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Dominate The Internet With High Ranking Leads & Traffic Using Online Classified Ads!

How to Advertise with Zero Budget Free Lead Generator Machine Formula

( Includes PDF transcripts, PowerPoint Slides and mp3 downloads )

With the skyrocketing cost, complexity and the huge time commitment of paid traffic, there’s never been such a high demand for a simple, no cost lead & traffic generating system by using free online classified ads.

I’ve teamed up with the best free lead and traffic generating expert in the business and the originator of The Free Lead Generator System.

A system you can use to land a steady stream of clients for your HMA Pro Marketing Consulting Business.

And together, we’ve published a five part modular system on how to easily create a high ranking, lead converting, advertising machine.

It’s one that delivers an inbound stream of quality leads and traffic to your business over and over again.

Does not matter where you live or what country you’re in. You can make it work for you with the right strategy.

Just set it and forget it and enjoy free customers, fee leads and free traffic. This training is for you if…

    • You have an incredible product and you need more exposure fast
    • You want more leads, traffic and more qualified buying customers
    • You love your business and are ready to take it to the next level
    • You want to advertise on the net but need a system that’s low-tech so you can set it up, keep it up, and do it yourself
    • You have a limited amount of time and need a program that will work for you while you’re out working your business
    • You have used online classified ads before, but are having a hard time making them work and convert to more traffic and buyers
    • You’re frustrated trying to figure it all out on your own and you need someone to take you by the hand and show you the way to success

Each module is designed to give you the tools to generate a steady flow of leads without having to spend any money and without cold calling.

It all started when Michelle was held up for eight months with a knee injury.

So from bed, she started playing around with free advertising and soon discovered there were hundreds of sites out on the web.

She also discovered they weren’t all created equal – in other words, some were a huge wastes of time while others were a virtual goldmines.

So she sifted, and tested, and soon came up with a plan.

Using her top five free advertising sites alone, she was able to get consistent click-through and create powerful SEO for her web design site.

And because she was using targeted ads, Michelle was able to qualify prospects while motivating them to contact her.

Now Michelle uses these techniques like a faucet – She says whenever she’s finishing up a project and needs a new flow of prospects, she throws her premade ad templates up on some free ad sites and waits for her phone and email inbox to ring N ding.

Own her five step modular lead and traffic generating system plus all the templates, all the best ad sites, all the step by step instructions and the power point and audio mp3s on exactly how you can do it too.


Below is the core training of The Free Lead Generator System plus your bonus resources.

Each lesson is offered digitally as a mp3 audio download and PDF Slide files. You’ll want to listen to each audio and follow along with the slides.

You can take the lessons with you on the go. Listen and watch on your phone.


Stop Cold Calling And Start Enjoying The Flood Of New Prospects That Will Be Calling You

Thanks To A Completely FREE Advertising Technique One Web Designer Discovered For Getting Clients Fast


One of the biggest questions I get is this . .

Michael, how do I create a steady flow of prospects without having to spend a bunch of money and without cold calling first?

No one likes cold calling, and studies show it’s not even the most effective way to land clients anyway. Prospects are more likely to become clients when they’re the ones calling you.

So in this audio, you’ll meet Michelle and hear how she uses free advertising sites, like Craigslist, to create this kind of constant flow. In fact, Michelle built and maintains her highly successful web designing business using nothing but these methods alone.

It all started when she was held up for eight months with a knee injury. She says she didn’t have “two nickels to rub together,” and she needed money fast. So she started playing around with free advertising and soon discovered there were hundreds of sites out there. She also discovered they weren’t all created equal – in other words, some were huge wastes of time, others were goldmines.

So she sifted, and tested, and soon came up with a plan. Using her top five free advertising sites, she’s able to get consistent click-through, create powerful SEO, and because she’s using targeted ads, she’s also able to qualify prospects while motivating them to contact her.

