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01 – Unconventional methods that work from one of the highest paid copywriters of all time, Eugene Schwartz

If you’re like most writers, you want to produce copy that turns readers into customers so you can turn your writing into cash. That’s exactly what Eugene Schwartz did. And in this speech he gave to a group of copywriters shortly before his death, he reveals all the quirky methods he used to make his copy soar to unrivaled rates of conversion, while other copy got thrown in the trash.

Eugene called himself the hardest working copywriter in the business even though he only worked three hours a day, five days a week.

Because he could separate the “creative” from the “working” parts of his brain, Eugene was able to maximize his time, avoid writer’s fatigue, and deliver an outstanding product every time. To do this, he used a technique he adapted from Mozart which you’ll hear about in this audio recreation of a speech given by Eugene to a group a list copywriters at Rodale.

You’ll Also Learn:

  • The sneaky Zen method used to get rid of writer’s block.
  • Why it’s so important to redefine the word “creativity” when it comes to your work.
  • How to use a timer and three pencils to stay focused on your copy and keep yourself on task.
  • The “pure magic” formula that uses claims, mechanisms, and proof in just the right way.
  • The most powerful word in the English language to include in your copy.
  • The simplest way to always have a headline that gets your reader to keep reading.

So in this recording, you’ll hear what good copy consists of, how to assemble it, and how to avoid most of the stumbling blocks that keep even the best writers staring at blank pages. And this speech has something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll come away with a fresh new look on your copy, and the potential it can have on your wallet.

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02 – New Copywriting Templates Make Writing Profitable Copy A Breeze!

Great sales copy can make your Web site produce massive sales and profits for you, day-in and day-out.

But great sales copywriters are expensive (you can pay $15,000 – $50,000 for a top pro’s Web site or sales letter)… and, what’s worse, many of the best copywriters are booked up months in advance!

Most businesses that needed great copy were on the horns of a dilemma until David Garfinkel’s Copywriting Templates became available.

Now, for the faction of a top pro’s normal copywriting fee for one project, you can have your own “copywriter in a box” that you can use over and over again to quickly produce the sales copy you need – and get great results for your:

  • Web sites
  • Sales letters
  • Newspaper and Magazine ads
  • Emails
  • Postcards
  • Brochures and flyers
  • And everything else you need where words must sell!

Best of all, Copywriting Templates are easy to use and proven to help ordinary marketers (as well as some expensive copywriters we’re sworn to secrecy not to identify!) get outstanding sales with the written word.

“David Garfinkel will snap open your mind and get you to understand what makes good copy ‘good’ in milliseconds. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Mark Joyner, #1 Best-Selling Author, The Great Formula

“I found Copywriting Templates so easy to use. It was almost a no-brainer. These templates are brilliant, if not actually pure genius. I’m sure anybody who is trying to write copy is going to love this product, because it simplifies the process of writing copy that sells.” Dr. Joe Vitale, Author, Hypnotic Writing Wizard software

“David Garfinkel is the best copywriter I know.”

Jay Conrad Levinson, author, Guerrilla Marketing, world’s best-selling marketing series

There’s nothing else like this program on the market.

Yes, there are push-button copywriting software programs… but, you don’t want your marketing to look like it was written by a robot!

And yet, you may not have the time or resources to add the human touch to your marketing copy.

Copywriting Templates combines the best of both worlds. Yes, it contains many fill-in-the-blank templates so you can quickly and easily come up with a high-impact headline… some stunning bullet points… or a powerful sales story… all in a matter of minutes.

But Copywriting Templates also contains ready-for-prime-time customized examples and instantly understandable tips.

So you can take the templates and guidelines, and instantly make them your own. No one will ever know you used these templates to create your own profit-pulling copy (unless you tell them!).

Author David Garfinkel is widely acclaimed as “the world’s greatest copywriting coach.” His sales copy has made clients tens of millions of dollars.

But more important, he has helped tens of thousands of people around the world write successful sales copy themselves. David has helped more people in this regard than anyone else!

David, former San Francisco Bureau chief of McGraw-Hill World News, counts among his clients IBM, United Airline and Time Life Books. Plus, he has consulted to hundreds of smaller entrepreneurial businesses. He has been featured in The Wall St. Journal, The New York Times News Service, USA Today, Fast Company and Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, where he was e-business columnist for a year.

So, what’s in this “copywriter in a box” program?

  • Step-by-Step Video on how to get going fast with Copywriting Templates.
  • 2-Video set – private session from a $5,000 seminar – on how to supercharge your copy with Copywriting Templates.
  • Fully indexed online manuals.
  • Direct-access to all Templates.
  • 12 audio lessons of David’s teleseminars on templates for:
    1. Headlines that grab and hold attention.
    2. Bullets that create powerful curiosity and an irresistible desire to buy .
    3. Stories that forge a powerful bond with your prospects .
    4. Negative Optimism (No one else even understands this powerful technique … let alone teaches it).
    5. Offers that your customers don’t want to refuse.
    6. Subheads that pull your readers back into your letter.
    7. Guarantees that remove all risk and make it a “no-brainer” to buy.
    8. Value-Builders that make even high prices seem like a bargain.
    9. Takeaways , the simplest and most-effective way to close a sale.
    10. Choice of One templates that obliterate the competition.
    11. P.S. (What’s the 2nd most read part of a sales letter after the headline? The P.S. . . . with these P.S. templates you’ll know exactly what to write in this “high traffic” part of your letter to practically force readers back into your letter).
    12. Flow to bring it all together into a cohesive and powerful sales letter.
  • Plus 3 bonus Videos: an attorney talks about how to stay out of trouble with government regulators; an M.D. talks about how to keep personal energy high while writing copy; and a Google AdWords expert reveals insider secrets.

All in all, a complete tutorial and toolkit you can use for years to come. Based on real-world copy that gets big-time results.

This program is for the beginning to advanced working copywriter who needs to make a lot of sales – fast!

If you’re tired of spending hours or days (or weeks or months) trying to write sales-producing advertising copy… or, if you’re not getting the results you know you should… then you should get Copywriting Templates.

It comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

You’re completely protected, because you can return it for any reason. All you have to do is contact customer service within one full year of receipt of the product and get a full refund.

Of course, if you’re like most owners of this product, you wouldn’t want to part with your set of Copywriting Templates for 10 times what you paid for it. Because it will have become your most valuable companion, anytime you are about to write copy that sells!

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03 – How To Start From Scratch In The Copywriting Field And End Up Getting Million-Dollar, Sought-After Results

After reading the motivational book Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow, David Garfinkel quit his job as a reporter and decided to pursue his dreams. He quickly went broke. But because he kept taking chances while following through on every opportunity, he eventually ended up on top. And in this audio, you’ll hear his amazing story.

