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Little-Known, Almost “Magic” Way To Buy Or Take Over A Million-Dollar Business Without Banks, Credit Or Prior Experience.

As you get out into the business community with your consulting services, you’ll be presented with many opportunities. One may be to take over and acquire a business in its entirety.

If this opportunity should arise, you’ll want to listen to one of the world’s most sought-after business-buying experts. His name is Arthur B. Hamel. And you’ll learn how he’s bought over 200 businesses in the past 40 years – and why almost anyone who understands his system can do the exact same thing.

When you learn to buy a business “The Hamel Way” you don’t have to be “business savvy”.

You don’t need a lot of money. You don’t even need good credit or any “business experience”.

I dare say this will be some of the most startling information you have ever learned on the subject of business acquisition.

Spending $150 Dollars Talking With Art Hamel Can Save You $4.5 Million

I just got off the phone with Michael Chin from New York. Michael ordered Art Hamel’s business buying system on April 17th, 2004. He has studied the system and by using the advice on one of the recordings, he found a 4.5 million dollar business worth pursuing.

He took the next step and invested $150 in consulting with Art for one hour about the business. Listen to Michael’s story and hear the shocking experience he had with Art.

This recording is 11 minutes. NOTE: Art at this time is not be working with students.

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Don’t Buy A Business Until You Hear This – Important Advice From Art Hamel Student

This is a very informative two-part audio that students of Arthur Hamel will be very interested in listening to. It came about almost entirely by chance. A gentleman by the name of Dale had studied the Arthur Hamel course on business buying and was about to take the important step of meeting with the owners of the business he was interested in buying.

It was an imperative time for Dale to begin to be coached by Art personally. Since Dale’s meeting was to be the very next day and Art was currently out of town, I thought that perhaps another student named Eric could advise Dale about how the meeting should be approached, information that Dale should request, as well as other important aspects of this first meeting.

By coincidence, Eric called me to give me an update about his own business buying deal. After hearing the details, I asked Eric if he would be willing to speak to Dale in Art’s absence in an effort to make Dale’s next day meeting as successful as possible. Eric agreed and we got Dale on a three-way call.

Eric is a very astute student of Arthur Hamel and you will hear him echo many of Art’s methods. The difference between these audios and those you may have heard of Art and I is that Eric brings a different perspective to buying a business because he has had different life experiences and has experienced some up’s and down’s in buying his business that is not covered in the Arthur Hamel course – things that a person can only realize when he or she goes through a specific experience.

I believe that this is what makes these audios so unique and important to people who are thinking of buying a business.

Here are just some of the highlights of Eric’s advice to Dale for the meeting and the business buying deal that are based on Eric’s personal experience:

  • Probably the most important things you need are the company’s financials and its tax records. They basically tell the whole story of the company.
  • Learn how to present yourself as the buyer of the business: What to say, how to conduct yourself, and what to expect the current owner’s attitude toward you to be.
  • Hear the importance of observing the business first hand. Attend as many internal meetings as possible and obtain as much written information as possible since this information will help you to complete your Due Diligence phase.
  • See how getting a great attorney and a great CPA to assist you during the entire buying process is of the utmost importance.
  • Learn the necessity of creating a “million dollar” business plan as soon as possible for your investors. Hire someone to write it if you are not sure of what it should contain.
  • Make sure to get aging and payables information in writing from the current business owner. This information is of the utmost importance and should be addendums to your business plan.
  • Research your business’s competitors.
  • Realize the need for a key management team which may include the business’s current consultants.
  • Here are some of the negative things that can occur when you are trying to buy a business from Eric’s personal experience.

Listening to how Eric has applied what he learned from the Art Hamel course is so interesting and so informative! You won’t want to miss a minute of it.

You’ll also hear me explain how I revamped the Art Hamel course and added a whole section about buying a business, bringing in marketing resources, and looking for hidden marketing assets. You’ll learn how to use these additional resources to identify the hidden assets of your business prior to purchase so that you will have a better knowledge about how you can grow the business even more.

Since Dale is at the beginning of the process of buying his business, the three of us promised to play this out as a full audio case study after Dale’s activities are complete – whatever the outcome. Additionally, I know that you will want to hear rest of Eric’s story and the outcome of his business buying experience.

Stay tuned for the outcomes of both Eric’s and Dale’s business buying deals. Enjoy!

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How To Get Financing For A Business You Want To Buy In A Fraction Of The Time It Takes Everyone Else

This is the single most valuable interview I’ve done with Art yet. Why? Because it introduces a brand new “tool” Art created to help people get investor financing for businesses in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

In fact, Art considers this information to be so valuable, he won’t even let me sell it to the general public! (I can only give it to certain people who qualify.).

