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Eugene Schwartz Speech

No kidding. Having been an ad man for over fifteen years, I wish I could have heard this Eugene Schwartz recording sooner.

Writer, teacher, author
Eugene Schwartz

Eugene Schwartz Copywriting Seminar Audio.

Awesome! I have paid thousands of dollars to study the material of all the well-known writer masters and while some elements Eugene Schwartz presents are similar, there is something completely different & amazing about his info. In a nutshell, I would say he speaks with conviction based on phenomenal writer success. Also, he does it in such a way that you truly feel like you are sitting in on a personal coaching session and hearing insider secrets that will set you apart from 99.99 percent of the marketing world!

Your rare Eugene Schwartz speech is an OUTSTANDING piece of marketing genius. In this recording, Schwartz offers amazing insights into his personal methods which any writer or marketer can benefit from instantly. I’ve never heard anything like this before, and I highly recommend that any serious direct response marketer stops what they are doing right now, and listen to this entire speech. It is pure genius! Kind regards, Bill O’Connell.

Three-part audio, download of the explosive full 90-minute Eugene Schwartz “Writing Masters” seminar will show you “How To Turn Yourself Into A Better Copywriter”.

These recordings are an actor and a recreation of Eugene Schwartz and are protected by copyright. Please do not redistribute them. This constitutes a violation of international copyright laws.


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Eugene Schwartz Rodale Speech.

“Unconventional methods that work from one of the highest
paid copywriters of all time, Eugene Schwartz.”

If you’re like most writers, you want to produce copy that turns readers into customers so you can turn your writing into cash. That’s exactly what Eugene Schwartz did. And in this speech he gave to a group of copywriters shortly before his death, he reveals all the quirky methods he used to make his copy soar to unrivaled rates of conversion, while other copy got thrown in the trash.

Eugene called himself the hardest working copywriter in the business even though he only worked three hours a day, five days a week.

Because he could separate the “creative” from the “working” parts of his brain, Eugene was able to maximize his time, avoid writer’s fatigue, and deliver an outstanding product every time. To do this, he used a technique he adapted from Mozart which you’ll hear about in this audio recreation of a speech given by Eugene to a group of list copywriters at Rodale.

You’ll Also Learn:

  • The sneaky Zen method used to get rid of writer’s block.
  • Why it’s so important to redefine the word “creativity” when it comes to your work.
  • How to use a timer and three pencils to stay focused on your copy and keep yourself on task.
  • The “pure magic” formula that uses claims, mechanisms, and proof in just the right way.
  • The most powerful word in the English language to include in your copy.
  • The simplest way to always have a headline that gets your reader to keep reading.

In this recording, you’ll hear what good copy consists of, how to assemble it, and how to avoid most of the stumbling blocks that keep even the best writers staring at blank pages. And this speech has something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll come away with a fresh new look on your copy, and the potential it can have on your wallet.

Audio Recordings…

Bonus Material

    1. Eugene Schwartz Swipe Files 68 Ads in .pdf


      68 PDF files of the actual famous Eugene Schwartz ads. Each ad is different.


    1. Bonus Ad Swipe Files.
      As more ads are loaded more transcripts will be made available.
      • Mell Martin Ads.
        A collection of Mell Martin Ads. Mell was the copywriter no one knew about that Boardroom used to help explore their newsletter subscription. This is the same Boardroom founded by Marty Edelson that Eugene Schwartz helped launch when he wrote a sales letter that helped the company reach 50 million in sales per year.
      • Green Tree Press Ads.
        A collection of Ads from the late Bud Weckesser. Bud was the founder and owner of Green Tree Press. He as a true pioneer in the mail-order business. He is no longer living but his great ads live on.
      • Ben Suarez Ads.
        A very rare collection of Ads from the Ben Suarez. Ben is the author of 7 Steps to Freedom — How To Get Out Of The American Rat Race. Ben was and is still an incredible copywriter. He’s sold hundreds of millions of dollars of products. Space ads in Newspaper were his claim to fame. You simply cannot find a collection this complete anywhere for $20.


    1. Selected Eugene Schwartz PDF files.
      • How to live to be 100.
      • Turn yourself into a learning machine.
      • Turn your mind into a mental magnet.

The “5 Greatest Sales Letters” Swipe File.

    1. I like to over deliver so instead of just 5 of the word transcripts here’s almost 500 Microsoft Word Files to my best ads on including:
      • One-Legged Golfer
      • Lazy Man’s Way to Riches
      • Do You Make These Mistakes in English?
      • Face Lift in a Jar
      • Gym in a Can

Transcripts (Zip file)


    1. FREE Bonus Report # 1.
      34 Insider Secrets To Making Money As A Copywriter.


    1. FREE Bonus Report # 2.
      How To Get Your First Paying Copywriting Client – 13 Real World Case Studies From Real Copywriters.

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