David now works as a highly paid (and sought-after) direct sales coach and copywriter who makes anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 per client. But, he admits, the climb to the top is not always (and really shouldn’t be) an easy one.

According to David, you’ve got to go through experiences in your career where you’re underpaid and giving more than you’re getting in order to gain the confidence and skills necessary to become successful in the direct-sales, copywriting field. And in this hour-long interview, you’ll hear the steps you can take to get started today.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • A look at aggressive marketing – how to know when it’s too much.
  • The most important (and often-overlooked) area David says he was missing from his copywriting that, once he added, made his career take off.
  • What to sell at seminars if you don’t have your own product.
  • 3 of the biggest mistakes David’s made in his career.
  • The one business to avoid as a direct sales copywriter.

According to David, you should never judge your copy by how easy or pretty it is – only by the kind of results you get. And in this interview you’ll hear how he gets his million-dollar results and how you can begin getting them too. Now lets get going.

For more information on David’s Copywriting Templates, go to

  1. Headlines that grab and hold attention.
  2. Bullets that create powerful curiosity and an irresistible desire to buy.
  3. Stories that forge a powerful bond with your prospects.
  4. Negative Optimism (No one else even understands this powerful technique let alone teaches it).
  5. Offers that your customers don’t want to refuse.
  6. Subheads that pull your readers into your letter.
  7. Guarantees that remove all risk.
  8. Value-Builders that make high prices bargains.
  9. Takeaways ,most-effective way to close a sale.
  10. Choice of One templates-obliterate the competition.
  11. P.S. (What’s the 2nd most read part of a sales letter after the headline? The P.S. . . . with these P.S. templates you’ll know exactly what to write in this “high traffic” part of your letter to practically force readers back into your letter).
  12. Flow to bring it all together into a cohesive and powerful sales letter.

If you order something from David, I’ll make a small affiliate commission on your order. But you’ll make much more than me if you put these templates to use in your copy.

Audio Recordings…

04 – How To Get The Results You Need From Your Copy And Your Career An Exclusive – Interview With Direct Marketing Genius Drayton Bird (Part 1)

Drayton Bird is one of the world’s best direct-marketing copywriters, but he wasn’t always a success. In fact, when he started his agency back in the late 1970s, he was so far in debt, he went by an alias so that tax collectors wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

Although he can laugh about that now, he can also pinpoint the mistakes he made that kept him poor and the steps he took that made him rich. And in this two-part audio, you’ll hear all about Drayton’s amazing story, including exactly how he went from being bottom-of-the-barrel broke to running David Ogilvy’s multimillion-dollar direct marketing agency.

Part One: 15 Lessons About Results That Will Make You Rich…(Or At Least Keep You From Going Broke)

Even though you’d probably think that all marketing is done for results, according to Drayton, a lot of it is done just because someone said, “Hey. Let’s do some marketing.” And not surprisingly, this ego-driven, “make it up as you go along” approach usually ends in disaster.

So Drayton learned early on that advertising isn’t the guessing game many people think it is – you really have to put in your time and study the techniques that work in order to be successful. And in Part One, you’ll hear how Drayton did it.

You’ll also hear about the big names in marketing he’s met, worked with, or studied along the way such as Eugene Schwartz, Monroe Kane, John E. Kennedy, Claude Hopkins, John Caples, David Ogilvy, and the list goes on and on.

Drayton says that as a creative person, he’s tried many things in life. And although he admits that they weren’t all successful, they all led to significant lessons. And in Part One, you’ll hear his top 15.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • A little-used secret that earned Drayton two-and-a-half times his salary for doing half as much work.
  • Exploding the myth about popular Super Bowl commercials and their advertising revenue.
  • A working strategy to use when things go wrong, and they will.
  • The kinds of guarantees that are guaranteed to work.
  • The three biggest mistakes Drayton made that almost ruined him.
  • A quickie “idiot’s guide” to creating the kind of newsletters people look forward to receiving.
  • The scary side of forming partnerships and why Drayton says you always need to keep an eye on the money.
  • How to produce headlines, over-lines, and subheads that sell.
  • All about Drayton’s first big piece of direct mail and how it landed him three job offers right away.

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05 – Sometimes You Don’t Have To Ask Where The Gravy Train Is. It Stops Right Outside Your Front Door (Part 2)

Drayton started his successful agency in the UK with only 700 pounds and a couple of partners. Three and a half years later, they were the biggest direct marketing organization around. And in Part Two, you’ll hear how they did it, along with how Drayton turned that success into the opportunity of a lifetime – working with David Ogilvy.

More Key Points From Part Two:

  • How Drayton sold the idea of direct marketing to businesses.
  • An look into the business model Drayton used to make money.
  • The unusual ways Drayton overcame his fear of speaking.
  • Exactly how Drayton sold 200,000 copies of his book.
  • The creative solutions Drayton came up with for meeting clients and “paying” rent when his fledgling company had no money.
  • The surprising jobs Drayton has had to take to make money and how that experience helped him when he formed his own company.

Sometimes in business, it seems like one failure will inevitably lead to another. But fortunately, just as often, one success will also lead to a bigger and better one as well. And you’ll see those patterns in Drayton’s remarkable story.

But the most important thing he did to become successful was that he never gave up. There may not be a magic pill for success, but according to Drayton, if you go about things the right way, you’ll not only make a lot of money in life, but you won’t get bored in the process. And in this informative yet entertaining interview, Drayton tells us exactly how to do that.

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06 – How To Make A Sales Presentation That Consistently Closes The Deal

Many people resist sales scripting scripts because they think it’ll sound canned or rehearsed. But according to expert sales trainer, Eric Lofholm, even if you’re winging it, you’re still using a “script.” Studies show that most great sales presenters open and close in the same way. So if you take your current scripts and add a few powerful techniques to them, you’ll have unstoppable sales presentations. And in this audio, you’ll hear some of those techniques.

Eric Lofholm, wasn’t always a sales scripting scripts expert. In fact, he started out flipping burgers and drifting through community college. And at one point, he even found himself bankrupt and homeless. So in this interview, you’ll hear his incredible story of how he rose to the top and how he currently helps others get there too.

More Key Information You’ll Get From The Interview:

  • How to make sure you’re not bringing a “negative view” of sales with you into your presentations – you may not even know you’re doing it, but you could be costing yourself serious money.
  • Ways to make sure your sales scripting scripts build enough value – so you can charge more for your products, and easily get it.
  • How having “comfort zones” could be hindering you from making the profit you deserve – and what to do about it.
  • What a master script-book looks like and how to compile the kind you’ll be able to rely on for years to come.
  • All about Eric’s “sales mountain” and his simple steps for climbing to the top.
  • Several examples of successful sales scripting scripts and stories – you’ll be amazed at the difference a little tweaking can make.
  • What you can learn from the way children negotiate their deals – it’s no surprise why parents usually give in to these natural little salespeople.
  • A few of Eric’s open-ended closing lines that seal the deal without being too pushy.

