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What’s the difference between you and any coach or consultants making tens of thousands of dollars per month? It all comes down to CONFIDENCE! Your confidence will rise as you gain knowledge and experience with the HMA Marketing Consulting System. You may need some additional motivation to get you on your way and that’s what these audio lessons are all about. I’m certain the additional knowledge will boost your confidence to go out and get your first client. It’s easy once you earn the gift of CONFIDENCE! Take time now to listen to these lessons below. Download and play them on your computer, smartphone or mp3 player. If you don’t like to listen, read the word for word transcripts.

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Money Expert Loral Langemeier Reveals The 5 Step Model You Need To Create Cash Today.

Loral Langemeier, founder, and CEO of Live Out Loud and author of four best-selling financial books including The Millionaire Maker, says the greatest transfer of wealth is happening right now in this economy, and she’s all over it. Read More

Willie Crawford Interview.

Willie Crawford was raised on a tobacco farm in North Carolina, living off welfare most of his youth. His family was so poor that he once wore his grandmother’s shoe to school while working to earn money to replace his only dilapidated pair. This built a burning desire in Willie to break away from the poverty and build his own business. Read More

Grow A 7-Figure Business Right From Your Living Room For About $11 A Month.

David Riklan didn’t have a business model when he first bought his domain name years ago. He only wanted to help people, so he built a website that would act as a directory to other useful websites. Read More

The Art Of Sniper Marketing: How To Pick Off Prospects One By One And Other Recession-Proof Ways To Maximize Profits – Brian Tracy Interview

Many businesses suffer from “Multiple Ideal Prospect Syndrome,” where they mistakenly think everyone is their ideal prospect. So they use a “machine-gun, must-hit-everyone” approach to their marketing that rarely, if ever, works. Instead, you should find out who your perfect customer is so you can target them in a “one shot, one kill” way that is by far the better method in today’s economy. Read More

How To Improve Your Business And Your Life Using The Real Secret – Dr. John Demartini Inspirational Motivational Speaker Interview.

It may seem like life just comes easy for some people. They land deals with ease, make a six-figure income without really trying, and live their lives like they’re on vacation. Believe it or not, you can have that too. And this interview is just the place to start. In it, you’ll meet Dr. John Demartini. Read More

The Power Of The Story: Share Your Story And The Clients Will Come – Les Brown Hypnotist Brain Injury Interview.

After suffering a severe head injury that left him unable to talk, Les Brown decided to heal himself with hypnosis. It ended up working so well he became a certified hypnotist in order to help others cure their problems too.  Read More

How To Make Every Place You’re In “The Right Place At The Right Time” – An Interview With Legendary Talk Show Host Montel Williams.

Montel Williams says that when he was in elementary school, he had a teacher who told him he was never going to amount to anything just because he was black. But rather than fulfill her prophecy, Montel decided to fight against it. And he says you need to do that too because one of the most important lessons to learn in life is that you alone own the definition of you. Read More

How I Made $400 Million Dollars Selling Products Through Mail Order – Jim Straw Interview.

Even though he only has a high school degree and a year of college, Jim Straw has made more than $400 million selling products through the mail. Read More

Lessons About Failure from a Billionaire – Bill Bartmann Enterprises Interview.

With billion-dollar ups and million-dollar downs, Bill Bartmann has one of the best rags-to-riches stories around. And he has more than his fair share of lessons to show for it. In fact, he’s become somewhat of a failure-to-success expert and says one of his goals is to do for failure what Betty Ford has done for alcoholism. And after you listen to this interview, you’ll know exactly what he means by that. Read More

Three Big Money-Making Secrets From Ken McCarthy You Can Use Right Now To Put More Cash In Your Pocket Even In This Rotten Economy – An Interview With Internet Marketing Expert Ken McCarthy.

