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Here is a collection of recorded phone call and interviews designed to give you inspiration and guidance.These are some of the best consulting training calls I’ve done over the years. After doing many hours of these calls, I began to see a pattern. The same questions, problems, and challenges were being expressed by the new HMA Pro consutants. These recordings contain many of the solutions to these most pressing problems you may encounter in your marketing consulting business. Listen to these calls. Use them for learning. Use them for inspiration. Use them as support and guidence as your develop and move forward with your business. You also have access to the word for word PDF transcripts and downloadable MP3 files. Enjoy!

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The Real Secrets to Selling: An interview with Tom Hopkins.

Needless to say, Tom Hopkins is a legend. More than three million people around the world have attended his seminars on selling, and more than 35,000 corporations are using his sales training materials. But believe it or not, when Tom first started out in sales, he couldn’t even bring in $50 a month in salary. Read More

World Famous Speaker Reveals Another “Little Known”, Almost “Magic”, Way To Double Your Money Fast, With Almost No Effort!

For fifteen years, Douglas Clof has been at the forefront in creating profit-based marketing strategies for companies across North America.  Read More

More Nonstop Q&A From Chicago Man With The Dream Of Becoming A High Paid Marketing Consultant.

Do you have a passion for Marketing, dabble in it, but feel that you need a systemized approach to be successful? If so, you will enjoy this consultation that I did with a gentleman named Matthew. Read More

Incredible! Your Chance To SPY On An Consulting Madman (The Secret Lab)

Here is a four series of calls that I had with Jordan about becoming an HMA Consultant. Jordan and I had spoken previously about the HMA system but as he got more and more serious about making the decision to join the team, he wanted to make absolutely sure that all of his questions were answered. Read More

How To Double Your Income As A Marketing Consultant In The Next 90 Days Without Charging Your Clients Any Fees Whatsoever!

This next interview with Richard is about ten client case studies from Richard’s private marketing consulting files. Listen in because I make Richard tell me everything he knows about how to think and act as a marketing consultant. Read More

If You Have Just A Few Hours Per Week, Then You Can Quickly And Easily Earn All The Money You Can Spend As A Marketing Consultant.

This recording is truly a treasure that deserves uncovering because I had the great privilege of interviewing a real honest to goodness marketing consultant. One who is still out in the field successfully practicing his craft. Read More

More Questions From Prospective A Marketing Consultant About The HMA System.

If you have you been looking through my web site,, and come across audios and transcripts about the HMA marketing consulting system or information about becoming an HMA Consultant, you’re not the only one. Read More

Questions & Answers From A Super Skeptical HMA Marketing Consultant.

Do you consider yourself to be cautious and sometimes skeptical about concepts and programs that may appear to be too good to be true? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Read More

$75,000 A Month Selling Leads To Yellow Page Advertisers.

Not only is Vanish Patel my good friend, but he is a marketing genius who I have learned a great deal from over the years. Vanish, and I had this conversation just to catch up on our lives and businesses. I have to admit that, once again, Vanish astounded me with some new marketing secrets that will benefit any HMA Consultant! Here’s what you are going to learn. Read More

Determination And Grit Will Get Your What You Want. CLIENTS!

If you want to get into the consulting business helping businesses make more money with less effort, then do it. Don’t let the cost of my HMA system stop you. You have everything you need to go and find a paying client right now on this page of audio recordings and downloads. Yes, it’s easier with the system. But some people like Robert Spiller don’t have the money right now. But that is not going to stop Robert for grabbing his dream.  Read More

Population 2000 One Page Letter = $500,000 In Sales.

Here’s an exclusive interview for the HMA consultants with powerful proof to demonstrate the power of direct mailing. Dr. Greg Nielsen is a chiropractor in a small town in Wisconsin.  Read More

Real-Life Consulting Case Study: $40,000 In A Single Hour.

Would you like to find additional marketing opportunities and sell more consulting services with a shorter sales cycle? Are you a budding marketing consultant looking for additional strategies to increase your business? Here’s an interview with Robert Stover, an experienced marketing consultant. Robert shares his marketing experience, strategies, case studies, and examples of how he generated additional marketing opportunities and increased results by matching the strategy to business results. Read More

From The Pages Of Forbes Magazine: 30-Year Old Biz Wiz Reveals The Secrets Of Consulting

The advice you are about to hear can literally changed your life forever. I am excited to introduce to you another exclusive interview for the HMA consultants with the founder and president of Cares Cares Consulting.  Read More

How To Use Paypal To Get Clients.

