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How To Access Unlimited, Targeted, Niche-specific Leads Through The Use of Public Records

(Includes PDF transcripts, Course Training Guide, Letter Template, Sample Lead Spread Sheets and mp3 downloads)

(Dominate Your Market With No-Cost Public Records Leads)


With the skyrocketing cost, complexity and the huge time commitment of paid traffic, there’s never been such a high demand for a simple, no-cost leads by using your county, city and state public records.

I’ve teamed up with Ken, the best public records leads expert in the business and the originator of The Flood Gate Lead System.

And together, we’ve published a seven part system on how to easily access and source a flood of targeted and niche-specific leads for your business.

It’s one that delivers an inbound stream of the most accurate and up to date leads to your business over and over again.

It does not matter where you live; you can make it work for you with the right strategy.

Just set it and forget it and enjoy free leads month in and month out without using outdated list brokers and without paying a fortune.

The Flood Gate Leads System is for you if . . .

  • You have a product and you need more exposure fast.
  • You sell real-estate and need more listings and want to find seller before they decide to sell.
  • You are an investor and want to buy land on the cheap.
  • You want more leads, traffic and more qualified buying customers.
  • You love your business and are ready to take it to the next level.
  • You want to convert no-cost leads into online sales but need a system that’s low-tech so you can set it up, keep it up, and do it yourself.
  • You have a limited amount capital and need a program that will work for you while you’re out working your business.
  • You have paid for leads before, but felt they are too expensive and the information was either out of date or completely wrong.
  • You’re frustrated trying to figure it all out on your own and you need someone to take you by the hand and show you the ropes.

Each of the seven modules is designed to give you the tools to generate a steady flow of leads without having to spend in many cases any money.

It all started when Ken spent time as a federal employee in Pittsburgh. People who had general curiosities about different things involving the government’s operations could submit a request and ask for information. And Ken had to gather that data and deliver it to them in a timely manner.

So, he was actually was the guy on the inside.

After seeing how others were able to access huge amounts of free data, he wanted to use this information as a real estate investor.

After playing around with public records leads he discovered there were hundreds of thousands of public records sitting in computers across every city, county and state in the US available to any US citizen for the asking.

He also discovered that all states weren’t all created equal – in other words, some were harder to deal with while others were a virtual goldmine. Some states have all of their records online ready to download without even having to formally request the information.

Now Ken uses these techniques like a faucet – He says whenever he needs a flow of prospects, he sends out his premade letter templates and waits for his data to show up in his email inbox.

Own all the training below plus all the letter templates, all the step by step instructions and the audio mp3 file and transcripts on exactly how you can do it too.


Below is the core training of The Flood Gate Leads System plus your bonus resources.

Each lesson is offered digitally as a mp3 audio download with an accompanying PDF complete guide showing you exactly what to do each step of the way.

You can take each lesson with you on the go.

Download or play from your smart phone, home computer, lap top or mp3 player.

1. How To Tap a Goldmine Of Marketing Information & Leads The Government Is Required To Give You For Free

If you’re a citizen of the United States, you have access to a ton of targeted, niche-specific information through the use of public records. All you have to do is fill out what’s called a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, and the government will send you whatever information you need in whatever format you need it in (like an Excel spreadsheet) for free or close to it.

But it’s what you can do with that information that’s the most amazing part. It’s a marketing goldmine. And in this audio interview, you’ll get a step-by-step look at how to know what kind of information to ask for, how to get it, and where to go from there.

Meet Ken. Ken’s a marketer now, but he used to work in a government office, compiling this kind of information, so he knows. Marketers spend thousands of dollars on lists like these in order to target their products and services to the right kinds of customers.

But information from a list broker is usually expensive, outdated, and cold. The government updates its lists every day and you can usually just download them right from your computer.

It’s not hard, and this audio will walk you through it, from determining what list you need (dog owners in a neighborhood, people behind on their property taxes, etc.) to how to use those lists in marketing. You’re really only limited by your creativity when it comes to what you can do with a public records list.

And in this interview, you’ll hear everything you need to get started today.


You’ll Also Learn . . .

  • Real-life examples of how Ken has used these lists in real estate, his wife’s makeup business, creating business opportunities and products for veterinarians and swimming pool companies, his marketing consulting practice, and more
  • The “pure magic” way you can combine these lists with Facebook advertising so that Face book will locate your list on its site while also replicating the audience for you, giving you a lookalike marketing list within minutes
  • The different main departments you’ll be dealing with, and what kinds of records you can find in each
  • A rare fact: Most record requests are free, but an office can charge a nominal “administrative fee” for compiling the records for you – here’s the range of charges you can expect
  • The little phrase to include in your FOIA requests that will still get you a ton of information even if the records department can’t give you all of it
  • The top reasons a request might be denied, and what to do if that happens
  • A quick story that demonstrates the power of merging lists – and exactly how to do it
  • The little-known program that will put information onto a spreadsheet, even if an office tells you it can’t be done

There’s no reason to spend a fortune on a outdated and incorrect marketing list from a broker when there’s a goldmine of accurate information just sitting in the public records office that you can access yourself.

But it’s what you can do with that information that’s the most amazing part, and in this audio interview you’ll hear all about it.