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Introduction to Arthur Hamel Business Evaluation Program

Many years ago Art developed the Arthur Hamel Business Pricing Program. It helped people to understand many of the things that went into a business value.

In the past 25 years, he worked with many investors and buyers. He had many subjective areas that helped me to analyze a business purchase. Art never attempted to organize it, he just knew what to do.

In the past year, Art has been working with buyers and investors that wish to invest with the buyers. It has been very difficult to explain the many subjective items that make up the difference between a good business purchase and a bad one.

Five years ago Art started to work on a method to pass on the subjective items that make up a good business.

It is a very simple approach and Art did not attempt to tie in weighted values to make it more accurate. He has a start in the area of weighted values and will use it in the future if it is necessary.

Benefits to Buyers:


  • Ability to do a better job of analyzing the business purchase.

Number rating of all businesses for comparison (Maybe eventually A, B, C, D,).

  • Improve my ability to explain the good and bad of each business.


Benefits to Investors:

  • Ability to do a better job of analyzing a business investment.
  • Use total number rating of all businesses for comparison.
  • Improve my ability to explain the good and bad of each business investment.

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How To Use “Business Angels” To Get All The Money Your Need For The Business Of Your Dreams

YESY, U CAN gain ownership in the business of your choice if you know what to do. This recording is with Lawrence from Company Partners based in the United Kingdom. Company Partners are specialists in matching Angel Investors and/or Venture Capitalists with businesses who want to grow or who need financing.

Additionally, they offer services such as business plan development and consulting. You will learn what an Angel Investor is, the reasons why they wish to invest in businesses and the different levels of involvement in a business that an Angel Investor may wish to have. You will also learn the importance of developing a thorough business plan, whether you are a starting a new company or you are looking to partner with an investor.

You will also learn the differences in business plan formats depending upon the type of investor you are looking to partner with. Company Partners have developed a whole psychology of business plan development and Lawrence gives great examples in this interview. Lawrence gives in-depth advice for any startup business or businesses in general, whether you are looking for investors or not. The important thing to know is at his site and other angel investing sites around the world, you can approach key business secession makers and make consulting deals.

I have been to the site and was impressed with what I saw. It’s free to look at all the businesses that want help. And you can be the one to help them grow by trading your marketing services for ownership in the business. This interview is definitely a “must listen” and I know you will learn a great deal. Enjoy!

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How A “Business Angel” Can Get You The Money You Need For Your Next Business

Here is an interview I did with Christine Kaine, the founder of Business Angels, Pty Ltd in Melbourne Australia. This is a fascinating call in which Christine explains the concept of Business Angels, or Angel Investors, who are looking to help a business grow by utilizing their business expertise and established networks in return for a percent of ownership. Some Angels invest in a growing company as well as becoming an integral part of the company.

Business Angels Pty Ltd is a service that matches Business Angels with companies who want to grow their business by associating with an Angel who has experience and is an expert in their type of business. It’s almost like a dating service for businesses and investors! Christine explains her screening process and the many scenarios of how and why Business Angels and businesses can work together to accomplish the ultimate goal of making a business very successful. You will be amazed at the possibilities!

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How A Ten-Minute “Chat” With Art Hamel Turned Into A “Mini-Seminar” Revealing Some Of His Most Jealously-Guarded Secrets!

I just got off the phone with Art Hamel, asking him a question about dealing with business brokers and getting around having to “jump through hoops” just to get in touch with the seller of a business you want to buy. And what was meant to be just another ten minute “chat” turned into a “mini-seminar” on buying businesses!

I don’t know if he intended to do this or not – but he ended up revealing many of his most jealously- guarded secrets. Secrets he doesn’t talk about to anyone anymore. Secrets that will quite literally blow your mind. Luckily, I recorded this call and have uploaded it online for you to listen to. The only thing is Art may not let me keep this file up long, so you might want to check it out right away: This recording is 31 minutes. Below is the word for word transcripts of this recording and a sample letter, a phone script and a letter you can post on your website to get business sellers contacting you.

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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Buying A Business Using Other Peoples’ Money – Even If You Live Outside The United States – But Were Afraid To Ask!

Welcome to another insightful two-part interview with business-buying expert, Art Hamel. In these audios, Art concentrates on how you can buy a business with investor money. This isn’t something that he just thought up. All of the content you are about to hear is based on Art’s actual experience for over twenty-five years.

You’ll hear questions and Answers from my students about buying businesses.

