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I don’t want to insult your intelligence because I think you already know that selling is where the rubber meets the road of business. The degree of success in your HMA consulting practice will be directly proportionate to your ability and the ability of your salespeople to sell. That’s the reason why I have put together this collection of audio interviews and lessons all related to aspects of selling. They are all right here for you in one place below. Use these proven selling ideas to sell your consulting products and services better, more often and for more money. Enjoy!


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01 – The Real Secrets to Selling: An interview with Tom Hopkins

Needless to say, Tom Hopkins is a legend. More than three million people around the world have attended his seminars on selling, and more than 35,000 corporations are using his sales training materials. But believe it or not, when Tom first started out in sales he couldn’t even bring in $50 a month in salary.

So in this interview, you’ll hear how Tom went from being that sales-weakling to having a sales empire. You’ll hear why he believes that people who say they can’t sell are usually the best salespeople. And you’ll hear how developing trust and personality, along with having the right attitude, is the “real secret to selling.”

You’ll also hear:

*  How adding personal touches to your sales techniques can turn your prospects into loyal clients.

*  How to overcome the fear of rejection and develop that thick skin for success.

*  What “NEADS” stands for and why you’ll need to know it before your next sales meeting.

*  How to use the phrase “Not to be personal” to relax prospects and get personal.

*  Phone tips that’ll help you slide through to the decision maker more times than not.

*  All about the hardest challenges in sales and practical ways to overcome them.

*  How going after the old customer is just as valuable as going after the new one – and ways to do that.

*  Ways to improve your presentations so that you’re making the most of the words you choose without sounding scripted or corny.

The best thing about Tom is that he lives by what he teaches and believes in what he sells. You’ll never catch him pushing hyped-up flashy gimmicks. He simply gives out the kind of solid advice that people trust. And it’s those tried-and-true methods in life that will stand the test of time, every time. So sit back and listen to the real secrets of selling from the man who knows – the one and only Tom Hopkins. Enjoy!

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02 – The King Of Nurture Marketing, Jim Cecil, Reveals: The Secret To Making Every Prospect Feel Special

People buy with their hearts. And they remember when they are treated like actual humans and not just a sale. But when it comes to business, we sometimes forget this. The average salesperson only contacts a prospect three times before giving up. But the average sale comes after six months of “dating” a prospect. So what do you do?

The answer is a drip campaign using an auto responder. It’s not hard to set up, and you can run a series using your email list. But you can’t just throw pitches at prospects and expect to get anything but deleted from their inbox. You have to nurture your contacts, treat them like friends, and gently guide them down your sales funnel. And in this two-part audio with Nurture Marketing expert, Jim Cecil, you’ll hear exactly how to do that.

Part One: The Pampered Prospect

Prospects get a little taste of what it’ll be like to work with you based on how you sell them. So you can’t just talk about yourself. You have to find out what your prospects’ biggest pains are and show them how to solve them. Give them presents – send a copy of an interesting article, book, or white paper. Nurture them.

As it turns out, the more affluent your prospects are, the more important these steps are. And in Part One of this audio, you’ll hear all about it including:

  • Key nurture strategies you need to use with your wealthiest prospects
  • The right way to use an autoresponder: how to weave in critical messages over time and make sure no one is forgotten
  • A little story about how one man landed a multimillion-dollar client just by remembering her birthday
  • How to use nurture marketing as the “cure for the common cold call” because if you do it right, you’ll have prospects calling you!
  • The technique Jim calls “scrubbing your database” – to make sure you get everything perfect before you send out your messages
  • The two biggest pitfalls people fall into with marketing and how a good nurture campaign can help you out of them

Part Two: Creating A Sales Machine

Creating a drip campaign with software has never been easier, and in Part Two of this interview, Jim tells you how he does it. Basically, he says you’ll need two data fields – pain and passion – for your prospects. Enter three things that are keeping them up at night and a few things they enjoy doing. And when you’re done, Jim says you’ll have a sales machine. And in Part Two, you’ll hear all about it including:

  • A step-by-step look at how to use your pain/pleasure data fields to tailor make a drip campaign for every prospect
  • Why the hand-signed personal letter has more power than ever in this day and age – and when to use it as your secret weapon
  • How to be proactive with your nurture campaign – -and a quick success story that illustrates exactly why that’s so important
  • A word-for-word script salespeople can use to get prospects to opt-in to a drip campaign
  • Exactly how Jim helped a nonprofit raise $19 million in found revenue using only nurture marketing
  • How many emails are too many in one month

Mae West once said, “Out of sight is out of mind, and out of mind is out of money, honey!” In other words, if people forget about you, they can’t buy from you. Jim says you should think of it like farming – you might have the best seeds in the world, but if you don’t water them, they’re not going to grow. And in this audio, you’ll hear exactly how to nurture your list so you can start growing your business today.

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03 – How To Close Every Sale A Presentation On Increasing Deals, Sales, And Profits.

There is no such thing as a natural born salesman — everything in life is learned, and anyone can learn how to close more deals. And this seminar will teach you exactly how to do it.