According to Eric, it’s important to keep a positive outlook on sales scripting scripts in order to be successful at it. And it’s also important to have the kind of scripts that will allow you to know what to say in any situation and to any objection. But if you follow Eric’s techniques, it won’t be long before you’re making the kinds of sales presentations that consistently bring in the big money. This interview is 60 minutes. I hope you benefit from it. Enjoy!

Audio Recordings…

07 – How To Tell The Story Your Prospects Want To Hear: The Art Of Strategic Storytelling In Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever noticed that, no matter how great your product is, the harder you try to sell it, the harder it becomes to make the sale? It might actually seem worse to list benefits, guarantees, facts, or testimonials because as soon as your prospect thinks he’s being “sold to,” his natural tendency is to resist. It’s just human nature for people to want to make their own decisions in life.

So what drives us to buy the things that we do buy? Believe it or not, it’s all in the story. According to the author of Effortless Influence, Daniel Levis, every pivotal purchase we’ve ever made in life was done because of a story we bought into or that we told to ourselves. For example, if we subconsciously believe that owning Brand X means we’ll have more friends and fun, or that we’ll be more attractive, or safer, have healthier children, or be a leader… we’ll likely break out our wallets to buy Brand X, time and time again.

The point is – stories sell, and we never tire of hearing them. So in this one-hour webinar, you’ll hear how to know what kind of stories your prospects subconsciously want to hear, and how to apply those stories to your marketing campaigns.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • The exact story template Hollywood uses to suck us into movie plots – and how to tweak this “hero’s journey” when assembling your next sales drama.
  • Exactly why people resist traditional “sales pitches” and the best way to neutralize those fears.
  • The greatest human desire – and how to make sure you’re using that desire in your storytelling.
  • How to write a story with a sales pitch that rides subliminally.
  • A word-for-word way to show off your credibility without coming across as a braggart.
  • The very first thing Daniel does when he’s hired as a copywriter.
  • The real truth about stories – do they actually have to be true in order to use them in marketing? And if not, when and how should you dance around that ethical line?
  • The vital importance of getting your prospects to arrive at the conclusion themselves that they need your product – and sneaky psychological strategies that do that.
  • The art of being artfully vague – how to leave enough room in your sales copy and descriptions for prospects to put themselves into the story.
  • The 5 approaches to maximizing your creativity and storytelling ability.
  • The one and only goal of all selling, and the lesson about storytelling you can take from Nike.

Let’s face it, we live in a world where consumers don’t need 99% of the stuff that’s out there, so just listing facts and benefits isn’t going to sway too many people. The fastest and most effective way to bond you to your prospects in this economy is by telling them a story they can relate to and buy into. And in this webinar, you’ll learn exactly how to do that. But for more information about Daniel Levis and storytelling, go to

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  • SOON!

08 – Three Big Money-Making Secrets From Ken McCarthy You Can Use Right Now To Put More Cash In Your Pocket Even In This Rotten Economy – An Interview With Internet Marketing Expert Ken McCarthy.

Most people expect a free lunch when it comes to making money on the internet and because the Internet is full of fraud, most people only look for magical ways to make their millions, instead of taking realistic steps. It’s only after they get burned they start looking for real answers and that’s when you look for Ken McCarthy.

Ken McCarthy has been teaching Internet marketing since the early years back in 1993. So he knows the techniques that work. And according to him, the beauty of the Internet is that you don’t have to be a marketing genius to make money. You just have to be able to respond to reality. In other words, never guess at how your market will react to something. Test it then act on your results. And in this audio, you’ll hear exactly how to do that.

You’ll Also Learn:

  • Why you should never be content on simply getting the first sale.
  • What’s the real goal of every Internet marketing campaign.
  • How to tweak and apply direct marketing principles from marketing icons like Eugene Swartz and Gary Halbert to explode your sales.
  • The most important thing to do when marketing to your email list.
  • How “traffic brokers” drive a flood of traffic to promotions.
  • The book Ken discovered at a used book store that changed his life forever.
  • The single most broken rule of Internet marketing. Ken says you can do everything else right, but still fail if you do this.

Ken has been running conferences on Internet marketing since the early 1990s, and was the only person Dan Kennedy trusted to talk about it at his seminars. His well-rounded, yet grounded, approach tackles all elements that make up a “no-BS” online marketing strategy including SEO, pay-per-clicks, traffic generation, direct marketing, and more.

In this interview, you’ll hear how you can start taking realistic steps toward your Internet marketing goals today.

This audio interview consists of a 65-minute audio and an accompanying 35-page transcript.

Audio Recordings…

09 – At Last – The World’s #1 Website Conversion Expert Will Take You By The Hand And Show You Step-By-Step Exactly How To Maximize Your Internet Profits In Minimum Time!

Widely Recognized as “The World’s #1 Website Conversion Expert,” Dan is the “go-to” Internet copy genius who’s created hundreds of money-making ads and sales letters for clients in more than 49 different industries.

Dan has a track record of selling over $25.7 million of merchandise and services. If Dan is such a wizard with words, perhaps you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of him before. It’s because Dan doesn’t seek out the spotlight. This “quiet giant” keeps a low profile in an industry over-run with self-promoting, self-proclaimed, and often self-deluded “experts.”

Instead of stoking the “Lok Publicity Machine,” Dan focuses on stoking the fires of success for his small business clients. Instead of devoting his time to his celebrity status, he spends hour after hour, week after week, working for the little guys… and loving it.

Dan has resuscitated copy that was previously in “critical condition” and helped his clients double and triple their conversion rates… some as much as 417%. The strategies, techniques and psychological tactics Dan employs are irresistible to consumers. They produce dramatic results and spell the difference between failure and success, and between success and “super-stardom” for his clients. This interview is 60 minutes.

Audio Recordings…

10 – Advice In “Kick Starting” Your Copywriting Business.

This is a consultation that I did with a gentleman named Mark who needed some advice in “kick starting” is copywriting business. This short recording is packed with great information for new and veteran copywriters! You may get some ideas for business avenues that you haven’t thought of before.

At the beginning of our conversation, Mark was mainly concerned about what the name of his copywriting business should be. His first thought was to use his surname. However, he believed that his surname might be too unusual for someone to pronounce. You’ll hear how we discuss sole proprietorships and the option of incorporating after getting started, obtaining customers, and making some money. Find out what Mark finally decides to use as his business name.

