albert Lasker experimented with many radio approaches (he introduced Bob Hope and Amos ‘n’ Andy to the airwaves, was the first to introduce a daily radio contest, and promoted Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and others) but initially insisted on using the same “Reason Why” tone and spirit that permeated Hopkins’ copy.


The greatest speech on copywriting ever from one of the best known direct mail advertising practitioners of all times is Eugene Schwartz, who wrote the hard to find classic “Breakthrough Advertising.” Search the web and you can find a reprint of this classic for $95. As part of your bonuses, we’ve found a very rare speech by Eugene Schwartz on his years of experience in advertising and copywriting. He will teach you all the lessons he has learned about what you need to do to write heart-stopping copy. Here’s the kicker. We’ve even hired a studio actor to make an audio recording of this speech. When you order the Claude Hopkins material, you’ll also be able to sit back and listen to these lessons just as if Eugene was talking to you alone.

Eugene Schwartz Copywriting Seminar

Awesome! I have paid thousands of dollars to study the material of all the well-known writer masters and while some elements Eugene Schwartz presents are similar, there is something completely different & amazing about his info. In a nutshell, I would say he speaks with conviction based on phenomenal writer success. Also, he does it in such a way that you truly feel like you are sitting in on a personal coaching session and hearing insider secrets that will set you apart from 99.99 percent of the marketing world!

Your rare Eugene Schwartz speech is an OUTSTANDING piece of marketing genius. In this recording, Schwartz offers amazing insights into his personal methods which any writer or marketer can benefit from instantly. I’ve never heard anything like this before, and I highly recommend that any serious direct response marketer stop what they are doing right now, and listen to this entire speech. It is pure genius! Kind regards, Bill O’Connell.

Three-part audio, download of the explosive full 90-minute Eugene Schwartz “Writing Masters” seminar will show you “How To Turn Yourself Into A Better Copywriter”.

This recording is an actor and a recreation of Eugene Schwartz and is pro­tected by copy­right. Please do not redistribute them. This constitutes a violation of international copyright laws. If you want to let others know about these incredible calls, simply point them to this web­site, and let them listen to or download the files themselves.

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