Originally, this was a presentation for business owners who wanted to increase their sales and profits. And it was a huge success because it effectively breaks the sales process down to its bare elements, allowing you to easily see how the many sections of the process work and how they work together to make for powerful sales.

And because it analyzes and explains each component along the way, this seminar is useful for everyone — from the new hire to the seasoned pro. Just follow the steps outlined in the presentation, and before you know it, you’ll be closing more deals than you ever thought possible.

Here are just a few things you’ll learn in this seminar:

  • What a qualified prospect is and why dealing with anyone else is just a big waste of time.
  • How a positive attitude can increase sales by 25%.
  • How to open a sale.
  • How to find and fill the “dominant buying motive”.
  • What the two reasons for buying are and how knowing them can give you the advantage you need.
  • How to close the sale.
  • Methods for overcoming objectives.
  • How to upsell.

This program is meant to be viewed step by step, but you can easily skip around if you’d like. I suggest you take your time and let the concepts sink in because this presentation really can make a difference if you work it right. Also, you might want to make sure you have a pen at hand because I’m sure you’ll want to take notes on this one. Click on the button below to launch the presentation. Note that the audio will start in about 20 seconds after it launches. Enjoy!

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04 – World Famous Sales Trainer Of Fortune 500 Companies Reveals Powerful New Tactic That Can Immediately Double Your Sales.

Here’s a detailed interview with Barry Maher. Barry first made his mark as a world-class salesperson, then as a management and sales consultant, helping clients improve their productivity, often dramatically. Selling Power magazine declared, “To his powerful and famous clients, Barry Maher is simply the best sales trainer in the business.”

Barry’s client list ranges from ABC/Capital Cities and the American Management Association to Fuji Film and the National Lottery of Ireland, to Verizon (not to mention Ameritech, BellSouth, and SBC). He’s been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Businessweek, Success, and The Wall Street Journal. This straight-talking primer for consulting professionals introduces a powerful new approach to winning clients trust instantly and selling more. And not just down the road but right now.

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05 – How To Use Tent Promotions To Sell Your Products By The Trainloads Outside The Doors Of Huge Retailers Like Lowes, Home Depot, Sports Authority, and Circuit City.

Tent promotions work! Imagine…if you could introduce your product to customers who shop at a large retailer on any given day; you’d be reaching thousands of people per week. Big Box Retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, Sports Authority, and Circuit City draw customers into their store like bees to honey; and one very astute marketer has perfected a plan to get in on their success. He sets up a “tent” outside their store to promote and sell his product. He gets direct access to all the Retailer’s customers without having to spend huge dollars on his own advertising and he enjoys the instant credibility that the retailers provide. After all, Home Depot isn’t going to let just any product be promoted outside its doors; and there is always the possibility the retailer will decide to carry your product if you can demonstrate a significant percentage of their customers are interested in it. The gentleman I speak with is a joint venture tent promotion expert and he provides details on how to set-up the joint venture with a large retailer, how to negotiate permission to set up your tent promotion, what licenses are required, the amount of money that can be made, back-end costs, the best dates to stage your event, and potential drawbacks to be aware of. Listen to this interview and you will immediately be able to put a plan in motion that gets access to more customers than you ever thought possible. This is a comprehensive how-to lesson so sit back, listen, enjoy, and profit from Tent promotions in your town.

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06 – How I Personally Sold 45 Million Dollars Worth Of Products To Wal-Mart and Other Major Retail Giants.

Every product inventor, developer, and manufacturer dream of landing their product into retails giants like Wal-Mart and Target Stores. You have truly hit the big time when one of these stores takes on and succeeds selling your product.

But most believe this is a pipe dream only available for someone luckier than them. But not for my friend Joe. Joe has done it and you can learn how to do it too. So who Joe?

Joe has had many years of experience in the product development and marketing of consumer products to mass merchants like Wal-Mart & Target as well as with selling to independent retailers in many different distribution channels.

25 years ago he learned the inside workings of one of the world’s largest consumer products company as a product manager for Kimberly-Clark (the manufacturer of Kleenex, Huggies diapers, and other familiar products). After leaving Kimberly Clark Joe found his first company to manufacture and sell children’s products to retailers.

Over the last 25 years, Joe has founded and grown 4 companies. Two of them sold over $45 Million of products that he invented to chains like Wal-Mart, Target, and other retailers. He developed and sold 3 complete product lines consisting of hundreds of products to both Wal-Mart & Target and one year received the “Best New Vendor” award from Target’s Stationery and School Supply Department.

Within the children’s products company he set up a kids club promotion that got 900 stores and 900,000 kids to participate. The promotion resulted in an additional $145 Million is sales for the participating stores in just one year.

Joe also built and sold a mail order catalog company and a promotional products company. Joe also has extensive experience in other distribution channels besides retail.

You are about hear Joe’s story and how he did it. It’s a wild ride so hang on tight. Look out Wal-Mart, your next big product may be supplied by the person listening to this interview now. Let’s go!

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07 – How A Consistent Follow-up System With Your Customers Can Easily Grow Your Business Without Constantly Going After New Customers.