HMA Consultant, Jordan Swanson, was interested in how to market consulting services to the thousands to PayPal Store Owners in order to generate new HMA clients. Listen as I walk Jordan through some great ideas about ways to contact PayPal Store Owners and how then to market to the Store Owners’ business customers without even having to be there! Read More

My First Client Meeting.

Welcome to an update that I did with new HMA Consultant, Jordan, to see how his Marketing Consulting business was progressing. Read More

Prospect Qualifying Secrets Training.

One of the most difficult things to determine when meeting with a new prospect is determining if this prospect is, indeed, a qualified prospect. This is the “make it or break it” answer because taking on an unqualified prospect can cost you money and time where you could be moving on to really qualified prospects. Read More

The Viki Mann Interview.

Here’s another exclusive interview for the HMA Consultants. It’s an interview with Viki Mann. Viki Mann is a part-time independent marketing consultant working out of Colorado.  Read More

New HMA Consultant Lands $15,000 Deal After Listening To Just One Recording Jim’s first Client.

Although Jim has been a fulltime marketing consultant for the past seven years, he only recently decided to give the HMA system a try. And because he was busy the day he received his system, he barely had time to listen to the first recording before running out the door to meet with a new prospect. Still, Jim decided to use that meeting to “test drive” the ideas he’d learned in the HMA recording. And he was glad he did. He quickly and easily landed the deal — which will pay him at least $15,000! Read More

How l Got My First Client – Stories From HMA Marketing Consultants.

The most often asked question from most of my students who are starting the marketing consulting businesses is “How do I get my first client?” This question was the catalyst for this series of audio interviews between Richard, myself, and existing HMA Consultants about how they got their first clients. Each interview is a gem in itself with the HMA Consultants relating their personal experiences with prospects, their first client, and their plans for the future. Read More

Just In The Nick Of Time – Rob’s First Client.

Rob chose to pay for his HMA system using the payment-plan option because he thought he’d have a client by his second installment. Well, he didn’t. So, he was just about to throw in the towel and send the whole system back when he decided to give it one more try. And in this audio you’ll hear exactly how he landed two clients that day – just in the nick of time. Read More

Rob Hentschel Lands $10,500 Client.

Got a call from Rob today with great news about a new client. Three weeks ago Rob was ready to through in the towel. Today he is on fire. I am so proud of Rob. Hear why in this short 8 minute recordings below. Enjoy! Read More

How To Make $44 Per Cold Call For Your Copywriting or Consulting Business Even If Nobody Answers.

When copywriter Joe Ratliff started his HMA consulting business, he had absolutely no budget for marketing. But that didn’t stop him. He came up with a plan that’s simple to use, didn’t cost a thing and earned him $22,000 right off the bat – an average of $44 per cold call! And in this interview, you’ll hear exactly how he did it.  Read More

How to Harness the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing to Sell Your Product.

Here is an interview with Bill Bodri on a subject you will not find much information about. It’s on proven referral systems. This information if used properly will increase your business in a big way. But first, I want to tell you a little bit about Bill’s background. Bill is an expert in marketing, creativity, innovation, and peak human performance with wide international experience in a variety of fields.  Read More

The Price of Success An interview on strategic pricing.

Pricing is critical. Most businesspeople know that. Your goods and services are why you’re in business to begin with, and pricing them correctly is how you’re going to stay in business. Now, even an idiot knows he’s not going to stay afloat buying eggs at a dollar each and selling them at $10 a dozen, right? Read More

Seven Secrets about Marketing Your Mother Never Told You About.

You’re going to like this recording. We had hundreds of questions come into Richard about the HMA system and about the marketing consulting business. Here is Richard the founder of the HMA system fielding some tough questions from expert marketing consultants and students from all over the world. It’s 59 minutes long and is pure Q&A style. The two winners of the $500 Gift offer will be announced shortly. Read More

How to Create Breakthrough Ideas.

You’re going to like this recording. We had hundreds of questions come into Richard about the HMA system and about the marketing consulting business. Here is Richard the founder of the HMA system fielding some tough questions from expert marketing consultants and students from all over the world. It’s 59 minutes long and is pure Q&A style. The two winners of the $500 Gift offer will be announced shortly. Read More

A Short Course on Joint Venture Deal Making & Negotiation.