Listen as I give Mark an idea about obtaining copywriting work by researching Ebay. Look for closed auctions for big ticket items where the item did not sell. Look at the Ebay ad to see what could have made the item sell. Sometimes it is simply because there was no research done on the item and thus, there was not a good description of the item or its features.

Contact the seller by email and negotiate to re-write the ad and re-run the auction. If the item sells, you would get a negotiated percentage of the sales price. Of course, you would need an option agreement and some sort of non-disclosure agreement as well as software that would prohibit the seller from printing or copying your ad – but you’ll hear me explain the details of everything you would need to accomplish this. Listen as I give example of a generic email that could be modified for any auction and sent to sellers.

I advise Mark to research unsuccessful closed auctions for boats, houses, machinery, and other high priced items. And don’t just stay with Ebay. Look into the real estate market for beautiful homes that just aren’t selling. Most of the time, real estate ads just don’t do a good enough job of explaining the real advantages of owning that particular home. The very best way to advertise a home is to interview the current homeowner about the home itself, the neighborhood, the schools, etc. – important things that real families are interested in.

Listen to my own experience with using written copy in conjunction with audio for both a product and for real estate.

Mark certainly loved that idea and was going to start researching completed auctions for big ticket items on Ebay right away! The key is to identify poor ads for great products. You must also learn to negotiate well and then you will have a great niche market!

Near the end of this audio, listen as I describe a Bonus Resource on my web site, It’s more than 15 hours of copywriting audios from my best interviews with copywriting experts such as Brian Keith Voiles, Eugene Schwartz, and many others. This is a “must have” set of materials for both new and existing copywriters that will reveal copywriting secrets and make your business more successful. Enjoy!

Audio Recordings…


11 – Joe Vitale On How To Become An Expert Copywriter, Researcher, And Promoter?

You can spend your entire life reading, searching, and studying books on success—or you can find all the best information distilled for you right here. Joe Vitale possesses one of the largest and rarest marketing, advertising, and writing libraries in the world. He has been devouring books on success, personal development, advertising, marketing, and promotion for the last twenty years of his life. Save twenty years of your life by listening to this interview today. Hear Joe discuss his favorite books from his private collection. He explains why his favorites are so great to read and what you can learn from them today.

This information has never been revealed until now. Joe Vitale is the founder and president of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., which creates sales letters, ads, e-mail, news releases, and even web sites that put people into “buying trances.” The process is based on Joe’s latest e-book, “Hypnotic Marketing.” Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale is an explosive “results only” marketing consultant and copywriter. He is the world’s first Hypnotic Marketer and the author of the best-selling e-book, “Hypnotic Writing.” He has helped over 200 authors and publishers write, publish, and promote their books. He has helped dozens of entrepreneurs dramatically increase their sales. He has helped businesses and organizations of all sizes from The American Red Cross to Hermann Children’s Hospital in Houston. Start listening to “Mr. Fire”.

Audio Recordings…


12 – Copywriting Expert John Carlton On How To Make Your Copy Sell Better Than Ever.

Here is a rare recording of John Carlton from the early 1990s at a Bill Myers seminar. John had over 10 years of copywriting experience before this recording. He was a freelance writer who agencies hired to do the work their own writers couldn’t do.

He has written for Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, and Gary Halbert. John made big money as a writer for some of the largest direct mailers in the world, including Rodale Books and Boardroom. His writing brings in millions for his clients. This is a rare recording from the information marketing book camp in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This recording is 17 minutes long. Check out his course, “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets Of A Marketing Rebel — An insider shortcut guide to creating sensational ads that will supercharge your business, your wealth, and your life even if you flunked English!”

Audio Recordings…

13 – When To Sue Your Copywriter…281 Pound Body Builder Spills His Gut And Reveals All He Knows About How To Write Killer Internet Web Site Sales Copy.

This is a 19 1/2 minute money-making sledgehammer of a conversation with Mr. Taylor Trump. Taylor was one of the first online marketers I met when I was selling my used books and tapes. He is an outstanding teacher and, like anyone who is really good at what he or she does, loves marketing. Taylor is a serious student of online and offline marketing success.

Listen to this entire audio clip—if you do not learn a thing, I will pay you $50 for your trouble. Whether you are a novice or a self-proclaimed expert on marketing, if you want honest, no-fluff advice on business marketing, copywriting, mailing lists, and some good old common sense, Taylor Trump’s answers may surprise you. Listen to our private conversation while I extract every bit of advice from Taylor for your benefit. I know you will enjoy this. Click below to start listening to Taylor Trump.

Audio Recordings…

14 – Why Settle For 1% to 3% Response When You Can get 20-50% response with “effective copywriting” – Learn how to hone your skills to improve your sales.

Good, captive copywriting is essential in today’s marketing field. I got a call from a gentleman who was new to the copywriting field and he was looking for some advice on how to improve his own skills.

The information I shared with him is invaluable: I gave him direct resources he could use and I discussed different products and aspects of these products that are currently available. Best of all, though, I shared with him the underlying implications of good copywriting and explored why and how many people are doing it all wrong. This is information you can’t afford to miss – the insight you’ll gain will be unique.

Audio Recordings…

15 – Work Smart, Make Money, Retire Early With Two-Step Classified Advertising Promotions.

This is a great recording of John Eger. When John Eger speaks, direct marketers listen. At the time of this recording, John and his partner Phil Kratzer were the nation’s leading experts on classified advertising.

John’s low-cost, 2-step direct response methods allow both large and small advertisers to test with the least possible risk. This recording was from the Bill Myers seminar in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. John presents the secrets that have helped many work smart, make money and retire early. This recording is from the Bill Myers direct mail boot camp.

Audio Recordings…


16 – A Rare Recording From Gary C. Halbert A Marketing Living Legend In The Direct Response Business.

If you are unfamiliar with Gary Halbert, you are in for a treat. This guy is my favorite marketing instructor on the subjects of direct mail and how to write killer advertising copy. He delivers marketing information in a powerful style, without all the BS. Gary’s pre-1994 material is hard to find. Jay Abraham has done several joint ventures with Gary so I have run across a lot of his work.

Go to my Products page to see which Gary Halbert programs I have available. How much would you pay to attend a Gary Halbert seminar? Here is a recording from a Group M Marketing seminar in Hot Springs, Arkansas, put on by Bill Myers in the early 1990s. Enjoy this 31-minute recording featuring Gary Halbert. You’ll love it!

Audio Recordings…

17 – Herschell Gordon Lewis – Author Of 20 Books On Advertising, Writing And Direct Marketing – Reveals Secrets Of Success In Copywriting.