97% of salesman make no attempt to sell the prospect after the third attempt. It is also a fact that most prospects do not buy until after the sixth month from initial contact. One-third of all buyers buy only after 18 months of the buying process. 20% of buyers amazingly buy 24 or more months after the initial contact. What is wrong with this picture?

I was in my office on March, 31st 2004 and I got a call from Jim Cecil. I had recognized the name and voice immediately because Jim Cecil was one of the main speakers at the Jay Abraham Protégé Training Seminar back in 1990. I have heard him often and loved his presentation on how to grow a business. Jim contacted me to see what I was up to. I asked him if I could interview him and we did a 70-minute interview on a fascinating customer touching process that he developed called Nurture. Nurture is a customized series of ongoing contacts mostly sent by mail for business-to-business customer retention and customer prospecting. In this interview, James revealed three amazing case studies:

The first was about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, which created tens of millions worth of net revenue; the second case study was with a Brian Ruh from East Holstein Wisconsin who was a life insurance salesman and through the Nurture process alone grew to the 34th ranking life insurance salesman in the New York Life Insurance Company world. The last case study is a story about a stockbroker who generated a multimillion-dollar account by singing happy birthday over the phone into an answering machine. In this interview, you’ll hear these case stories and you’ll understand the power of this one marketing concept. If you take what you hear in the interview and implemented it in your business or implemented into another business, you could change the business forever. There has been no better time in history and no better software to make this process automatic. Enjoy this 70-minute interview.

Consultants to AT&T, Microsoft and TEC Worldwide Jim Cecil, founder, and president, is an acknowledged leader in the field of loyalty marketing and customer relationship strategies. Jim conducts strategic sales process training seminars for corporate teams and individuals. Jim is one of the top resource speakers for CEO groups such as The Executive Committee (TEC) and Financial Advisory groups like the International Association for Financial Planning (IAFP). He works personally with clients of all sizes, from AT&T and Microsoft to growing entrepreneurial businesses.

Jim Cecil has over 41 years of sales and marketing experience. He was the founder of West Coast Marketing Group, Mr. Cecil also founded Profit Systems, Inc., a large equipment distributorship in Redmond, Washington. Named Marketing Man of the Year in Asian Trade, Mr. Cecil is a popular speaker and is called upon to present over 100 speeches each year. Previously Mr. Cecil served with Smith-Corona Corporation in New York for some thirteen years in various marketing and sales positions. Additionally, he has consulted for clients across the country including Canon, Washington Natural Gas, Sharp Electronics, General Electric and Digital Equipment to name a few.

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08 – Stop Door To Door Selling And Automate Your Selling In One Hour.

If you are a salesperson who relies on cold calling or going door-to-door to try to generate leads, then this audio will benefit you tremendously! Here’s the background:

Tony is a full-time minister who has been trying to support himself on his own so that the church wouldn’t need to support him and his family. Over the past few years, he’s tried a few business ventures that were initially successful but didn’t do well after a while.

He’s currently a sales representative for a company that helps businesses to lower their electric bills. Basically, Tony is making a full-time effort pounding the pavement attempting to make his sales presentation to business owners. Although Tony’s only been with the company for a few months, he’s found that it’s pretty easy to get in to make the presentation and his closing rate is 50%, which in my opinion is pretty good.

Listen as Tony and me role play a typical presentation of how his company can reduce a business’s electric bill significantly. It’s a very well-organized, sophisticated presentation that Tony does use flip charts and doing calculations from the business owner’s electric bill to determine if the business is a qualified prospect.

So, where are Tony’s frustrations and how can I help him? Since he’s got a good closing rate, he needs to put himself in front of more business owners than he can by going door-to-door. He needs a way to leverage himself in a way other than doing face to face presentations.

You will hear me come up with several ideas for Tony to accomplish his goal of leveraging himself:

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation from his current marketing material, add audio to it, and then put it on the Internet – much like the Articulate presentation that I provide for HMA Consultants.
  • Send postcards to prospects directing them to the online presentation.
  • Get someone to do a recorded interview with Tony and put that audio interview online.
  • Tony could actually record himself giving his presentation to a real business owner over the phone. This would be a believable and compelling presentation that would contain a business owner’s points of view as well as typical questions that are asked during a presentation.
  • Make a CD that contains his recorded interviews as well as the marketing presentation itself and sends that to prospective customers. With this idea, I suggested that Tony provide everything necessary to sign up for the service along with the CD package so that he wouldn’t even have to go out to get a signature.
  • Using the same CD mentioned above, find companies that would be willing to endorse Tony and his service. Create Joint Ventures with these companies and allow them to give the CD to their customers as a gift to help them save money on their power bills.
  • Be sure to get testimonials from satisfied customers of his company’s service. Since Tony has only been with the company for a few months, the companies that he made sales to haven’t yet realized their savings. Perhaps his fellow sales reps could provide some testimonials from their clientele.
  • Tony could contact the local media, positioning himself as an expert in saving businesses money on their electric bills. The media would be interested in this and would broadcast Tony’s message to thousands of people.