Here’s an interview with a honest to goodness Joint Venture deal making master we’ll call Mr. JV. Mr. JV began his career in Joint Ventures 20 years ago in South Africa. He deals mainly with small to medium sized businesses all over the world.  Read More

How To Take Back Your Mind A Challenge To America.

If you don’t have the right attitude before listening to any of the audio recordings on my site, they won’t do you a bit of good. So the first thing you need to do to be successful is to get your attitude right. Because if you’re not right on the inside, your not going to be right on the outside. Without the right attitude what you hear on will go in one ear and out the other. And I don’t want that to happen to you. Life is short and I’d rather you not be wasting your time. Read More

Hidden Keys to Protecting Your Financial As-sets.

Gary C, CEP®, MCEP, EPS, CSA®, RFC, CCA™, CEA™, CEA® is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to the subject of asset protection. This interview is based on Gary’s decades of personal and professional experience. Gary was a business owner first before he became an asset protectionist. He’s learned how to protect his assets through real world experience, not just theory. Read More

How to Trade for Goods and Services Using Organized Barter.

Have you ever been curious about the organized barter industry and how it can help your business make more money, save more money, get more customers, and get more referrals? If so, then it would behoove you to listen to this exciting interview that I did with a gentleman named Art. Art is an expert in the organized barter industry and actually introduced me to barter more than ten years ago. He is currently a Membership Director of one of the largest barter organizations in the United States and, believe me, Art knows what he’s talking about! Read More

Learn How To Incorporate Your Consulting Practice In Nevada.

This recording is for US based HMA Consultants. Learn how to Incorporate your consulting business in Nevada. This 45 minute recording will give you some of the best advice available about incorporating your consulting practice in Nevada.  Read More

How The HMA System Can Help You Turn Your Luck Around.

Jez Hunt bought the HMA system two years ago but never really did anything with it. Then one day he got a unexpected bill for $8,500 pounds (more than $17,000 US) and was given only eight weeks to pay it off. Jez knew he had to do something. So he picked up his HMA system, switched himself into overdrive, and ended up changing his luck and his life. Read More

More Keys To Better Referral Marketing.

Referrals are one of the most powerful tools for growing your business. They’re cheaper than advertising and cold calling and work a lot better. And without referrals, you’re pretty much just making cold calls. So in this interview you’ll meet another one of my Referral Marketing Pros who’s going to show you some more ways to use referrals for your consulting business – including how to get more referrals, how to set up a referral system and how to use referrals more efficiently. Read More

Doing Homework Pays Off: The Story Of Robert Newhart’s First Client (Part Two).

Robert Newhart is a new HMA consultant who landed four appointments right away. But before he met with the owner of a natural fragrance business, he decided to do a little homework beforehand by looking over the company’s website. And he was glad he did. The first question the owner asked him was, “So, what do you know about my company?”  Read More

Persistence Pays Off: An Update With New HMA Consultant Robert Newhart

When we last talked to Robert Newhart, he had just started his HMA practice, had landed his first client by impressing the business owner with how much he knew about the company, and seemed to be well on his way. A few setbacks later, Robert’s persistence seems to finally be paying off. Read More

How To Position Yourself As The Obvious Expert And Grow Your Consulting Practice The Easy Way.

When Elsom Eldridge first opened his consulting practice, he did what most people do – he mailed out promotional brochures to potential customers, and then waited for the results to pour in. But they never did, and he ended up losing thousands of dollars on the mailing. Needless to say, Elsom was frustrated and confused. Fortunately though, he met a guy who specialized in building consulting practices. Read More

How To Sell Your Business For Top Dollar.

In this interview, you’ll meet an expert who helps business owners sell their businesses for the highest amount possible. According to him, 75% of all businesses on the market today won’t sell. And of the 25% that do, only about one percent will sell for a good price. But there are steps you can take right now that will help your business to draw top dollar in the future, and in this interview you’ll hear all about those steps.  Read More

How To Add A New Dimension To Your HMA Practice By Becoming A Life Coach.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on the consulting business or just some added income, this is the interview for you. In it you’ll hear from Dave Wood, a consultant and life coach, who’s going to tell you exactly how to boost your HMA practice by adding life-coaching skills to it.  Read More

Robert Clay Interview.

Robert Clay is the founder and CEO of DSP Solutions, U.K. Limited. He’s an author, speaker, and designer of world class, low risk, high return marketing strategies. Read More

The Numbers Behind The Michael Senoff & Alex Mandossian Teleseminar.