Even though I had heard his name for years, I never gave Hershell much thought until I was searching for one of his books, “World’s Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time.” This book is not to be confused with a similar book by Richard Hodgson titled “The World’s Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time.” An interesting fact I learned about Hershell is that within the Collector’s Plate industry he is known as the “King of Direct Mail.” You may have seen collector’s plates advertised in the Sunday newspaper and other widely-circulated publications. I used to wonder why so many people invested in these plates until I talked with Hershell personally. Hershell Gordon Lewis is a well-connected expert who has been involved in the direct mail industry for many years. He is the author of more than twenty books on advertising and marketing, and is the former chairman of BJK&E Direct. He now heads Lewis Enterprises, a creative source. He is also chairman of Communicomp, a full-service direct marketing agency affiliated with True North Communications based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On this audio clip, prepare to receive a real history lesson on some amazing things. My conversation with Hershell was one of my most interesting, illuminating talks. In it, I take you from the days of Hershell’s first direct selling job as a door-to-door salesman through his development and evolution into a prestigious, powerhouse ad agency owner. This is one talk you will feel compelled to listen to three or four times. It is that eye opening.

Audio Recordings…

18 – Now You Can Hear The True Story From One Of Brian Keith Voiles Mentors And Top Copywriting Experts And Entrepreneurs In America.

You can’t hire Carl today to write copy for you. Why? because any smart copywriter knows you can make a whole lot more writing copy for your own products then you can for clients. It’s been said if you can hire a copywriter, they probably aren’t that good. Carl Galletti has risen to the top of the world of direct-response advertising and is now considered by many to be one of the best freelance copywriters and marketing experts in the world. I had the pleasure of interviewing Carl and I can attest that he is unique as a copywriter because of his vast marketing skills. Many of the top direct response advertisers used Carl to write advertising copy for them including Gary Halbert, author of The Gary Halbert Letter. Here is what Gary says about Carl..

“Carl Galletti is, perhaps, the most serious student of the masters of marketing I’ve ever encountered. “How good is he? Well, to give you a clue, Carl has written several direct mail sales letters for Jay Abraham. Jay Abraham is considered to be the top marketing consultant in the country. Jay charges $5000 per hour for his telephone consultations and his seminars cost as much as $20,000 for five days.

Carl’s client list is diverse. He has worked with authors, professional speakers, publishers, computer companies, contractors, executive search firms, printers, training organizations, jewelry manufacturers, schools, health technology firms, and the American Red Cross.

Anyone who is serious about learning copywriting and marketing can benefit from Carl’s advice. This interview will take you on a guided tour from the days when Jay Abraham and Gary Halbert were just getting started. You’ll hear stories about the great Robert Alan, John Childers, Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Brian Keith Voiles, Ted Thomas and many others. Carl knew them all because he was there from the start. This is a fast paced jam-packed intensive 111 minute interview. It’s split into three easy to listen to parts. You can gain 25 years of copywriting and marketing experience in less time then watching two episodes of Survivor. If you truly want to learn how to sell more, sell faster, write better copy (that brings in the money), and market your product smarter, you need to listen to every word in this exclusive interview with Carl Galletti. You can only find this one here for a limited time only.

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19 – No kidding. Having Been An Ad Man For Over Fifteen Years, I Wish I Could Have Heard This Eugene Schwartz Recording Sooner.

Awesome! I have paid thousands of dollars to study the material of all the well-known copywriting masters and while some elements Eugene Schwartz presents are similar, there is something completely different & amazing about his info. In a nutshell, I would say he speaks with conviction based on phenomenal copywriting success. Also, he does it in such a way that you truly feel like you are sitting in on a personal coaching session and hearing insider secrets that will set you apart from 99.99 percent of the marketing world! Your rare recording of Eugene Schwartz’s speech is an OUTSTANDING piece of marketing genius. In this recording, Schwartz offers amazing insights into his personal methods which any copywriter or marketer can benefit from instantly. I’ve never heard anything like this before, and I highly recommend that any serious direct response marketer stop what they are doing right now, and listen to this entire speech. It is pure genius!

Audio Recordings…

20 – How Brian Keith Voiles Went From A Minimum Wage Brick-Yard Worker, To Part-time Janitor, To Professional Magician, To Brain Tumor Survivor, To One Of The World’s Greatest Living Copywriters.

HMA consultants, this is your lucky day because I have created for you what I think is one of the most compelling interviews on my site. It’s with Brian Keith Voiles. Brian is the world’s greatest living copywriter and in the next two and one half hours you’ll know why.

In this first time tell all interview you’ll learn how Brian Keith Voiles would come home dripping wet with sweat every day in overalls from stacking bricks for a living to becoming one the world’s greatest living copywriters.

Brian’s ad writing techniques work – and his track record of “top-dog” clients speaks for itself. Brian has written for:

  • Ted Nicholas, author of “How To Form Your Own Corporation For Under $75”.
  • Gary Halbert, author of “How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time”.
  • Jay Abraham, marketing consultant and author.
  • Robert Allen, Best-selling author of “No Money Down Real Estate “.

You’ll be super-glued to your seat as you hear in Brian’s own voice:

    • How Amway was the pivotal turning point in his thinking even though he never made a dime in the MLM business.

You’ll be amazed at to hear how Brian describes in detail how he was making $3200 a month working only three hours a day as a part-time janitor.

  • Learn what Brian did to support his wife and three young boys in the early days living in a rented trailer home.
  • You’ll chuckle when you hear about the make and model of the nicest car Brian ever owned.
  • Get inside Brian’s head as he describes what guided him to being a copywriter heavyweight.
  • Hear his personal story of how a five dollar magic set changed the direction of his life and turned him into one of the best copywriters on the planet.
  • $90,000 in 90 days, learn how a chance chain letter started a sequence of events that would introduce Brian to the world of copywriting.
  • Feast your ears on the story about one letter that was pulling right about 36% and getting phenomenal results and learn how to get it for your own swipe file.
  • Hear Brian’s true story of how he survived a deadly softball size brain tumor in the middle of his head.
  • Hear exactly how Brian sold 3000 copywriting courses on his first major direct mail campaign.
  • Hear why Brian thinks going offline with your product may be the best way to rake in big money with your product of service.
  • Learn why Brian cuts and tapes hundreds of headlines to his wall before he picks “the one” for his client’s sales letter.
  • Learn how if your loaded with great testimonials and a risk free proposition, you can sell anything with the write copywriting skills.
  • Hear what Brian does first before he writes one word of copy in any letter.
  • Learn who to talk to in your research phase and who to record twice..
  • Learn why recording your conversations will get you mouth watering sales copy.
  • You’ll hear specific results and success stories Brian has generated for world-class marketers like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Yanik Silver and more.
  • Hear what to do when a client gets too lazy to mail your letter.
  • Learn one legal clause to place in your contract to protect you before you write one word of copy for a client.
  • Learn Brian’s secret for generating headlines that smash controls and how to get them to pop into your subconscious at will.