I suggest that Tony take a risk-free trial of my Audio Marketing Secrets (AMS) product which contains everything he would need to know to develop and create an audio information product. Since Tony doesn’t have a lot of money to invest hiring people to help him in the creation of his information product, I suggest that he do it all himself with the help of my AMS product.

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09 – Lifelong Marketing & Selling Secrets From My 82 Year Old Uncle.

You can be sure that this interview with Uncle Mort will become one of my most memorable. You will hear how Mort has been a salesman for more than fifty years. Listen as he gives details of his long jack-of-all-trades sales career in a saucy style that only Mort can tell.

After serving in World War II as a CB, Mort got into sales. He owned and managed a tire store at an early age and also got into the business of selling unique scooters.

Many of Mort’s early sales experience was the direct, in-the-home sales of products such as:

  • Home improvement products.
  • Pots and pans.
  • Vacuum cleaners.
  • Exercise machines.

Wherever Mort worked, he always became the top salesman very quickly. He had unique sales techniques that he refers to as “secrets.” According to Mort, his unique marketing styles just about guaranteed every sale he attempted.

Mort tells of sometimes opposing the sales techniques used by company owners. Listen as he describes how he out-sold even the company owners through ingenuity and his personable style. Mort explains why direct sales is the best sales training for the new salesperson.

Later in his career, Mort began to get into the sales of business opportunities. He goes into great detail selling a swimming pool business opportunity. You will hear him describe his sales methodology and how he quickly became the top swimming pool salesman. His secrets are simple to remember: Be a good listener, be personable, and be honest. Mort was proud to tell me how he made twenty people who bought the swimming pool business opportunity from him became millionaires because of Mort’s advice in marketing, advertising, and sales. He also relates several anecdotes associated with the swimming pool business. You will smile more than once.

Following his departure from the swimming pool business, Mort invented the mobile dog grooming business. He tells the story of how he came up with the idea and some of the trials and tribulations he had during his start-up period. However, the business was a smashing success and was written up in many, many magazines. Additionally, Mort was actually a guest on the television show, “To Tell The Truth.” Yes, Mort’s mobile dog grooming business got tons of publicity.

Another of Mort’s ventures was promoting a swimming pool enclosure named the Stratadome. Listen to the deal the Mort made with them and he ultimately made the company successful.

Mort explains why he prefers selling business opportunities as opposed to franchises. He gives a great example when he sold a business opportunity for auto parts, specifically brakes. At his height, Mort had almost six thousand dealers. There aren’t many people that can make that claim!

At the age of eighty-one, Mort is still very active in building businesses. He has the strength of growing businesses fast. He tells how to determine a good product that can be grown quickly and how can help you. Mort says that, if you use his formulas, he will make you rich. He also will tell you how to find high-ticket business opportunities.

Mort and I talk about a fascinating venture that he is currently involved in. He has partnered with a tour organization to sell great little glass-bottom tour boats to be housed at prime locations around the world. It sounds pretty lucrative. You will be amazed at how this deal works and may wish to look at Mort’s website for more detailed information.

Mort tells of a few other ventures that he has headed up and how he feels that sometimes he chose bad partners. I know that you will enjoy the banter that goes on between Mort and I. It was certainly an experience for me listening to Mort’s life stories and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too.

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10 – How To Effectively Use Story Telling In Your Copy To Sell More Of Your Ideas, Products Or Services.

Ruben, a screenwriter and a teacher of screenwriting skills, was in the process of creating an information product on how to write compelling stories, screenplays, or stage plays. He was basing the content of his product on his own personal experience, various teachings from his mentors over the years, seminars, and courses.

As Ruben was creating his product, he realized that his techniques not only applied to screenwriting, but many other areas such as:

  • Creating more effective marketing and sales presentations.
  • Helping teachers to present their lesson plans more effectively.
  • Teaching lawyers how to present their cases better.
  • Telling stories to children.
  • Improving personal relationships.
  • And the list goes on because telling and listening to stories are such an integral part of our daily lives!

Ruben presents the parts of a successful screenplay. First, you have to have an idea for a story. After you have a story, the screenplay becomes your story in writing – what the audience will see and hear. He explains that the screenplay is a “blueprint” and gives us some simple examples.

Listen as he discusses what the best structure is for any story and presents several elements essential to creating a successful, compelling story. Understanding story structure will become important as you continue to listen to this interview.

Ruben goes on to teach some other keys to create a good story. There must be a conflict, whether it’s an outer or inner conflict. An outer conflict may be another character. An inner conflict may be a character’s self-doubts or fears. The writer must make sure that the audience will care about the story and stay to see the end.

For example, Ruben gives a list of great techniques to make the main character more identifiable to the audience. This is the key to a successful story.

Subsequently, Ruben reveals that the same principles used to create a great screenplay can be applied to just about any facet of business or personal life.

For example, in a business situation where perhaps you are a sales person trying to make a sale to a potential buyer, you can become what Ruben terms “a Dramatic Strategist.” This involves a mind shift that makes both you, the sales person as well as the potential client both “characters” in a story. In fact, Ruben suggests that you keep in mind that each of you would be the main character in your own lives – each of you with a different goal.