Now, she uses this technique kind of like a faucet – Michelle says whenever she’s finishing up a project and needs a new flow of prospects, she throws some free ads up and waits for her phone to ring. And you’ll hear all about it in this audio.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

    • An in-depth look at each of Michelle’s top five websites – the marketing strategy behind placing ads on each, how to use the sites for optimum benefit, when to renew your listings, and what to avoid
    • A free (yet little-known) resource for creating a fake phone number that rings to your real one – so you can put your number all over your ads without worrying you’re giving away too much personal info


    • Examples of niche-specific headlines that grab the right kind of attention


    • A two-step process for creating targeted Craigslist ads – and make every ad get noticed, get read, and get your phone ringing


    • Where to go to find a Craigslist “cheat sheet” for creating the kind of amazing ads you’ve probably seen on Craigslist but thought only HTML experts made


    • Why you really don’t need to be local in order to find clients on Craigslist, but why Michelle says you may want to stick to your local area anyway


    • The surprising place Michelle says you need to put your phone number in your listing if you want prospects to call you right away


    • How to get around Craigslist’s ad restrictions by creating targeted listings for every part of your business – and the maximum number of ads you can run without making Craigslist angry


    • Exactly how Michelle combines Craigslist with Meet Up to fill her workshops and seminars fast


    • A step-by-step look at using Google Analytics and an Excel spreadsheet to track click-through, keep organized, and spot patterns in your marketing so you know exactly which ads to keep, which to tweak, and which ones to just throw away


  • An “idiot’s guide” to creating free ads – from setting up an account to pressing the “post” button

You May Never Look At Free Advertising The Same Way Again. When Michelle first started tracking her results, she says she was stunned by how many multimillion-dollar companies were reaching her through Craigslist (and spending thousands of dollars on her services).

And in this audio, you’ll hear her “STAR” method for creating high-quality Craigslist ads, but you’ll also hear how she uses the other four of her top five free sites for building SEO. She dominates the first page of Google for her keywords – and she didn’t spend a dime to get there.

You can do it too. And in this audio, you’ll hear exactly how.

– 48-minute audio with 42-page transcript

Audio Recordings…



Essential Updates to Craigslist Advertising Formats

There is an universal truth when it comes to the internet. And that truth is that things are always going to keep changing. And these changes also take place on classifies the classified ad sites you are going to be placing your adds on.

I have created and short audio to keep you un to date with some of these changes and how to turn these changes into and advantage for your business. It’s students like you who will take advantage and benefit from the changes by keeping educated on them while other altogether quit their advertising because of frustration and lack of understanding.

In this audio and slide we will cover . . .

    • Use of HTML code


    • Outgoing Links


    • Affect on SEO


    • How to capitalize on the change and continue your advertising success!


    • How to always keep in the know!


    • What sites is HTML no longer supported:


    • How to use effective textual content in your ads so you can be found in Craigslist Search


    • What to do to make Your “CALL ME” page pop! (there are a bunch of examples on the slide to give ideas)


  • How to stay in the know

Staying up to date on changes take the same time as watching your favorite movie on Netflix. And it will make you a whole lot more money too. So listen to this audio and be the expert you want to become so you can exploit these inevitable exchanges to your advantage. Now let’s get going.

Audio Recordings…



Introductory Kickoff Audio Recording and Video

Audio Recordings…


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1. Module 1

The Business of Internet Advertising and How to Play it Successfully – Exclusive Access to the “Inbound Leads Formula”

Sit at the feet of a master and hear Michelle reveal exactly how she uses free advertising sites, like Craigslist, to create a constant flow of inbound leads.

Michelle built and maintains her highly successful web designing practice using nothing but these methods alone.

Nothing is held back. Learn Michelle’s formula plus gain exclusive access to your “Inbound Leads Formula. In module two you’ll learn . . .


    • Breakthrough Solutions For Advertising Strategies That Are Inviting To Make Your Ads Stand Out As A Cut Above


    • Outrageous New Tips For Making Your Conversion Ratios Soar


    • Secret Techniques For Analyzing Ad Results.