When you buy a business using investor money, there are some great advantages. First of all, you pay for your business entirely by cash! That gives you an advantage over other buyers. The other important aspect is that most investors don’t expect you to pay them some kind of a return every month or quarter. They will ride with you for five years or more until they expect their return. That means that you get to use all of that investor money for the entire investment term!

You will also hear Art’s opinions on business brokers and how to know a good one, how to value a business, buying businesses which fit into a consumer buying cycle such as businesses that fit well with baby boomers, how to protect yourself from overpaying for a business, and much, much more!

Near the end of this Q & A session you’ll hear Art’s anecdotes about how he got into the seminar business in the early 1970’s, how he started teaching marketing and business buying sessions that were both IRS and IBM approved, and how his one-hour infomercial on a shopping network made him such a recognized personality wherever he went.

BONUS! I have added an audio clip on how you can qualify to work with Art to buy a business with investor financing. Art has about fifty years of business experience and more than twenty-five years of business-buying and seminar experience. His track record is so great that people (buyers, sellers, and investors) listen to him!

Art can help to make sure that your homework is done. He can ensure that everything is in place and that all of the paperwork is completed to a status of excellence. He can ensure that you have a “million dollar” business plan to present – one that will leave no stone unturned for any investor.

He discusses how his fee structure works and what investors really want out of the deal. He tells you what he requires from you to develop the business plan, what types of businesses that investors like to invest in, and those types of business that they don’t like to invest in.

In short, working with Art Hamel personally to buy your business takes the guesswork out of what you need and what needs to be done. With his track record of success, you are almost guaranteed success.

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Why Even IRS Agents And Small Business Administration Officials Attended Art’s Business-Buying Seminars

Want more business buying secrets? This was my first 58-minute conversation with Mr. Arthur Hamel. This is the essential listening. Arthur may be the best expert in how to buy an existing business successfully.

I met him through an eBay ad. He was selling his business—buying training courses on eBay. I called him up, turned on the tape recorder and captured every fascinating minute of our conversation. This recording will probably shock the life out of you – as it says “Bull” to everything the “mainstream” business teachers and “experts” you see on TV have ever said about buying businesses.

Tens of thousands of people – including IRS agents and Small Business Administration officials who were made to go in order to be promoted – would flock to his national seminars, sometimes dropping a couple thousand dollars just to make it. His training program was the top-selling, number one business-buying seminar nationally. Be a fly on the wall as you listen to more of Art’s amazing story. He is a very genuine man and really loves what he does. He wants you to succeed. I know you will enjoy this talk with a true master on how to buy an existing business successfully. Start listening to Mr. Arthur Hamel.

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How To Get The Money You Need Fast For Your Business When The Banks Says No

If you’re a small or medium sized company and you need money for growth, acquisition, or turnaround, this interview could be the answer you’re looking for.

In this forty-minute interview, you will learn how Barry, a financing guineas have carved out a niche in the financing field. He is so good at what he does that many of the leading banks send their customers to Barry as a last ditch effort to get the needed money. Here’s why… Barry and his team have contacts that represent hundreds of millions of dollars in lending power. Barry and his team have the ability to arrange to finance because of their strong relationships within the financing community. When it comes to getting the money you need, it’s not what you know but who you know. These industry insiders allow Barry to deal directly with the decision makers of these select lending institutions.

You’ll hear Barry give an in-depth explanation of each of their services along with example case studies where they acted as the intermediary to the process.

This is a fascinating new approach that will broaden your knowledge of the requirements necessary to engage a person with connections like Barry to help you to achieve your desired business growth.

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Detailed Answers To Questions From Existing Art Hamel Students

More and more people are buying Art Hamel’s course on business buying. As a result, more specific questions are being asked that have not been covered in some of the other of my interviews with Art. Here’s a new recording to cover more questions that have been asked by Art’s students and detailed answers from Art himself.

As you listen, you will hear detailed answers to questions such as:

What is the percentage of return for the investors, Art’s fee, and what percentage of the business will the buyer own? Hear Art answer this question giving detailed examples and the math behind the examples based on his personal experience of more than fifty years of business buying.

What kind of involvement in running the business is the buyer going to have if Art becomes involved? Basically, it depends on the buyer’s management experience. Art gives great examples in answering this question as well as what his involvement would be when a deal is made with his assistance and services.

What kind of businesses should potential buyers look for? Should it always be a manufacturing company? Listen as Art explains why manufacturing businesses are his favorite because the risks are less than buying a service business. Find out why service businesses can not only be riskier but more reasons that they may not be your best choice.

What does Art think about buying an offshore manufacturing company – specifically one based in China? Art explains that it can still be a good deal, but how more negotiation may be necessary for China or in the Middle East.