When there are two characters, there may be a conflict. In a selling situation, things such as price, terms, and conditions can become the conflicts.

Ruben suggests that you will be a more successful salesperson or marketer if you aware of both your role as a protagonist in your own drama paradigm and your client’s role as the protagonist in his or her own drama paradigm. Further, you should not try to hide or minimize the conflicts of the situation. Instead, identify and resolve these conflicts with the client.

Make yourself identifiable to your client, just as an audience should identify with the main character of a story. Develop the trust and rapport with the client so that he or she sees you as an authority and that there is a feeling of affinity between the two of you.

This interview really presents a unique approach to understanding human nature and dealing with conflicts in a very imaginative way. I know you’ll enjoy it! This recording is 46 minutes.

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11 – How To Get Your Employees To Sell More Of Your Products And Services Then Ever Before Using The Proven Secrets Of Incentive Programs.

Incentives can get your sales force selling like they have never sold before. Organizations need motivation more than ever. They need customers to buy more and remain loyal. They need prospects to opt-in. They need to inspire employees to produce more and to deliver the customer what the company may promise in sales and marketing literature. In today’s intensely competitive environment, it is critical for organizations to employ proven strategies that develop intense loyalty from employees and customers alike. A proven tool is the incentive program.

US corporations spend well over $120 billion on customer loyalty and employee incentive programs to accomplish a wide range of goals and objectives. The reason is simple, incentive programs work! As a matter of fact, they are considered to be amongst the most consistently effective and profitable marketing and human resource tools employed by all types of organizations.

  • Incentives are proven to increase performance, by an average of 22% or more.
  • Incentives consistently deliver a high ROI.
  • Incentives change long-term behavior.
  • There is an entire industry of resources and experts and resources committed to developing successful incentive and motivation programs.

In this exclusive interview, I talk to incentives expert Paul F, who shares with me his detailed 10-step process to ensure incentive success. You will see why successful incentive programs start with a plan, not with a prize.

Paul tells me about an often overlooked and ignored method of tripling the return on an incentive program. He also lets me know proven methods you can use in your business that can double the effectiveness of an incentive program. You will learn how to avoid several major mistakes that could doom your incentive programs before it even starts.

After listening to Paul in this interview, you will see why using the services of an incentive expert is one of the best investments you can make.

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12 – Finding the Phrase that Pays: A Crash Course on Sales Scripting.

Getting people to hand over their hard-earned cash for stuff they probably don’t need isn’t always easy, and it shouldn’t be left up to chance. There are certain words and phrases that seem to work like magic when it comes to the art of persuasion, and any business can benefit from knowing them.

Nowadays, everything is done with research – from the phrase, the greater uses when you come through the door at Wal-Mart to the words used at McDonald’s that get you to mindlessly order the large coke over the small one. You see; each business has a specific customer base with specific needs. And that customer base is studied and analyzed to find the phrases that will motivate them to spend, upgrade, seal a deal…or whatever.

This interview with Bill Brodie is all about the science of sales scripting and how you can benefit from using it in every aspect of your HMA consulting business. For example, if you use phrases that business owners want to hear, you’ll be giving yourself an edge. In fact, the right words could make it infinitely easier to land even the toughest of consulting contracts.

What you’ll hear in this interview:

  • How you can use sales scripting to get your foot in the door with a company.
  • Examples of time-tested phrases that will open and close deals.
  • A four-step pattern HMA consultants can put into a sales script that could be worth thousands.
  • An opening line that store owners can use to increase the probability of a sale by 300 percent.
  • How to make a sales script for a company.
  • Learn what “Neuro Linguistic Programming” is and how knowing it can give you the upper hand.

It’s amazing how many people have no idea what sales scripting really is when it’s probably one of the easiest – and most lucrative — improvements you can make for a business, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. And this interview is like a crash course on how to get started. Enjoy!

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13 – Nobody Should Be Allowed To Have Anything To Do With Selling Until They’ve Listened To This Interview.

You have the lucky fortune of hearing this interview with Barry Bedell, the son of the great advertising selling genius Clyde Bedell. I hope you’ll be as excited as I was hanging on to every word in this amazing adventure about a man many in the advertising selling and marketing fields have never known.

You’ll get a detailed and personal account of the history of this great advertising selling legend. And you’ll hear it from the man who loved him and knew him best. This set of recording is designed to teach you about a proven system for selling you have never been exposed to before. I know you will enjoy what I have put together for you in this exclusive www.hardtofindseminars presentation. Enjoy For more information on the Clyde Bedell Advertising Selling System Click Here.

Introducing The Clyde Bedell Advertising Selling System

Sit back and listen as I interview Barry Bedell in this exclusive Five part presentation about the real “Father Of Advertising Selling” Clyde Bedell.

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14 – The Psychology of Selling: How to Use People’s Unconscious Decision Making Process to Make the Sale.

Ken Ellsworth is an expert in hidden persuasion sales techniques, a master at detecting people’s psychological motivation for buying a product or service.

