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If you can get this Barter concept wrapped around your head, you can save your client a ton of money on products and services. At the same time, you can pocket 50% of the savings. How do you ask? By using the power of buying products and services for as low as 20 cents on the dollar.

This can be used even before step one (USP) to gain the attention of your client and to show him you have what it takes to save and make him money. I have searched my archives for my most powerful audio consultation on the subject of barter and using barter to buy almost anything you want for your personal or business life for 20 cents on the dollar. Each of these consultations and lessons is packed with money making ideas and specific examples of how to use barter to make your life and your client’s life better. Enjoy!

Written Materials

01 – Barter And Income Taxes 101

This is an especially important interview I did with my CPA because barter is not a “tax haven” or way to evade taxes, and trade dollars must be accounted for just like regular money. Listen in as my CPA shows you how to simply and easily handle the accounting of your trade dollars – including what forms to file and how to legally account for trade dollars you buy at a discount.

Some rules pertaining to barter by the IRS Click Here.

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02 – Most Commonly Asked Questions From People Who Want To Chew Me Up And Spit Me Out

This is a recording of me reading a handful of the emails I’ve received about this system. Not just the nice questions, either. But also the nasty ones, from people accusing me of being a scam artist and over-hyping what this system can do.

If you want to try this system out for yourself but are skeptical and just don’t think any of this is possible then this recording is for you.

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03 – Undeniable Proof This System Works Even If There Are No Barter Companies In Your Country

In this recording, I talk with a gentleman out of Australia. He wanted to know if this system would work in his country. Not only do I answer his questions but he drops a “bombshell” even I didn’t know about, proving there are thousands of people in the barter industry are desperate for people to buy their trade dollars even if it’s just for 20-cents on the dollar.

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04 – Why Using This Loophole Is The Next Best Thing To Having Money Magically Appear In Your Mailbox

In this recording, you’ll hear me talk with a guy who called about this system. He wanted to know if he could use this loophole to start a full or part-time business from scratch.

I give him real examples anyone can use to start a business and make a ton of money – including how to use this system to make a bundle of money on eBay. I also explain why this system would work even if a million other people knew about it.

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05 – How To Use Retail Barter Exchange Network Interview As Your Personal Ticket To Ride Out The Recession

Now is the perfect time to get into a Barter Exchange Network because they offer so many powerful opportunities to stretch every dollar – especially if you own a small business. You can pay employees in part-cash and part-barter. You can put together employee benefit packages using barter, or just pay for your next vacation with your barter bucks. And in this interview, you’ll hear exactly how it works.

Donahue is a barter exchange network broker for the one of the world’s largest retail barter exchange network, so he knows everything there is about barter and how to take advantage of it. And according to him, barter is ideal when the economy is poor because you can “buy” goods and services, promote your business, obtain new customers… all without using cash!

He says it’s a lot like eBay – only without the bidding. If something comes up that you want, buy it with your barter exchange network dollars.

Worried you won’t have enough barter dollars to get something you need? His barter exchange network loans barter dollars at the unheard-of low rate of 1½ percent interest. And you’ll hear all about it in this 40-minute interview.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • Creative ways to use your barter exchange network in your everyday life – at work and at home.
  • All about some of the exciting products that come up on the barter exchange network.
  • How to use a barter exchange network to create incentives for your employees.
  • How Donahue used the barter exchange network to land a huge $100,000-a-year contract for his business.
  • How much barter programs cost – you might be surprised – it’s cheaper than you think.
  • All about the advertising co-op offers – Pay for your advertising with barter dollars, include the logo in your ad, and you’ll be reimbursed for half your costs!
  • How this is all perfectly legal.

Recessions are hard on everyone. That’s why you can’t just sit around and wait for things to get better. This is the time to get creative and make connections, and this is the interview that will show you how to do it.

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06 – Questions and Answers From A Super Skeptical Secret Loophole Student

Do you consider yourself to be cautious and sometimes skeptical about concepts and programs that may appear to be too good to be true? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

This is an audio consisting of telephone calls that I had with a gentleman named Ken Ken is looking to get started buying trade dollars. Had done a great deal of research into many other opportunities.