    • How To Know What’s Working And Replicate Like Washing Your Hair


    • Simple Tactic For Expanding Your Ad Campaign


    • How To Identify and Track Your Ads In Two Seconds Flat


    • A Sure Way For Tracking Click-through, Phone Calls and emails leads


    • The Best Free Advertising Strategies To Use In Your Ads


    • How To Make Your Ads Inviting And a Cut Above The Rest


    • How To Size Up Your Competition’s Ads To Make Your Ads The Obvious Choice


    • Advertising Strategies Templates To Follow For Fast Posting


    • How To Make Your Conversion Ratios Soar


    • A “Can’t Miss” Way To Make A S-T-A-R Headline


    • Fastest Known Way To Write Hook, Line & Sinker Copy In Your Ads


    • How Often You Should Post Your Ads


  • The Best Classified Ad Sites And What Makes Them Different From Each Other

All meat and no filler in this module. It may get messy so get ready to hear the methods for dominating the first page of Google for your keywords without spending a dime to get there. You can do it too. And in this module you’ll hear exactly how.

Audio Recordings…


PDF Slides


Other Important Documents for Modules One

Printable “How To” Worksheets With Easy Step-by-Step Instructions to Creating Eye-Popping High-Ranking Ads

2. Module 2

Developing Your Conversion Tracking System

We are all about creating lead converting ads and when we have one it’s important to know what ad works and what ads don’t.

And in module 2 you’re going to learn what to track and how to create a simple conversion tracking system to do this. You’ll also learn . . .

    • The pure magic of creating advertising strategies that are inviting, not hype to make your ads stand out as a cut above


    • Two magic little tips to making your conversion ratio soar


    • Fastest known way to analyzing results so you can fine tune what’s working and replicate it exponentially


    • The “no-sweat way to expanding your ad campaign


    • Why you really don’t need to be a computer geek in order to develop your conversion tracking system


    • What to look for when identifying and tracking your ads


  • All about tracking results

Like a ship setting to sail the vast ocean, you won’t know where you are if you don’t know where you’re going.

And using this tracking system will take you to where you want to go.

You’ll own my easy to use ROI tracking spreadsheet that I’ve tweaked, tuned and custom programmed to be an ad tracking machine, so you know what’s working, what isn’t and where to amp it up!

Audio Recordings…


3. Module 3

“Get Your Action Plan” Advertising Strategies that Create Powerful SEO Increase Website Traffic And Capture The Attention of Search Engines

In module three we are going to up it another notch. We are going to show you how to use these key works to increase your web site traffic. Once you are able to do this, you can grow your campaign very fast.

You’ll have new leads calling, coming to your web page, signing up on your physical mailing list or email list and more. Using SEO can grow your list even faster and get ready to learn exactly how to do this. In this module you will also learn . . .

    • The biggest mistakes most ads make


    • A “real-life” insight into do’s the don’ts of ad placement


    • The really juicy secret on how to setup ads that edge out your competition


    • The number one rule you must follow when expanding your ad campaign


    • Where to place your key words in Craigslist Ads, Backpage and eBay Classified ads and more


    • Secrets and Mysteries of the h1, h2, h3 Tag and where to add them to your ad


    • How to title your title for maximum exposure


    • A secret (place) to imbed Keywords in the text area of your ads


    • The ugly little secret to exploiting your profile page


    • The biggest mistakes most make with their ads and how to correct them


    • How to rapidly expanding your ad campaign


  • The five sure fire ways to posting your ad if you don’t have an account


Growing your business all starts with getting more in bound leads, getting business and converting traffic. And in Module three, you’ll learn exactly how to do this with little or no money.

Audio Recordings…


4. Module 4

Module Four- Your Fast Track Formula to a Vast Web Presence

Here’s what you must understand about the power of using online classified ads to build your business. If you can make one classified ad work well for you, you have the key to expanding your business at a record rate.

You can control how fast or how slow you want business to come in. There are thousands of places to place your add. And your winning ad formula can work for you at any of these locations.

So it’s important that you take the time now to build that model ad right.

And in module four you’ll learn how to do that. Including . . .


    • An exclusive look into the most effective advertising sites for converting leads and driving traffic to your website


    • The pure magic of how to quadruple the power of a single ad by cross formatting your offer


    • The number one rule you must follow when transitioning from one ad to ten, twenty, fifty or more


    • A “can’t miss” way to expanding your ad campaign fast


    • The Most Effective Sites for Converting Leads and Driving Traffic to Your Website


    • The 10 instantly-effective Best Classified Sites for SEO


    • How to Quadruple the Power of a Single Ad by Cross Formatting Your Offer For HTML Ad Sites – Craigslist & Backpage


  • The secret, almost automatic way to ensure a smooth transition from One Ad to Fifty.