And in this interview, he tells you how to use the underlying psychological needs to create potent sales messages that appeal to the target and produce customers. I guarantee that you will be as amazed by the power of subtle sales messages as I was.

Discover how Ken’s experience as a prison guard, stockbroker, hypnotherapist, and keen observer of human behavior helped him unlock the secrets of unconscious decision-making strategies. Ken discovered that a prospect is like a safe: to unlock the sale, you have to know not just the numbers but also their order, their importance.

These proven techniques sound like magic, but they actually work: many of Ken’s clients have gone from the bottom rung of sales in their offices to the top in only a month! Some have increased sales five-fold. Learn how you, too, can uncover and capitalize upon the unconscious decision-making process we all use.

You will learn out how to:


  • Tap into people’s natural decision-making process by eliciting step-by-step psychological, decision-making strategies.


Establish rapport instantly with customers by matching and mirroring their gestures, language, tonality, even their breathing patterns.


  • Avoid the biggest mistake salesmen make when they use their own unconscious strategy instead of that of the customers.
  • Determine and employ the prospect’s code words, their precise, personal meaning, and most importantly, their priority.
  • Refine code words into emotionally charged hot buttons and covertly incorporate them in your opportunity analysis to create motivational keys.
  • Cut down the sales cycle dramatically by focusing on your client’s subtle cues.
  • And much, much more!


Once you’ve learned to map their unconscious, you can throw away your scripts and traditional selling closes.

All your reasons for buying scripts become unnecessary and obsolete.

Listen and learn how you can tap the power of the unconscious. I dig deep trying to get as much step by step information from him for you to try his method in your consulting practice without having to buy his course.

So get ready, this is something, that you’ll want to try at once in your next opportunity analysis. Let me know if it works for you. Enjoy the interview.

Ken has offered me a special offer for his complete course in digital form about how to unlock the buying combination in your prospects head. I am getting this all set up with Ken. For more recording in how to sell, go

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15 – Sales People Are Not Born They Are Trained.

An Important Lesson For Sales Managers In Pain.

It may seem like some people just don’t have a gift for sales…

When Ian started his first sales job, his only training for the position was, “Hang in there. You’ll do fine.” The job lasted two hours and ended with his boss telling him he should become a waiter.

In this interview, you’ll hear how Ian went from being that no-talent kid to a highly sought-after sales management consultant in New South Wales. And he’ll be the first to tell you that if he can master sales, anyone on your sales force can too — because salespeople aren’t born; they’re trained.

Here’s what you’ll get from this interview:

  • A grasp of how managerial tools and methodologies can power your sales.
  • Ways to analyze your staff that will keep sales production high.
  • Examples of how “coaching” can push sales and margins up.
  • How a sales force is an investment and how to make the most of it.
  • How to find good salespeople and how to keep them when you do.

Ian understands the frustration managers feel after spending a lot of money to generate a lead only to have it blown by a salesperson. It’s easy to see how this happens when according to his research:

50% of salespeople fall short of the quota.

90% of sales opportunities don’t close when the salesperson says they will.

75% of product launches fail, but…

The biggest factor affecting the production of sales today is Sales Leadership.

When he says, “It’s the head of the fish that stinks the most,” Ian’s really saying that effective sales begin at the top. If Sales Managers learn models, tips, and tools, they’ll be able to bring those skills back to their salespeople. So in this interview, you’ll also hear how increasing sales production is mainly about finding a process that works. And, according to Ian, results will follow –Most people see a return of 500 percent!

Now, management consulting skills don’t come naturally to most people and there are plenty of books out there on the subject. (Ian has over 800 of them in his library alone!) You could literally spend the rest of your career reading up on the matter, spinning your wheels trying out methodology after methodology. Or, you could start with this interview to see how sales management consulting can benefit you. Remember, Ian didn’t start out with a gift for sales. He just found a process that worked for him. Enjoy!

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16 – How To Make A Sales Presentation That Consistently Closes The Deal.

Many people resist sales scripting because they think it’ll sound canned or rehearsed. But according to expert sales trainer, Eric Lofholm, even if you’re winging it, you’re still using a “script.” Studies show that most great sales presenters open and close in the same way. So if you take your current scripts and add a few powerful techniques to them, you’ll have unstoppable sales presentations. And in this audio, you’ll hear some of those techniques.

Eric Lofholm wasn’t always an expert sales trainer. In fact, he started out flipping burgers and drifting through community college. And at one point, he even found himself bankrupt and homeless. So in this interview, you’ll hear his incredible story of how he rose to the top and how he currently helps others get there too.

More Key Information You’ll Get From The Interview:

  • How to make sure you’re not bringing a “negative view” of sales with you into your presentations – you may not even know you’re doing it, but you could be costing yourself serious money.
  • Ways to make sure your sales scripts build enough value – so you can charge more for your products, and easily get it.
  • How having “comfort zones” could be hindering you from making the profit you deserve – and what to do about it.
  • What a master script-book looks like and how to compile the kind you’ll be able to rely on for years to come.
  • All about Eric’s “sales mountain” and his simple steps for climbing to the top.
  • Several examples of successful sales scripting stories – you’ll be amazed at the difference a little tweaking can make.
  • What you can learn from the way children negotiate their deals – it’s no surprise why parents usually give in to these natural little salespeople.
  • A few of Eric’s open-ended closing lines that seal the deal without being too pushy.

