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HMA Opportunity Analysis Training

The first and most important thing you must learn before talking to anyone about consulting services either in person or by phone is to study this opportunity analysis training below. I know it looks like a lot of interviews and you certainly don’t have to listen to all of them. But if you do, it’ll be time well invested. The Opportunity Analysis is where you are going to do your selling.  It’s your sales pitch after all. But it’s not really a pitch. It’s a way for you to find out what is important to your prospect. It’s a training on how to ask the right questions, how to listen and how to give your prospect what they really want. Please listen to the audio downloads and print the worksheets before going any further.


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The recordings below are additional opportunity analysis training. You’ll hear me conducting my version of the Opportunity Analysis. Please understand, my way is only one way to conduct this interview. You’ll need to interject your own personality and style into your client interactions. Be unique, be bold, be yourself. Just make sure you listen more that you talk. I hope these sessions will help you land your first client fast.


NOTE that all of these audios came BEFORE Ken’s Buying Code Training.

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Ryan Dental Lab (Part Two)

In the first part of my Opportunity Analysis with dental laboratory owner, Ryan, we discussed the definition of a USP and delved into what some of his own Unique Selling Propositions might be. Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Ryan Dental Lab (Part One).

Welcome to the first part of an Opportunity Analysis that I personally did with a gentleman named Ryan. Ryan is the owner of a dental laboratory in New Jersey who told me that his business is just about breaking even. He wishes to discover some new ways to grow his business without spending a lot more money. Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Nick, A Chicago Web Site Hosting Company (Part 1).

If you’re interested in the process of uncovering the hidden marketing assets in your business, this recording is for you! It is a consultation I did with Nick, the owner of a medium-sized web hosting company based in Chicago. Nick was interested in growing his already successful business and needed some ideas.  Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Raphael Small Moving Business.

Raphael recently ordered some pre-owned marketing materials from me. As part of his order, I offered to conduct an opportunity analysis for his 30 year old moving company. Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Barcus Accounting Practice.

Here’s a live training call that teaches you how to discover hidden marketing assets and get clients fast. Please download the opportunity analysis worksheet and follow along. Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Small Start-Up Internet Business.

Here’s another training call I conducted with a Mr. Mark Mysack. Mark called looking for marketing advice on his new internet start-up business. This is only the fourth time I have conducted an opportunity analysis. You’re learning as I am. Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Dave Owner Of A Diabetic Supplement Company.

This is an Opportunity Analysis that I did with a business owner named Dave. Dave has an online business marketing supplements to diabetics and wanted some advice about how to grow his business – and grow it quickly. Read More

Opportunity Analysis With Owner Of A Service Business.

It’s always a pleasure when I’m called upon to put my HMA Consulting hat on in order to help a business owner. Frank, the owner of an acoustical sound and lighting company, had listened to several of the audios on my site,, and contacted me for a consultation about how he could modify his marketing strategies to grow his business. Read More

Growing a Flower Shop in Kuwait.

In this interview, you’ll hear firsthand how to conduct an opportunity analysis that will quickly and effectively uncover the main areas of growth for your client’s business. Read More

Opportunity Analysis Training With Jonathan The Owner of A Guided Fishing Tour Business.

Here is another special opportunity analysis training with Jonathan, the owner of his own small fishing tour business. Keep in mind this is not the ideal client I would recommend you take on. But this opportunity analysis training has some important lessons that cannot be denied. Read More

HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With String Cheese Distributor.

Here’s a live training call that teaches you how to discover hidden marketing assets. opportunity analysis worksheet and follow along. Read More

You Can Charge For An Opportunity Analysis And Provide Real Value.

In this audio, you’ll meet Anthony. Anthony has been actively trying to drum up sales for his mobile billboard business but is barely breaking even every month. Even though he has an innovative new business and some great testimonial letters, he still finds that most people aren’t interested in advertising on his truck. So he’s come to me to take a look at his stagnant situation. Read More

How To Take A Prospect Through An Opportunity Analysis And Hook Him On Your Services.

Frank’s shop isn’t doing as well as he’d like. And like most business owners, he’s too emotionally attached to analyze his problems accurately. So in this interview you’ll hear me take him through an opportunity analysis that gets him fired up about the benefits of consulting services. Read More