Look, I could go on and on, but I don’t have to because it’s all right here for you in this five part audio interview with every word transcribed below. Each section is 30 minutes long. Enjoy. Oh and one more thing. For all of you who don’t believe in the power of a great sales letter, I have included proof that what Brian teaches works. The last recording is the story of Kyle from San Diego. Kyle is 21 years old and ordered Brian’s Ad Magic course. He used one letter from the course and booked $4000 in orders. So what you say? Kyle only mailed 28 letters. His cost for the mailing was less then $15.00. Anyway, the bonus recording is all there for you to hear now. It’s only about 15 minutes. More proof that if you have the guts to just do it, you can open your world to new opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. Go for it.

((( IMPORTANT ))) Have your speaker volume turned up. The sound may take a few seconds to start playing depending on your connection. Press green play button to start flash recording. Press green stop button before you play another recording. If you don’t press the stop button and you play another recording, it will take longer to start playing. Right click to download transcripts or mp3 files. To accelerate your learning experience, read the transcripts while you listen to the audio recording. Studies show you can up to double you retention and memory of the material.

Audio Recordings…

Take a look at what some of these top experts and clients have to say about Brian’s customer-generating ads and sales letter skills:

“Brian Keith Voiles is a fantastic, rising young copywriter. He’s one of a rare breed in America who shows real talent!”
— Ted Nicholas, Marketing Expert ú Nicholas Direct.

“The most recent letter Brian wrote for me filled the seminar seats to overflowing in record time. Because of Brian’s sales letter, I made $52,682 in 30 days. Get your hands on everything this guy has to offer before he realizes he should be charging TRIPLE what he does!”
— Robert G. Allen, Author/Trainer, “Nothing Down Real Estate”.

“Brian Voiles is an exceptional copywriter. When I’m talking about business, exceptional means only one thing — he’s exceptional at making you money. If you have a chance to get Brian to write copy for you, book him now before someone else grabs your spot.”
— Bob Serling, Marketer, Consultant ú Stratford Marketing Group.

“Brian Keith Voiles… writes some of the best sales copy I’ve ever read. He’s one of the best copywriters there is and, he’s not only good, Brian has my highest recommendation.”
— Gary Halbert, Marketer, Author The Gary Halbert Letter.

If you’ve ever wanted to really generate hot leads and customers like you’ve never been able to before, Brian Keith Voiles is the place to start.

21 – Michael Senoff On Copywriting.

April is a working mother of two young boys. She e-mailed me frustrated and in search for some honest advice about copywriting. April had recently invested money into a copywriting training system. She was disappointed with the product and the coaching that was promised with it. Listen as I guide April through some simple yet overlooked principles on copywriting. You’ll hear how my hate for copywriting forced me to create easy shortcuts to creating compelling copy that sells. I unload all my most closely guarded secrets about copywriting in this exclusive audio recording from This is a one hour call.

Audio Recordings…


22 – How The Japanese “Cracked The Code” To Online Advertising Testing.

Testing your website and conversion process is the only way to get maximum profits in minimum time but most people don’t know how to conduct a test that gets good results.

“Tagoochy” is a funny sounding name. It’s a Japanese name. And we all know that when it comes to business the Japanese lead the world in Technology! It’s this same technology that created the need for more efficient testing applications for manufacturing. A wiled haired genius and national hero in Japan names Tagoochy created a system for testing that works with online advertising optimization.

Simply put, if you are trying to increase your profits and reduce your costs associated with your online and offline marketing and advertising campaigns, you need to know about Tagoochy.

The Tagoochy Advertising Method is used to “compress” the number of tests you have to run to get superior response rates and results. If applied correctly, this testing method causes significant increases in advertising response in record time. This 50 minutes recording is with David B, a trained Tagoochy expert. This interview will reveal the power behind this Japanese testing miracle and show you how to get the response and conversion increased you need to decimate your competitors and to survive in today’s competitive market.

So what is the tagoochy method and what’s the big deal?

Learn in this recording:

  • The most common and biggest mistake most make when testing.
  • The one variable that is critical to increasing your online ROI. (90% of the online marketers are watching the wrong factors).
  • What method is most effective to manage your online testing.
  • The manufacturing principle that applies to all business growth.
  • The critical design elements that must be held for the components themselves so create maximum response.
  • How to perform a “forced survey” in your marketplace.
  • What is the proper sequence for testing?
  • Where do you use this method in your sales process.
  • What kind of increases can you really expect?
  • Why “Split Testing Thinking” does not work (actually fails) if used with Tagoochy Algorithms.

For more information on this breakthrough advertising and marketing testing system, contact David directly at +1(866)300-1568.

Audio Recordings…

23 – What Does It Really Takes To Sell Using Your Sales Letters, Emails And Other Direct Response Ads

Here is another exciting interview from my copywriting series. Several years ago, I found a direct response copywriter. His name is Ben Settle. And when someone had sent me a newsletter that he had written about my site, after reading that copy, I knew this guy was really good and then I knew that I would want to be doing some work with him soon. Ben has since written several winning sales letter for me and my website at , including my Secret Loophole product, my Joint Venture Magic product, and my Art Hamel Seminar product. He’s also done revisions of my letter for my HMA Marketing Consulting Training and several others.

Recently I interviewed Ben on some of the most frequently asked questions people ask me about copywriting. There’s a gold mine of information in this interview and I strongly recommend you listen to this more than once. These secrets have put a lot of money in my pocket and they will do the same for you if you apply them to your own copy.

Now, some of the secrets you’re going to learn about in this interview include:

  • How to get unlimited ideas for your ads, products, and other writing by playing video games.
  • The strange but scientifically sound reason why you should write your headlines under water.
  • How to write sales letters, newsletters, and books while driving your car.
  • A secret way of using spell check on your computer to eliminate writers block and procrastination forever.
  • How to make everything you say in your ads one hundred percent believable and credible without needing testimonials, credentials, or other proof elements.
  • What exact questions to ask a client to get the best material for the ad you’re writing.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to make even deadly boring products sound exciting and fascinating.
  • Two ways to write copy for own products and services without sounding like an arrogant chest pounding jerk.
  • How to find time to study and learn about copywriting even if you have a job, family commitments, and other adult responsibilities.
  • How to make outrageous claims and exciting promises in your ads without sounding hype.