Now, I’m not calling Ken the “king” of skeptics but you will hear him ask me very pointed, candid questions about the Secret Loophole System.

After all of Ken’s skepticism and nitpicking, I came away from this conversation confident that all of the System would come together for Ken as he completes his training. And, of course, I will assist him with any questions or difficulties he experiences as he moves forward.

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07 – 10 Ideas You Can Start Today With Your Barter Business

Dan had called me to get some detail about how he could become involved with a barter organization – mainly to get enough cash for a fabulous tropical vacation with his wife to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.

In this audio, you’ll first hear how we get off on a few tangents that have to do with starting a business which would be a secondary income for Dan initially but that he could subsequently build to be his primary income.

I know that you’ll find this conversation with Dan about barter to be very enlightening – and you may even discover some new barter secrets that you were unaware of.

I told Dan that my ITEX broker would sign up people that I referred to no upfront money. Dan would only need to pay the $20 per month membership fee – a small price to pay for all of the information about other ITEX members with products and services that he could buy at 20 cents on the dollar.

You’ll hear me give Dan some tips on finding ITEX members who may be very, very interested in selling trade dollars at a low price. The key is to be creative in what you buy and in reselling the items that you have bought with your trade dollars.

I help Dan to navigate through the ITEX website for his geographic area to see the multitude of ITEX members and what they sell. I give Dan reasons why some organizations might want to quickly sell products or services for trade dollars before year end.

The way I explain it to Dan, there are two ways that you can make money with trade dollars. The first is simple: Buy trade dollars for a product or service that you, yourself, might need at 20 cents on the dollar. When you actually use those trade dollars, you are making money by saving money.

The second way to make money requires you to be creative and resourceful. Buy trade dollars at 20 cents on the dollar and then resell them to another party for profit. Listen to some interesting examples that I give to Dan about how a person could make tons of money by buying and reselling trade dollars.

One important thing to remember is that you must make sure that sellers are not artificially inflating the price of their products or services. I give an example of a seller who had increased the price of his services by an incredibly unreasonable amount. I confronted him about it and we eventually negotiated what I thought was a fair price. There are no rules – you can always negotiate.

Another way to buy trade dollars and then resell them for profit is to “pre-buy” a product or service from an ITEX member and then negotiate that you will buy in units that can be turned into scripts that you can sell to anyone you want and they can redeem them. This would be similar to the gift certificate cards that you see for sale at grocery store checkouts.

Dan was convinced to sign up with ITEX and give it a try for a few months. I reminded him that he would need to put effort into it while being creative and honest.

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08 – 13 Roadblocks That Can STOP You From Buying Trade Dollars Overnight

This consultation is an update to my product, the Secret Loophole dealing with trade and barter. I admit trade and barter, as well as the “secret loophole,” can appear confusing at first. A gentleman named Marcello had purchased the Secret Loophole package and called me for clarification. This was a wonderful opportunity create this update with clear explanations of dealing with trade organizations using easy-to-understand examples.

Using Marcello’s own business need for radio advertising as an example, listen as I explain how he can buy that radio advertising time at, for example, 20 cents on the dollar. He first needs to find a member of a trade organization such as ITEX who is sitting on many trade dollars that he is willing to sell at 20 cents on the dollar.

Before closing the deal with the trade dollar seller, Marcello would need to find another ITEX member who sells radio advertising time. Let’s say that the radio advertiser sells radio spots at $100 each. One hundred radio spots would cost Marcello $10,000.

Now that Marcello has found what he wants to buy (radio spots), he would contact the seller of the trade dollars again and arrange to purchase $10,000 worth of trade dollars for $2,000 – which is 20 cents on the dollar. He would arrange to have the seller of the trade dollars deposit those trade dollars into the ITEX account of the radio advertiser on his behalf. Voila! Marcello can now advertise his product one hundred times through the radio advertiser.