Audio Recordings…

2. Flood Gate Leads Master Guide

– 94 Page Guide- PDF

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What Are Public Records?
  • What is a Public Records Request?
  • What Do Public Records Have To Do With Buying Houses?
  • What is an “Invisible Lead”?
  • Why Should I Submit Public Information Requests
  • You Can Buy Leads
  • Readily available
  • Cost
  • Up to Date
  • Unlimited
  • Customized
  • What Leads Can I Get From Public Records?
  • Tax delinquent properties
  • Code violations
  • Evictions
  • Probate
  • Divorce
  • Criminal
  • Get Creative
  • Get Familiar With These Offices
  • Department of Finance
  • Tax Assessor’s Office
  • Bureau of Building Inspection
  • Court Clerk/City Clerk/Clerk of Courts
  • City Planning
  • Public Records Office
  • What Records Cannot Be Released to Me?
  • Are There Fees Associated with Public Records Requests?
  • What Content Should Be in My Request?
  • Assessor’s Office
  • Recorder’s Office
  • Clerk of Court
  • Collector’s Office (tax liens)
  • Department of Court Records; Civil/Family Division
  • Register of Wills
  • More About Content
  • Getting Started with Your Request
  • Fax
  • Electronic mail
  • Website
  • U.S. Mail
  • In Person
  • Get Started With These Templates
  • What Will Be the Outcome of My Request?
  • They may deny your request
  • Not Available or Not Allowed
  • Unpaid Fee
  • Extension
  • Victory!
  • What If The Office I Sent my Request to Can’t Produce?
  • Paper
  • If Mommy Says No…
  • Screen Scrape
  • Piggy Back
  • Geeks Are Great!
  • But If You Try Sometimes You Just Might Find. You Get What You Need
  • I Know A Guy
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • Automating Your Requests to Keep the Leads Flowing
  • Reminders
  • If It’s Worth Doing – It’s Worth Paying Somebody To Do
  • Next Season Is Now!

3. Kens Top Performing Public Records Letter Templates!

Get Started with Ken best working Flood Gate Leads Letter Templates

Now you’ll be ready to submit your public records request.

This is your personal stash of template letter available for you to customize and deploy right away: You’ll use them to make

1. Tax Delinquent Property Request
2. Code Violations Request
3. Evictions Records Request
4. Probate Records Request
5. Divorce Records Request
6. General Real Estate Information (Entire City/County) Request

Ken says use these letters because they are hard won. It took lots of trial and error to learn what works, what doesn’t work, what needs to be included, and how to increase the odds your request are answered with all the data you need.

4. Floodgate Leads Market Idea Generator

– 12 page PDF

Own this list of the many different permits and licenses that are required in different cities, counties, and states.

Think of the possibilities!


– 29 Page PDF

Appeals – Steps You Can Take If Your Public Records Request Gets Denied.

6. Flood Gate Sample Lists

– 4 sample lists in Excel

The best way to know what to expect out of this training is all below in these sample lists. If you listen to the interview with Ken, you will hear him talk about each of these lists. Ken wants you to know this is legit information all for the asking. You’ll be able to download and open in Excel each of Ken’s list to strudy and know what’s waiting for you.

Bonus FOA Letter Requests

Here are two additional last minute FOA requests that you can use as a template for your own requests.

One is for dogs, and the other one is to get a list a national list of all the drone owners in the USA.

Ken submitted the request to the FAA.

Ken also bought a drone a few months back and they make you register them.

So, he figured if he could get that list of everyone in the US who registered a drone, he might be able to sell it to the drone supply stores across the country since drones are really hot right now.

7. Yours, a full 15-minute personalized coaching session with Ken to identify your specific target leads and niche, and answer your unique questions, so your get powerful results fast!

Accelerate Your Learning Curve by Having Ken Conduct His Lightening Fast Research On Your Market For Your City, County or State List.”

If you like what you’ve read and want to short-cut the process, you’re in luck. For a limited time, Ken is offering a handful of students a no cost 15-minute consultation.

In this phone or email consultation, you can share your best ideas, the business you’re in and the product or service you offer. Ken will use his decade of experience to discuss and formulate a blueprint strategy to get you off to a fast start. He’s even agreed to conduct some quick online research for you in your own City or County or State.

After the call, you’ll receive a blueprint for moving forward with your required leads, and you’ll have the opportunity to book additional consultation time or project management directly with Ken.

To qualify for this 15-minute call, you must agree that the call can be recorded and used as training for other Flood Gate Leads students.

You’ll be sent a digital file of the recorded call as a no cost bonus. There’s no need to take notes. All of Ken’s best advice will be captured in audio for you to listen to over and over again. Ken currently consults with businesses on this topic, still works full time and has other family commitments, so his time is limited.

This no risk, no cost 15-minute call is limited to the first students who reply so don’t wait. To claim and schedule your call, text 858-692-9461 or email

IMPORTANT, before the call starts Ken will offer you an additional 45 minutes of consulting time for $197.00. You have the right to decline and your 15 minute call will start.

After the 15 minutes, Ken will again let you know your consulting time has ended and thank you for your call.

If at that time, you wish to book and additional time, Ken will have sent you a PayPal invoice before the call for the additional 45 minute consultation.

Ken must receive funds before he continues on with any additional consulting.

All calls will be recorded and you will be sent a recording of your call. By participating in any consulting with Ken, you release and grant rights for JS&M and Ken to use the recorded consultation for use in any manner including product training and product sales and ongoing training.

You agree to release all rights to the recording.

Ken can normally charge up to $500 per hour for consulting. He has agreed to do these calls as a favor to me and to build additional marketing training for future Flood Gate Leads students.

This no risk, no cost 15-minute call is limited to the first students who reply so don’t wait. To claim and schedule your call, text 858-692-9461 or email

We wish you all the best in your investment and promise to deliver the value that you deserve..

If you have any questions at all, feel free to text of call me at 858-692-9461.


Michael Senoff

About the Author

Ken E. has worked for the Government for over 10 years and has been a real estate investor since 2011. He l earned from the inside how public information requests can be submit ted in order to get some amazing leads—directly from public records

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