According to Eric, it’s important to keep a positive outlook on sales in order to be successful at it. And it’s also important to have the kind of scripts that will allow you to know what to say in any situation and to any objection. But if you follow Eric’s techniques, it won’t be long before you’re making the kinds of sales presentations that consistently bring in the big money. This interview is 60 minutes. I hope you benefit from it. Enjoy!

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17 – Stan Billue Interview – The Real Truth About The Deep-Seated Psychology Of Face to Face and Telephone Selling (Part One).

Stan Billue has been called the most copied, respected, and referred to sales trainer alive. He has built a 30-year reputation as a recognized expert in sales training, telemarketing, motivation, mentoring, marketing, and copywriting.

He’s doubled his own income each year for five consecutive years selling over the phone. Stan has taught more 6 and 7 figure a year income earning mega-buck sales pros than any other trainer. Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar use his training materials when selling seats to their own seminars.

Listen as Stan Billue reveals his ten most fascinating stories about his biggest sales, each one containing valuable lessons you can use starting today.

In this interview, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and use a prospects defense mechanisms to your advantage.
  • Close more sales with instructional statements and continuation phases.
  • Build up benefits to get the customer to prepay.
  • The secret to getting prospects to beg for your product.
  • How to position yourself as big fish.
  • Become a master of your craft by spending one hour per day of study.
  • Use a tape recorder once each day to increase sales.
  • And much, much more!

Stan exposes the deep-seated psychology of selling and salesmanship. It’s no surprise that his power-packed audio and video programs, Double Your Income Selling On The Phone and 90 Telemarketing Selling Skills, are sold in 45 countries worldwide. Get ready to learn lessons in sales that you’ll be able to remember. Enjoy. This is part one of a two-part interview. Enjoy!


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18 – Stan Billue Interview – The Real Truth About The Deep-Seated Psychology Of Face to Face and Telephone Selling (Part Two).

Stan Billue has mastered the art of selling by learned from many of the world’s most famous motivators and salesmen like J. Douglas Edwards, Fred Herman, Norman Vincent Peale and the sales training icon Zig Ziglar.

In the following five stories you’ll discover how Stan:

• Persuaded Pac Bell to make him keynote speaker at their convention, launching a lucrative second career as a motivational speaker • Built value and benefits to convince a company to prepay for sales training. • Sold $12,000 in the product in twenty minutes by finding out exactly what a group of Mormon MLM distributors wanted and by giving it to them. • Enticed an investment firm to expand 3 months of consulting and training to 18 months just by asking the right questions • Learned the secrets of profitable Internet marketing simply by investing his time in mastering the craft

While sharing these fascinating anecdotes about his career, Stan shares selling tips, techniques, and secrets. Learn:

  • How to hurdle the gatekeeper.
  • How to make the screener your friend.
  • How to contact the decision maker (even when he’s NOT in his office!).
  • How to use the “Banker’s Question” to locate one’s true buying motives.
  • How to turn sales into sales leads.
  • How to pick the brains of the experts…for free.
  • And much more!

Stan’s stories are memorable and his tips will empower you no matter what you sell. You can start using Stan’s formula for becoming a master in selling simply by listening to his message. As Stan says, “When you’re green, you grow; when you’re ripe, you rot. You have to keep up.”


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19 – How To Crank Up The Heat On Your Cold Calls So You Can Land More Qualified Sales Appointments.

Even though cold calling can be a valuable marketing tool just like any other, if it’s not done correctly, it can be a huge waste of time. So in this audio, you’ll meet cold calling expert, Scott Chanel. Scott is going to tell you how to revamp your cold calling process so that you’re eliminating drudgery, spending less time on the phone, and landing more appointments.

And Scott knows what he’s talking about. Using his cold-calling techniques, he’s set more than 2,000 appointments with CEOs of large corporations. And according to him, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. The principles of effective cold calling apply everywhere.

Key Concepts From The Audio

  • Why making too many phone calls is the biggest mistake you can make when cold calling – and how to calculate the perfect amount.
  • How conducting simple research and creating client profiles can help you weed through your phone lists and reduce rejection.
  • Why you need a contact manager, how to effectively use one and where to find the best (and cheapest).
  • Why you always need to use a script when cold calling and how to create attention-grabbing ones that jump right to the point.
  • Why you should never start a phone conversation with “how are you doing” or “is this a good time” – and what you should be saying instead.
  • What to do if someone gives you the brush off and tells you “this isn’t a good time” or “why don’t you send me some information”.
  • How to leave effective voicemails – and avoid being just another deleted message.
  • Two essential things you can get from gatekeepers – and why you shouldn’t try to just get around them.
  • And much, much more!

This hour-long audio is basically your comprehensive guide to productive cold calling. And you’ll easily be able to apply the concepts to your HMA practice because they work in any industry and every economy.