This was a two hour JV Promotion I did with Alex Mandossian for his Teleseminar Secrets course. It sells for about $2500. He is very good at what he does and you’ll hear two hours of him at his best. Read More

How To Use Your HMA Practice Like A Bank And Buy Companies Without Using Cash.

Even though Chris was having no problems finding clients and making thousands of dollars per HMA step, it wasn’t nearly the kind of money he wanted from his consulting practice. So he decided to get a little creative. Now when Chris finds a company that can significantly and quickly benefit from the HMA system, he’s no longer looking to get fees from them. He’s looking to acquire the company itself.  Read More

How To Pack A Workshop, Turn 35% Of Your Audience Into Clients And Make Thousands A Month For Your Consulting Practice.

After the company David worked for went under and he lost his high-paying sales job, he knew he couldn’t start at the bottom all over again with another company – working 70 hours a week for peanuts just to prove himself. So even though he had a family to support and a huge mortgage to pay, he decided to go the marketing consultant route. No one thought he would make it. Read More

What Every Consultant Should Be Doing Today: Going Where The Opportunities Take You.

The HMA System has been around for 20 years and has seen many recessions. Fortunately, its flexibility allows it to bend with different needs, ideas and economies. And the best part is – there’s really no overhead, so the money you generate is all yours. Read More

How To Sell Consulting Services To Doctors (Part Two).

Jeff hated asking prospects if they wanted to get started on their expensive laser treatments right away. Although he knew he needed to ask that question in order to capitalize on the “impulse buy,” he just couldn’t get himself to do it.  Read More

How To Sell Consulting Services To Doctors (Part One).

Secrets Every HMA Consultant Should Know About Marketing To Doctors? Read More

How To Go From “Laid-Off Victim Of The Economy” To Successful Marketing Consultant In Just A Few Months.

When HMA consultant Jamie Siracusa lost his job as a salesman because of the economy, he didn’t start looking for another sales position to take its place. He was sick of driving five hours for sales calls that only lasted half an hour. He was sick of being away from home a couple days a week. He needed a change. So he decided to give the HMA System a try.  Read More

How To Get Unlimited Financing For Your Business Without Ever Touching Your Personal Credit.

Whether you own a business or are just thinking about owning one, this interview is for you. It’s all about how to get financing for business ventures without ever having to dip into your personal funds. That means you’ll never have to refinance your home, max out your credit cards or beg your friends and family for business money again.  Read More

How To Get Maximum Profits From Your Yellow Page Advertising At Dirt-Cheap Prices.

This is a call I did with one of the world’s top yellow page advertising experts. Learn the mindset of a yellow page advertiser and how to use it to your advantage as well as some little-known ways to selling consulting services to the yellow page advertiser. This is some great stuff. The recording is about fifteen minutes long. Enjoy!  Read More

How To Buy Newspaper Ad Space – Without Loosing The Shirt Off Your Back (Part Two).

Jim H, the ad director at a large Arizona newspaper, has been in the newspaper advertising business for 25 years. In this exclusive interview with Jim, we discuss things to be aware of when you decide to advertise in a newspaper:  Read More

How To Buy Newspaper Ad Space – Without Loosing The Shirt Off Your Back (Part One).

This exclusive interview with Greg G, founder of Newspaper consulting firm. This interview is chalked full of the insider tips of how you can get the best rates in newspaper advertising to help you grow your business to the fullest. Greg worked in the newspaper industry for more than 20 years and was Vice President of Circulation for the Lexington Herald Leader, an integral member of the second largest newspaper group in the country.  Read More

The Matt Pepol Project.

The Matt Pepol project, like the Kevin Fort Project, is an ongoing series of audio interviews with new HMA Consultant Mr. Matt Pepol. He has agreed to let me capture his path to becoming a successful HMA Consultant.  Read More

The Kevin Fort Project (Part Five).

During my last call with Kevin Fort, he told me that the next step in his work for his chiropractor client was going to be the development of the client’s USP. I had told him to give me a call if he needed any help.  Read More

The Kevin Fort Project (Part Four).

Here is an update with HMA Consultant Kevin Fort on his progress growing his marketing consulting business. When we last talked with Kevin, he was planning to meet with a prospect – a local chiropractor who was looking to grow his business – with hopes of closing the deal.  Read More

The Kevin Fort Project (Part Three).