You would be stunned at just how fast these ads can get your phone ringing, your email inbox dinging and your text inbox smoking.

And it all starts with the rule of expanding your ad base. Now let’s get going.

Audio Recordings…


5. Next Step

Assignments to Complete

Success will all come down to action. If you know that you can’t take action on all of the steps you’ll need to take to get leads flowing into your business, pay someone who will. Don’t look at this as an expense, look at this as and investment.

It’s all about follow-up and follow-through and in this module you’ll learn just how to do that including . . .


    • A “can’t miss” way to creating timeless ads you can use many times over


    • A quickie “idiot’s guide” for creating an action plan for consistent results day after day


    • Breakthrough solutions for advertising your way to success using SEO


    • What you need to know about expanding your ad campaign


    • The number one rule you must follow when making your business marketing a part of your daily business routing


  • Almost fool-proof way to posting, reposting and renewing ads fast

Do your homework. You’ve dome too far not to see your inbound lead formula bare sweet fruit. Take action today and start building your first add.

Rinse and repeat the process and you’ll be on your way to building an empire that can’t be stopped. Now lets get going.

Audio Recordings…


Bonus #1

Michelle’s five top performing ad templates!

You get my premium ad template pack – the exact same templates that I personally created and custom coded for my Internet classified ads.. so you can make them your own and use them over and over again

Create beautiful lead converting advertisements for your business!

You’ll have all all you need to create your own unique ads with colorful graphics and text. Plus own additional graphics you can copy/paste into your ads royalty fee. You’ll just follow the directions, export your ad, then upload to Craigslist or any of the other top classified ad sites, your social media sites and more! Includes . . .


    • Easy Steps on How To Create Your Ads


    • Michelle’s five top performing ad templates! Just change the words and images for your own top ads!


    • Extra Bonus Graphics You Just Copy and Paste into Your Ads For Extra Pizzazz including Arrows, Starts, Underlines & Ribbons


    • Instructions How To Make Even More Ads Simply With The Click Of Your Mouse


  • Over 20 Top Backgrounds

Note: You can simply click on each of below files to open them here, or right-click to download them to a folder on your computer for future use!

Bonus #2

Top 20 Highest Traffic Classified Sites

Here is my special list of the top 20 highest traffic classified sites. Use this list and you will now be wasting your time placing ads on sites that don’t get any traffic. People actually go to these 20 sites, view ads, and buy stuff all the time. There is no site here with an Alexa of over 150k (The higher the Alexa ranking the lower the traffic. So low Alexa is busier). There are no “junk” sites or poorly managed classifieds.

A huge advantage to posting your ads to these sites is that many have affiliates and/or partners who place their feeds of ads on their sites. So by placing your ads on each sites, essentially your ads will be seen on thousands of other sites.

Top 20 Highest Traffic Classifed Sites (PDF)

Bonus #3

The Top 20 Free to Use Public Domain Photos, Images, Graphics, Clip Art, Illustrations and More

Top 20 Free to Use Public Domain Photos, Images, Graphics, Clip Art, Illustrations and More Imagine the Possibilities!

Free Public Domain Photo Sites (PDF)

Bonus #4

20-minute personalized coaching session with Michelle to identify your specific keywords, target your ad niche, and answer your unique questions, so your get powerful results fast!

A 20-minute personalized coaching session to identify your specific keywords, target your ad niche, and answer your unique questions, so your get powerful results fast!

Congratulations on taking your business to the next level.

I’m excited to talk to you. Please email the following information to set up your 20 minute personalized coaching session to identify your specific keywords, target your advertising niche, and answer your unique questions, so your get powerful results just like I do!

Your Name

Business Name

Type of Business (massage therapist, sales rep, coach, attorney, etc.)

Preferred contact phone number and email

Time zone and best time to connect (day/evening)

Email to:

Michelle Brubaker
503-741-WEB1 (9321) PST

If you have any questions at all, feel free to text of call me at 858-692-9461.


Michael Senoff