Would Art be interested in financing a movie project? Well, with all of his business buying and financing experience, you can probably guess that Art has, indeed, been involved with the financing of movie projects during his career. Listen as Art talks about the deals that he has been involved with in the past and what his personal opinion is currently about getting involved with more of these.

In a buyer’s first meeting with the seller, what should the buyer ask for? The details that Art gives while answering this question are a “must listen” for potential business buyers and you’re going to want to take notes. Art stresses that in a first meeting with the seller, the buyer’s main goal should be to establish rapport and a relationship with the seller. He goes on to suggest a few important questions that should be asked by the buyer in that first meeting and the most important information that the buyer should request from the seller.

When talking to a seller, is Art available to explain his credibility and services to obtain financing? This is the part that I like best: Art suggests that the buyer sends the seller to my website, to read or listen to the volumes of information available about Art Hamel. My website really will establish Art’s credibility and will tell the seller exactly what to expect if Art becomes involved with the deal.

I encourage you to add this recording or transcript to your collection of business buying resources. Again, Art leaves no stone unturned as he answers his students’ questions in plain English with easy to understand examples based on his years of experience, real-life examples, and a wealth of business buying knowledge.

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If You Invest In Real Estate, Then Here’s A Fast And Easy Way To Multiply Your Profits By 1600% And Get Instant Cash-Flow You Can Use For Anything You Want To Invest In

In this interview, Art Hamel and I discuss real estate investing and how to use his unique methods to multiply your real estate profits by 1600% and get your hands on massive amounts of cash-flow you can use to invest in the more real estate. Art also talks about Robert Allen’s real estate methods and how you can use what Robert Allan teaches in conjunction with his secrets. Robert Allen actually recommends Art Hamel in his book, Nothing Down, and when you listen to this short audio interview…you’ll see why.

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Buying A Franchise Interview With Art Hamel

I get so many questions about franchises that when I had the opportunity to interview business-buying expert Art Hamel about franchising, I jumped at the chance! I send out an email to my entire list about the upcoming interview and asked people to email their questions so that I could pose them to Art during the interview.

At the beginning of the interview, you’ll hear how Art got started in franchising in the mid-1960’s. Since then, he’s been both a franchise as well as a franchise.

This audio is a goldmine for anyone who is considering buying a franchise! Art gives a down-to-earth, honest opinion of each question. You won’t want to miss listening to how his years of experience has truly made him an expert in franchising.

Here are just a few of the questions:

  • Why should a person consider buying a franchise as opposed to buying an existing business?
  • What type of person should buy a franchise and why?
  • What type of person absolutely shouldn’t buy a franchise?
  • Are there federal regulations to prevent fraud in the franchise business? If so, where can I obtain information on this subject?
  • If I’m set on buying a certain franchise, what types of research should I do before making my final decision?
  • Do all businesses charge their franchisee’s monthly franchise fees? Are franchise fees regulated by the government? What do I get in return for paying the fee?
  • Is it wise to start my franchise in “virgin territory” wise? This would be some area of the country where there are no other franchises like mine.
  • How many hours per week will I have to spend when I’m first starting up my franchise?
  • Is buying a restaurant franchise, such as McDonald’s, a good idea?
  • Do I have any recourse against the parent company if my franchise is a failure?

Art doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to telling it like it really is! I know that you will enjoy this 40-minute interview that contains such a wealth of information about franchising!

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The “Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Buying and Owning a Winning Business: A Tele-Seminar With Art Hamel”

A Teleseminar With Art Hamel.

Believe it or not, anyone can buy a business – even in today’s economy. In fact, business-buying expert Art Hamel says he likes to buy businesses during recessions because owners are more motivated to sell, which could mean easier and more profitable deals for you. And in this teleseminar, you’ll hear exactly how to make the recession work for you. According to Art, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying a business is complicating the process. If you follow his plan, you won’t need extensive knowledge, fancy concepts or even research about your market. So in this teleseminar, you’ll hear an outline of the entire process, from selecting a successful business to choosing an exit strategy. But because there’s an extensive amount of information, the teleseminar runs slightly more than five hours long. So I’ve broken it into seven easily digestible sections and here’s a rundown of each.

Part One: How To Get Started…Even If You Don’t Have Any Money Or Connections.

It seems like everyone is talking about the economy, and Art is no exception, except he’s saying you don’t need to worry about it. And in the beginning of Part One, you’ll hear why. He addresses all the questions and worries about how the economy has affected business buying.