Most people expect a free lunch when it comes to making money on the internet, and because the Internet is full of fraud, most people only look for magical ways to make their millions, instead of taking practical steps. After want to be marketers get burned, they start looking for real answers, and that’s when you look for Ken McCarthy. Read More

The “Wolf Of Wall Street” Reveals The Persuasion Secrets That Made Him Rich (And Incarcerated) – An Interview With Infamous Wall Street Broker Jordan Belfort.

Jordan Belfort had it all – fast cars, helicopters, mansions, yachts, anything he wanted and more – thanks to the persuasion techniques he developed that led prospects to buy whatever he was selling. Read More

How To Be Positive, Regardless: An Interview With Legendary Cookie-Maker Famous Amos.

Wally “Famous” Amos has had his share of ups and downs. As a high school dropout who was sent to live with his aunt when his parents divorced, he could have chosen to see life negatively. Instead, he realized the power of being positive, regardless. And in this interview, he shares how that attitude has helped him in business and life. Read More

What Financial Expert Robert Kiyosaki And Buddhist Nun Sister Taught Each Other About Life – Robert Kiyosaki Interview.

Not so long ago, people were taught to find good jobs and work hard so that someday they might enjoy a nice pension. But according to Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, that’s a dinosaur, “industrial-aged” idea. And many people who are currently looking to others for money – whether it’s the government, their pension plans, or even God – are getting a cruel wake-up call in today’s economy. Read More

How To Use This Recession To Break Free From Mediocrity And Create The Life Of Your Dreams – An Interview With Legendary Success Coach Jack Canfield.

Jack is a world-renowned motivational speaker and author of The Success Principles, but he’s probably best known for co-creating the wildly successful series Chicken Soup for the Soul. And in this interview, he talks about how you can use this recession to discover and hone your unique abilities, take 100% responsibility for your life, and create the life of your dreams. Read More

How To Take Back Your Mind A Challenge To America.

If you don’t have the right attitude before listening to any of the audio recordings on my site, they won’t do you a bit of good. So the first thing you need to do to be successful is to get your attitude right. Because if you’re not right on the inside, your not going to be right on the outside. Without the right attitude what you hear on will go in one ear and out the other. And I don’t want that to happen to you. Life is short and I’d rather you not be wasting your time. Read More

Lifelong Marketing & Selling Secrets From My 82 Year Old Uncle.

You can be sure that this interview with Uncle Mort will become one of my most memorable. You will hear how Mort has been a salesman for more than fifty years. Listen as he gives details of his long jack-of-all-trades sales career in a saucy style that only Mort can tell. Read More

Dave Flannery HMA’s #1 Consultant Book list . . .

Meet David Flannery. He want’s to become the world’s number one HMA Consultant. David is from Ireland and he is 35 years old. David graduated with an MBA at the top of his class and has fifteen clients willing to pay close to $20,000 each for his consulting services. Read More

Famous Speaker Reveals Ways To Get What You Want By Helping Others Get What They Want.

For fifteen years, Douglas Cluff has been at the forefront in creating profit-based marketing strategies for companies across North America. Read More

Paul Flood Reveals How He Got His Most Recent Paying Marketing Consulting Clients.

In this new interview, you’ll hear stories from HMA marketing consultants Paul Flood and Richard Emmons and how they were able to get their most recent paying clients. Read More

Justin’s Story – How I Got My First Group Training As an HMA Marketing Consultant

Here is the short five minute audio of what happened with Justin after sending one e-mail. Read More

Using Workshops To Make Thousands A Month For Your Consulting Practice.

If done right, running workshops can be a great way to make a lot of money for your consulting practice, and David has it down to a science.  In his best month he made $190,000! By using an approach that stresses education above sales pitches, he finds he’s landing more eager, qualified clients. And in this audio, you’ll hear how you can do it too. Read More

Famous Speaker Reveals Ways To Get What You Want By Helping Others Get What They Want.

For fifteen years, Douglas Cluff has been at the forefront in creating profit-based marketing strategies for companies across North America. Read More