Audio Recordings…


24 – Bob Bly Interviewed By Michael Senoff.

Here is a two hour interview with master copywriter Bob Bly. This is a GREAT interview because I grilled Bob with your questions on the inside secrets of the copywriting business. The purpose of this interview is not to sell you anything. It’s just straight-up killer copywriting secrets and content. Bob Bly is an independent copywriter and consultant with more than 25 years experience in business-to-business, high-tech, industrial, and direct marketing.

McGraw-Hill calls Bob Bly “America’s top copywriter.” He is the author of what many consider to be the “Bible” of copywriting, The Copywriter’s Handbook, published by Henry Holt & Co. The legendary David Ogilvy says: ” I don’t know a single copywriter whose work would not be improved by reading this book. And that includes me.” Bob Bly writes sales letters, direct mail packages, magalogs, e-mail marketing, ads, brochures, articles, press releases, newsletters, Web pages, white papers, catalogs, and other marketing materials clients need to sell their products and services to business and direct- response buyers. Most copywriters out there today have, at best, only a few years of experience — and are not yet masters of their craft.

Bob has been writing winning promotions for top clients like Boardroom, IBM, Intuit, Ken Roberts Company, Swiss Bank, Nortel Networks, Praxair, and dozens of other companies for over a quarter of a century! Yes, there are a few other senior copywriters you can hire today. But Bob does something many of them do not: he writes all of his own copy. He doesn’t hire junior copywriters to work on your promotions. If he takes on your job, you know that every word in your promotion was written by Bob Bly… an advantage not available from any other source. This may be your only chance to get answers from one of the best copywriters ever.

Bob also has a publishing company called CTC Publishing CTC Publishing is the publishing company of Bob Bly, the man McGraw-Hill calls ”America”s top copywriter.” Bob has written copy for more than 100 companies including Boardroom, Phillips, IBM, Medical Economics, AlliedSignal, and Lucent Technologies. He is the author of more than 60 books and a columnist for DM News and Early to Rise.

Audio Recordings…



25 – Copywriting Secrets That Will Double To Triple your Direct Mail Response And Profits.

Over the last few years, Mike Pavlish has made millions of dollars as an A list copywriter. Established in 1988 and with over 1,000 projects, Mike Pavlish has become one of the world’s leading copywriters for direct marketing pros and entrepreneurs in the fields of Health, Investment and Information Products and Services sold online and offline. He has written winning copy for clients like, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Howard Ruff, Prentice-Hall, Campbell’s Soup, Rio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Phillips Publishing, and many more.

Mike knows the ins and outs of the trade and the little known angles that bring in big winners. And he’s found that today’s market is significantly different than it was even just a few years ago. In fact, he says much of the advice given nowadays is not only outdated and wrong– but it’s costing entrepreneurs serious money.

So in this interview, you’ll hear how to make sure your copywriting is current for the consumers of today. These consumers have grown skeptical about overly hyped products and outrageous claims. They also don’t have time to read through mountains of copy, especially if it sounds like something they’ve already heard before.

Fortunately, though, there are specific techniques that appeal to this new generation of consumers, and in this interview, Mike’s going to reveal what he’s learned over the years.

Here’s what’s waiting for you in this interview:

  • The secrets on how to write the headlines that stop readers in their tracks.
  • How to work your copy so it’s fresh for today’s market – consumers avoid the same old, same old – and so should you.
  • How to use a focus groups to ferrite out hidden objections about your product.
  • How to use online news groups to uncover what people really want.
  • What’s most important for winning promotions – if you think it’s the headline, the offer or the list – think again.
  • How to structure your fees so you don’t loose the shirt off your back.
  • Sneaky little tricks to maximize your profits from direct mail.
  • And much, much more!

If you are a direct marketer, follow Mike Pavlishe’s advice and it won’t be long before you’re years ahead of the competition. This interview is 60 minutes.

Audio Recordings…


26 – How To Succeed In Marketing – Even When Everyone Wants To See You Fail: An Interview With Copywriting Legend John Carlton.

Years ago, John Carlton from met his first copywriter while working in the art department at a catalog company and asked her how to do copywriting. She told him it was way too hard and that he would never figure it out. John made the decision that day that not only was he going to make it, but that he wasn’t going to withhold the secrets of his success from anyone after he did.

According to John Carlton, people naturally love grief, so you’re probably not going to find many people in your fan club. Your neighbors, your brother-in-law, maybe even your own spouse will secretly hope you fail and will delight in your misfortunes. But overcoming adversity is what every guru has had to do to make it. And you can do it too.

So in this interview, you’ll hear John take on questions from listeners. And unlike the copywriter he met long ago, John doesn’t hold anything back.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • How to connect with your audience and become their go-to guy.
  • How to get your foot in the door with copywriting.
  • John’s influences and resources he’s learned along the way.
  • How to break into a more affluent market by showing the value of your services.
  • Which is better – direct response or email, and whether or not you should bother with old-school methods like space ads.
  • How to get targeted traffic to your site.
  • How to market your services to small businesses in this economy.
  • 3 ways to identify the hot buttons in a market.

According to John, if you’re looking for reasons to fail, you’ll find them. And many people use the economy as an excuse to give up trying. But the good news is, nothing beats straightforward salesmanship. So if you show people the value in your product, you’ll succeed in any economy, and against all odds. And in this interview you’ll hear how to do that. Go to John’s site at the link below for more great advice and a link to John’s blog. This interview is 75 minutes at it’s normal speed. Go to

Audio Recordings…


27 – Ted Nicholas Interview – “Secrets From “The Man” Who’s Sold More Than $6 Billion In Products Using These Direct Response Methods”.

Ted Nicholas has sold more than $6 billion in products – that’s more than any other guru! He’s owned 23 businesses, made millions in direct mail, knows the ins and outs of negotiating, and has written and tested copy for more than 30 years

Imagine how easy marketing would be if you could consult an expert for all your business dealings. Someone who has already made the mistakes you’re about to make and can tell you a better approach – a winning approach.

It could save you thousands and make you millions. Ted Nicholas is doing just that and in this interview you’ll hear some of his tried and true methods that have earned him his guru status.

According to Ted Nicholas, most copywriters think it’s important to cater to as many prospects as possible, but if you cast your net too wide, you’ll neglect your niche-specific customer and essentially shoot yourself in the foot. And in this interview, you’ll hear how to make sure your marketing is narrow, targeted and as effective as possible.