And he should know. Art has been buying businesses for more than 50 years and has also helped countless others to buy them too. According to him, the number one thing you need to succeed is confidence – everything else is easy. In fact, he says if you start the right way and stick with the basic rules, you’ll be just fine. And in Part One, you’ll hear the right way to get started along with:

  • Exactly what to look for in a business to buy and where to start looking.
  • What a “reverse earn-out” is and how to use one when negotiating for businesses during the recession.
  • Why you’ll want to avoid private equity companies and business brokers – and what to do instead.
  • Two businesses you’ll never want to get involved with and why.
  • How to contact the owners of prospective companies – just like the brokers do.

Part Two: The Best Types Of Businesses To Buy And How To Find Them.

According to Art, you never want to be known as the “turnaround guy” because it’s just not worth it to fix up a business and turn it around – and it’s certainly not worth the headaches. It’s much better to find a business that’s already doing well. So in Part Two, you’ll hear all about the ideal business to buy and also:

  • How to contact the owners of businesses and ways to make sure you get taken seriously.
  • How to use your local library to find businesses to buy.
  • What kinds of questions to ask when you’re buying a business.
  • The 3 best characteristics of a business to buy and what types do best during a recession.

Part Three: Evaluating And Determining The Value Of A Business.

Art says one of the worst things you can do when evaluating a business is to go in there with a Pollyanna attitude. You need to assume there are problems and look for them. Remember, it’s “buyer beware,” so quit worrying about impressing the owner and worry more about your research.

If this is your first business sale, you’ve got a lot to learn. Fortunately, according to Art, none of it requires a background in rocket science. And in Part Three, he’s going to tell you how to make sure you don’t get ripped off. You’ll also hear:

  • How to use a profit and loss balance sheet to help determine your maximum bid for a business.
  • How to evaluate a business’s financial record and judge its future viability.
  • All about due diligence and how to put together questions that will let the seller know you’re not a pushover.
  • Why you’ll need a CPA and accountant when you first start out.
  • The best way to cash out investors after their five-year run.

Part Four: Obtaining Investors Or Bank Loans.

According to Art, if your deal makes sound economic sense, you’ll find financial backing, no problem. But finding investors might be difficult if you’re a new business buyer with no track record. Fortunately, there are other routes you can take like leverage buyouts and owner financing. And in Part Four, you’ll hear all about them. You’ll Also Hear:

  • Why owner financing should only be 30% to 40% of the deal, how to get it, and how to make up the rest.
  • Why you won’t want a private equity company to finance the deal – and where to go instead.
  • How to prospect for investors.
  • How deals are usually structured – when investors get paid, how long they stay, and if you need to buy them out.
  • All about the “preferred position” – what it means, how it’s arranged, who gets it and why.

Part Five: Negotiating The Deal.

If you’re like most people, you worry about going into an important meeting and negotiating a big deal. Art says he’s been there too, but owners are never as horrible to work with as you think, and the meeting always goes pretty smoothly. But there are some things you’re going to want to look out for, and in Part Five you’ll hear how to make sure every “T” gets crossed. You’ll Also Hear:

  • What issues to look out for when dealing with multiple partners.
  • How to sell the owner on seller financing.
  • How to look over the business and meet with the owners when you’re working a 9 to 5 job – and whether or not you should even disclose that.

Part Six: Running The Business.

With Art’s system, he suggests you go the absentee owner route and stay as far away from the business as possible. But even if you choose to be a little closer, you should never go into the business and make a lot of changes right away. And in Part Six, you’ll hear how to keep your management team happy while maintaining your finger on the pulse of the company. You’ll Also Hear:

  • All about incentive programs – what to use, what to avoid, and what happens if the owner wants to stay on and manage – does he get an incentive too?
  • How Art keeps track of all of his businesses, how he easily spots problems that arise, and how he maintains control – even when he’s far, far away.
  • All about exit strategies and “going public” with a company.
  • What you can expect if you’re considering a business far from your home – or even outside your country.
  • Why you may want to think twice before you buy a C Corp.

Part Seven: Working With Art.

Art’s been teaching people to buy businesses for 47 years, and his program is so simple he’s never met a person who couldn’t get it. You may have to go through the information more than once. But if you put the time in, you’ll have a net profit that could easily set you for life. And in Part Seven, you’ll hear about his home study course along with:

  • The referral fees Art pays for students who bring him businesses.
  • Information about buying online businesses – does his course cover that?
  • Other books and training Art recommends for buying businesses.
  • The preferred way to draw income from a company.
  • The most effective way to build a team that will have the business knowledge you need.

There are hundreds of ways to buy a business. You could really complicate the process if you wanted to, but why? Art has been buying businesses for a long time and has it down to a tried-and-true, simplified science. So if you’re looking for difficult theories, you won’t get them here. Art gives you what works in practice, out in the real world, exactly where you need it.

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