So if you’re having trouble cold calling or you just aren’t sure if you’re doing it right, this is the interview for you.

Scott’s proven techniques have landed million-dollar accounts for his companies.And if you follow his advice, it won’t be long before you’re turning your cold calls into hot prospects.

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20 – Ben Gay Introduced The Sales World To The Closers, The Most Popular – Most Powerful Sales Training Material Ever Produced (Part One).

35 years of top-level, professional selling experience has made Ben Gay III a legendary figure in the sales world. A world-famous salesman, sales trainer, author, consultant, and speaker, he still sells on a daily basis! Gay has been the #1 salesperson at every single company with which he has been associated. It’s not surprising that his book, The Closers, which explains selling the way it really is, is the most powerful book on selling ever written with over 3,000,000 copies sold.

In this interview, Ben Gay III reveals how his selling success sprang from a childhood fascination with the yarns of a former slave and local Civil War veterans in mid-Century, which spawned an unquenchable passion for meeting interesting people. At his father’s knee, he learned the amazing ability of a master closer to moving people to action through the sheer power of talk.

After a successful career as a youthful buyer at Macy’s, he moved into direct sales and discovered the power of multi-level marketing where he met and worked with renowned salespeople, including the greatest Master Closer he ever worked with, James H. Rucker, Jr., J. Douglas Edwards, Fred Herman, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Bill Dempsey, and Ray Considine, among others. In this no-holds-barred interview, he shares the absolute unvarnished truth with you.

While sharing fascinating anecdotes about his career, Ben dispenses selling tips, techniques, and secrets. You’ll discover:

  • The key to sales success: always sell a competitively priced, quality product to qualified customers.
  • How a closer thinks: the secret of Sales Closing Power.
  • How to get the sale that day!
  • How your success depends on the effectiveness of your sales presentations, telephone sales scripts, and direct mail letters.
  • And much, much more!

So meet Ben Gay III, the person with the unique ability to explain selling in down-to-earth terms you can easily understand and apply. The Closer is the sales closers bible, the one book you must have in your personal library.

My interview with Ben Gay, the master closer, is one you shouldn’t miss either.

For more information on Ben’s The Closers book and audio, training series go to

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21 – Ben Gay III – Discover The Mother Lode Of Marketing And Sales Lore (Part Two).

Although my first interview with Ben Gay III was chock full of fascinating stories and invaluable selling secrets, believe it or not, there’s more! On top of his legendary status as a world-famous salesman, sales trainer, author, consultant, and speaker, Ben Gay is the founder and executive director of the National Association of Professional Salespeople with a membership in 8 figures.

And talk about inspirational! Ben spent 12 hours a weekend for five years at San Quentin with his People Builders program that successfully enabled his students to get off the prison merry-go-round, reducing recidivism by over 80% and “did time” with Charles Manson. On top of that, he was attitude coach for the crews of Apollo 15, 16, and 17, working with astronauts Alan Shepherd and Jim Irwin.

While his stories about his brushes with the famous and the infamous are captivating and inspirational, you can’t afford to miss the nuggets of sales and marketing wisdom that pepper this interview.

In This Interview, Ben Reveals:

  • The secrets of closing and how to become a Master Closer.
  • Why confidence is your most important asset and how to build it.
  • How he took a catch phrase and turned it into gold.
  • How to take an objection and turn it into a benefit.
  • How to become a sales infiltrator.
  • How to use the Internet to multiply your sales.
  • The Step-by-step phases of his foolproof sales process.
  • The magical ingredient that separates The Closers from all the other sales training programs.
  • And much, much more!

Ben Gay tells you about selling the way it really is and not the way we wish it were. As Ben would say, “It’s the presentation, stupid!” So tune into radio station WII-FM (what’s in it for me?) and prepare to be dazzled by the master!

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22 – Get Sales Faster by Changing your Cold Calling Methods – a Challenge to Traditional Thinking!

Old “tried and true” Cold Calling Techniques and sales techniques that were once successful have completely lost their effectiveness over the years. Here are a completely new sales mindset and cold calling approach that will quickly and automatically put you ahead of the game and instantly in a league above your competition.

This 45-minute interview will challenge your thinking and change your mind. You will hear from Arie, an experienced sales trainer, who designed and developed sales training for inside and outside salespeople in very large companies–companies that increased sales because of these techniques.

The purpose of this audio interview is to provide new cold calling tools and techniques to get sales faster by:

  • Diffusing pressure and removing suspicion.
  • Changing from the “dreaded salesperson” to trusted advisor.
  • Transitioning from selling “product” to problem-solving.

You will learn about the following cold calling techniques and topics:

  • Opening the call.
  • Talking to customers in a non-aggressive way.
  • Examples of what to say that are different from traditional scripts.
  • Avoiding customer negative responses—words to avoid.
  • Avoiding objections and “putting you off” comments.
  • Handling gatekeepers and voice mail.

By applying the techniques you will hear on this interview, you will eliminate fear and reluctance in making cold calls and build trust, help prospects, and build sales.

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