You’ll Also Learn:

  • The most costly mistake Ted has ever made – and how to easily avoid making something similar.
  • How Ted grows his list and keeps it hot.
  • Tips for renting lists and ways to prevent yourself from getting ripped off.
  • How the internet has affected the direct mail business and what you need to know to make it nowadays.
  • How Ted consistently gets 80% off his magazine advertising.
  • An analysis of one of Ted’s sales letters.
  • Why Ted says you should never promote anything you’re not passionate about – and the one lesson he learned straight from Napoleon Hill.
  • Whether or not testimonials are as strong as they used to be – and how to use them to invoke the kind of emotions you want.
  • How to use “scarecity” tactics to effectively call people to action.
  • And much, much more!

Ted says he’s an entrepreneur first. He started out with zero, knows what it’s like to be on the other side of the desk, and knows how to get people into the mindset to succeed. So if you’ve ever dreamed of having a guru in your pocket to consult whenever you need to, this audio interview is for you.

Follow along as Ted breaks down his own sales letter and reveals secrets about headlines, bullets and the PS.

Audio Recordings…


28 – How To Effectively Use Story Telling In Your Copy To Sell More Of Your Ideas, Products Or Services.

Ruben, a screen writer and a teacher of screen writing skills, was in the process of creating an information product on how to write compelling stories, screenplays, or stage plays. He was basing the content of his product on his own personal experience, various teachings from his mentors over the years, seminars, and courses.

As Ruben was creating his product, he realized that his techniques not only applied to screen writing, but many other areas such as:

  • Creating more effective marketing and sales presentations.
  • Helping teachers to present their lesson plans more effectively.
  • Teaching lawyers how to present their cases better.
  • Telling stories to children.
  • Improving personal relationships.
  • And the list goes on because telling and listening to stories are such an integral part of our daily lives!

Ruben presents the parts of a successful screenplay. First, you have to have an idea for a story. After you have a story, the screenplay becomes your story in writing – what the audience will see and hear. He explains that the screenplay is a “blueprint” and gives us some simple examples.

Listen as he discusses what the best structure is for any story and presents several elements essential to create a successful, compelling story. Understanding story structure will become important as you continue to listen to this interview.

Ruben goes on to teach some other keys to creating a good story. There must be a conflict, whether it’s an outer or inner conflict. An outer conflict may be another character. An inner conflict may be a character’s self doubts or fears. The writer must make sure that the audience will care about the story and stay to see the end.

For example, Ruben gives a list of great techniques to make the main character more identifiable to the audience. This is the key to a successful story.

Subsequently, Ruben reveals that the same principles used to create a great screenplay can be applied to just about any facet of business or personal life.

For example, in a business situation where perhaps you are a sales person trying to make a sale to a potential buyer, you can become what Ruben terms “a Dramatic Strategist.” This involves a mind shift that makes both you, the sales person as well as the potential client both “characters” in a story. In fact, Ruben suggests that you keep in mind that each of you would be the main character in your own lives – each of you with a different goal.

When there are two characters, there may be a conflict. In a selling situation, things such as price, terms, and conditions can become the conflicts.

Ruben suggests that you will be a more successful sales person or marketer if you aware of both your role as a protagonist in your own drama paradigm and your client’s role as the protagonist in his or her own drama paradigm. Further, you should not try to hide or minimize the conflicts of the situation. Instead, identify and resolve these conflicts with the client.

Make yourself identifiable to your client, just as an audience should identify with the main character of a story. Develop the trust and rapport with the client so that he or she sees you as an authority and that there is a feeling of affinity between the two of you.

This interview really presents a unique approach to understanding human nature and dealing with conflicts in a very imaginative way. I know you’ll enjoy it! This recording is 46 minutes.

Audio Recordings…


29 – Nobody Should Be Allowed To Have Anything To Do With Selling Until They’ve Listened To This Interview.

You have the lucky fortune of hearing this interview with Barry Bedell, the son of the great advertising selling genius Clyde Bedell. I hope you’ll be as excited as I was hanging on to every word in this amazing adventure about a man many in the advertising selling and marketing fields have never known.

You’ll get a detailed and personal account about the history of this great advertising selling legend. And you’ll hear it from the man who loved him and knew him best. This set of recording is designed to teach you about a proven system for selling you have never been exposed to before. I know you will enjoy what I have put together for you in this exclusive www.hardtofindseminars presentation. Enjoy For more information on the Clyde Bedell Advertising Selling System Click Here.

Introducing The Clyde Bedell Advertising Selling System

Sit back and listen as I interview Barry Bedell in this exclusive Five part presentation about the real “Father Of Advertising Selling” Clyde Bedell.

Audio Recordings…


30 – The Psychology of Selling: How to Use People’s Unconscious Decision Making Process to Make the Sale.

Ken Ellsworth is an expert in hidden persuasion sales techniques, a master at detecting people’s psychological motivation for buying a product or service.

And in this interview, he tells you how to use the underlying psychological needs to create potent sales messages that appeal to the target and produce customers. I guarantee that you will be as amazed by the power of subtle sales messages as I was.

Discover how Ken’s experience as a prison guard, stockbroker, hypno-therapist, and keen observer of human behavior helped him unlock the secrets of unconscious decision-making strategies. Ken discovered that a prospect is like a safe: to unlock the sale, you have to know not just the numbers but also their order, their importance.

These proven techniques sound like magic, but they actually work: many of Ken’s clients have gone from the bottom rung of sales in their offices to the top in only a month! Some have increased sales five-fold. Learn how you, too, can uncover and capitalize upon the unconscious decision making process we all use.

You will learn out how to:


  • Tap into peoples natural decision making process by eliciting step-by-step psychological, decision-making strategies.


Establish rapport instantly with customers by matching and mirroring their gestures, language, tonality, even their breathing patterns.


  • Avoid the biggest mistake salesmen make when they use their own unconscious strategy instead of that of the customers.
  • Determine and employ the prospect’s code words, their precise, personal meaning, and most importantly, their priority.
  • Refine code words into emotionally charged hot buttons and covertly incorporate them in your opportunity analysis to create motivational keys.
  • Cut down the sales cycle dramatically by focusing on your client’s subtle cues.
  • And much, much more!


Once you’ve learned to map their unconscious, you can throw away your scripts and traditional selling closes.

All your reasons for buying scripts become unnecessary and obsolete.

Listen and learn how you can tap the power of the unconscious. I dig deep trying to get as much step by step information from him for you to try his method in your consulting practice without having to buy his course.

So get ready, this is something, that you’ll want try at once in your next opportunity analysis. Let me know if it works for you. Enjoy the interview.

Ken has offered me a special offer for his complete course in digital form about how to unlock the buying combination in your prospects head. I am getting this all set up with Ken. For more recording in how to sell, go

Audio Recordings…


Questions or problems, 24 Hour help when you need it. Don’t hesitate to text or call 858-692-9461 or contact us.

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