Marcello and I also discuss purchasing trade dollars at a discount and then re-selling those trade dollars to private parties for profit. Marcello could find a company selling radio spots willing to sell $10,000 worth of trade dollars for $2,000. Then, doing a little research, find a company (not in the trade organization) and sell them the $10,000 worth of trade dollars for, say, $5,000. The buyer could beat his competition at half the price that his competitor is paying. The key here is to have the buyer pay Marcello first before he buys the trade dollars so that he doesn’t have to use a dime of his own money.

You’ll also get some tips on how the IRS considers these types of transactions and how you can write off anything that the IRS considers income. I hope that this audio will clarify any questions that you may have had but contact me if you have any other questions. Enjoy!

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09 – How Trading With The Indian Can Make You Rich

Dennis Klase was a person who was very interested in Barter. He is a Native American living on a reservation in northern New York. He had been working as an iron worker in New York City but left the job because it didn’t pay well. Dennis just knew that there had to be a better way to make more money!

He moved back to his reservation and began working for a friend of the family whose business was in websites. Dennis learned so much from this man about how he was able to use Barter in his business to make huge profits.

Dennis explained to me that the concepts of trade and barter are not new to the Native American community. It is a common way of life for Indians that goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years.

When Dennis came across my Barter Secrets course, he knew that he had to have it. He hadn’t been making much money at the time and actually saved his salary for several weeks in order to buy the course.

I must tell you that Dennis absolutely loves the course. He contacted me to bounce some new ways to use Barter. I don’t know who learned more in this consultation – Dennis or me!

Listen as Dennis explains how selling items from the reservation save buyers from having to pay state sales taxes. Additionally, in most cases, Native Americans living on a reservation can purchase items off the reservation without having to pay state sales taxes. You will also learn very interesting things about the Native American way of life on the reservation and how, when things are taken away by the United States government, Indians have the ingenuity to work around these problems by finding better solutions.

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10 – How To Barter Your Products And Services, Save Cash And Expand Your Business

This is truly a treasure that deserves uncovering. I had the great privilege of talking with a barter genius Michael Jackman about how specifically one becomes a successful business using the help of a barter organization.

Mike is a broker for one of the busiest and most respected barter organizations in North America. He has more than 10 years of practical experience and know-how in business. He is a marketing consultant and is constantly training and coaching businesses on how to grow effectively. Michael claims he can grow your business 5-15% per year using nothing more than barter.

In this interview, Michael provides numerous, detailed examples of exactly what barter can do for you and how it can generate you new business. Michael describes in detail how to get involved with barter, what it’s going to cost you and the tax implications. Never before had I extracted such detailed, meticulous, and systematic barter fundamentals.

Listen now and use these ideas to trade your way to more business starting today. Total time 28 minutes.

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11 – How To Use A Loophole In The Barter Industry To Buy Anything You Want For 20 Cents On The Dollar

This recording will give you an education on how to leverage an unknown weakness of the barter industry. If used properly, you can save big money very quickly.

I have been buying, selling, and using trade dollars for seven years to pay for services like website hosting, transcription services, web design and development, legal services, and my wedding reception (including food, table rentals, entertainment, honeymoon, lodging, and car rental). Here’s more of products and services I have obtained using this loophole. Attorney fees at 80% off, plumbing, painting, a new wrought iron gate, new tile in the bathroom, A new fence. I Most of the cost of my wedding reception was financed this way. I have bought CD-ROM duplication at 80% off retail, Advertising in newspapers and magazines is a huge opportunity for this loophole.

You will not find this information anywhere else. This recording contains some powerful information you can start benefiting from today.

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12 – How to Buy Any Product Or Services For Your Business at 80% Off Retail

If you learn what I am about to teach you about the trade industry, you can make and save BIG money. It’s about a barter industry. You will be astounded by this conversation!

Rob, a plumber out of Washington D.C. had called me with questions about this huge worldwide barter and trade industry. Rob wanted to know the best way to learn about it and to become a part of it in order to turn it into a cash income stream for himself. What transpired was an unprecedented 45-minute training class explaining how the major trade organizations operate, inside secrets of how their members obtain and use their trade dollars, the problems these members may experience, as well as the myriad of products and services traded by the members of these organizations.

It’s unbelievable! More important, I teach Rob how to buy top-of-the-line goods and services in the trade industry for twenty cents or less on the dollar using my personal technique. I also reveal the best types of products and services to purchase trade dollars. After purchasing these goods and services at a low price, a person can either take advantage of his or her own lifestyle or business or can actually sell what was purchased for, perhaps, fifty cents on the dollar thus netting thirty cents or more on each dollar sold.

I also talk to Rob about great ways to find customers for his discounted products. This recording is in two parts 30 minutes each.

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13 – How To Introduce The Massive Power Of Barter Into Your Joint Venture Deals

In this interview, you are going to hear about both barter and joint ventures at the same time. Using this triangle method you can be making money as soon as next week. You are going to learn how to triangulate a joint venture deal. A triangle has three sides.

A triangulation joint venture has three players. This will be an exciting interview I think will give you an even deeper understanding of the enormous potential of Joint Ventures. If you learn what this enterprising Florida man has to teach you about eBay and the barter or retail trade industry, you can make and save you and your family oodles of money for the rest of your life. You’ll be astounded by this interview about the worldwide barter and trade industry.

You’ll learn the best way to turn your time into an ongoing cash income stream. What transpired was an unprecedented 40-minute training class explaining how the major trade organizations operate, inside secrets of how their members obtain and use their trade dollars, the problems these members may experience, as well as the myriad of products and services traded by the members of these organizations. It’s unbelievable! More important, you’ll learn how to buy top-of-the-line goods and services in the trade industry for twenty cents or less on the dollar using my personal technique.

I also reveal the best types of products and services to purchase trade dollars. After purchasing these goods and services at a low price, a person can either take advantage of his or her own lifestyle or business or can actually sell what was purchased for, perhaps, fifty cents on the dollar thus netting thirty cents or more on each dollar sold. You’ll also learn about a great way to get signed up with these retail trade companies for free.

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14 – How Oprah Winfrey Created A Multi-Million Dollar Stream Of Income With One Simple Joint Venture

Bianco is a skilled joint venture marketer and one of the best at explaining joint ventures. Listen as he shares his experience with joint venture marketing and the benefits of setting up this highly leveraged business strategy.

The purpose of this 55-minute interview is to share strategies on how to set up joint ventures so you can make more money using the assets of others to grow your business.

In this interview, you are going to learn:

  • What is joint venture marketing?
  • Advantages of joint ventures compared to lead generation.
  • How to find prospects for joint ventures.
  • How joint venture marketing works and examples.
  • How to get started.
  • How to establish agreements.
  • How to weed out winning deals from losers.
  • The importance of market testing.
  • Where to get more information.

Learn how apply Bianco’s strategies for joint venture marketing in your business. When you do, you will be able to make more money with less effort. Follow along and use these same strategies to set up a joint venture of your own. I know you will learn valuable inside secrets in this intensive interview.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

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15 – How to Trade for Goods and Services Using Organized Barter

Have you ever been curious about the organized barter industry and how it can help your business make more money, save more money, get more customers, and get more referrals? If so, then it would behoove you to listen to this exciting interview that I did with a gentleman named Art. Art is an expert in the organized barter industry and actually introduced me to barter more than ten years ago. He is currently a Membership Director of one of the largest barter organizations in the United States and, believe me, Art knows what he’s talking about!

In this interview with Art, we discuss such things as:

  • The definition of organized barter and how it is actually government-recognized legal currency between business owners.
  • Reasons why a business should consider joining a barter exchange.
  • Which types of business excel most with barter versus businesses that may not do as well with barter. Here, Art explains how even businesses that might have a harder time with barter can get creative using barter to obtain new customers and utilize excess goods and services in trade.
  • What a trade bank is and how it is much more advantageous to use one instead of doing one-on-one trades.
  • What the most popular goods and services that members of barter exchanges like to use their trade dollars for.
  • Ways you can convert your trade dollars back into cash.
  • How to choose the best barter exchange for you and your business as well as where to look online for barter exchanges and what the best ones are in Art’s opinion.
  • Tax consequences for members of barter exchanges.
  • What “script” is and how you can use it in your business to get lots of new customers.
  • And so much more details about barter that you will learn in this interview!

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