In this second part of my interview with new HMA Consultant, Kevin Fort, Richard joins us on the call to discuss Kevin’s progress and some of the challenges that he’s experienced since starting his business.  Read More

The Kevin Fort Project (Part Two).

This interview with Kevin occurred shortly after he began growing his HMA consulting business. Kevin held his first seminar at a local hotel. You will hear how he prepared for his presentation, what media his presentation consisted of, and what Kevin’s end goal of the seminar was – namely to set up Opportunity Analyses with each of the attendees. Read More

The Kevin Fort Project (Part One).

Kevin Fort is a fairly new HMA Consultant who I recently called just to see how he was doing and if there was anything I could do to assist him in gearing up for success. I found that, in fact, things were really starting to pick up for Kevin and this was great news! Read More

The Best HMA Consultant Tells How He Did It: An Early Interview With Dave Flannery (Part One).

When Dave Flannery got his HMA system, he set out to be the world’s top consultant. With 17 clients and a long waiting list, he’s more than on his way. Read More

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Buying A Business Using Other Peoples’ Money – Even If You Live Outside The United States – But Were Afraid To Ask!

Welcome to another insightful two-part interview with business-buying expert, Art Hamel. In these audios, Art concentrates on how you can buy a business with investor money. This isn’t something that he just thought up. All of the content you are about to hear is based on Art’s actual experience for over twenty-five years. Read More

The Best HMA Consultant Tells How He Did It: An Early Interview With Dave Flannery (Part Two).

Living in a town with a population of only 15,000, David Flannery’s managed to pick up 17 clients, – including a bowling alley — barter his services for a website and bank $60,000 Euro so far. (That’s more than $78,000 U.S.). In this interview, David lets you in on how he’s doing it and how you can do it too. Read More

Dave Flannery – Getting Clients the Easy Way: How Dave Flannery Uses Joint Venture Deals To Land Clients (Part Three).

With 17 clients and a long waiting list, Dave Flannery is one of the busiest consultants around — and he didn’t get that way by making cold calls. Let’s face it, hardly anyone likes cold calling. It’s a slow, tedious and ineffective way to generate leads. Fortunately, it’s not the only way. And in this interview, you’ll hear all about joint ventures, how they’ll make your life infinitely easier than cold calling and exactly how Dave uses them to generate more leads than he can handle. Read More

Bob Bly Interviewed By Michael Senoff.

Here is a two hour interview with master copywriter Bob Bly. This is a GREAT interview because I grilled Bob with your questions on the inside secrets of the copywriting business. The purpose of this interview is not to sell you anything. It’s just straight-up killer copywriting secrets and content. Bob Bly is an independent copywriter and consultant with more than 25 years experience in business-to-business, high-tech, industrial, and direct marketing.  Read More

Dave Flannery – Talks About Making It (Part Four).

Even though highly successful HMA consultant Dave Flannery seems confident, he says he’s a bit nervous most of the time” Dave has so many clients, he’s booked for the year – with one of them paying a retainer of $30,000 euros. And in this update, you’ll hear all about that faked confidence and the real deals that have come from it. Read More

How To Get Your Employees To Sell More Of Your Products And Services Then Ever Before Using The Proven Secrets Of Incentive Programs.

Incentives can get your sales force selling like they have never sold before. Organizations need motivation more than ever. They need customers to buy more and remain loyal. They need prospects to opt-in. They need to inspire employees to produce more and to deliver the customer what the company may promise in sales and marketing literature. In today’s intensely competitive environment, it is critical for organizations to employ proven strategies that develop intense loyalty from employees and customers alike. A proven tool is the incentive program. Read More

Finding the Phrase that Pays: A Crash Course on Sales Scripting.

Getting people to hand over their hard-earned cash for stuff they probably don’t need isn’t always easy, and it shouldn’t be left up to chance. There are certain words and phrases that seem to work like magic when it comes to the art of persuasion, and any business can benefit from knowing them.  Read More

How To Make A Sales Presentation That Consistently Closes The Deal.

Many people resist sales scripting because they think it’ll sound canned or rehearsed. But according to expert sales trainer, Eric Lofholm, even if you’re winging it, you’re still using a “script.” Studies show that most great sales presenters open and close in the same way. So if you take your current scripts and add a few powerful techniques to them, you’ll have unstoppable sales presentations. And in this audio, you’ll hear some of those techniques. Read More

How To Crank Up The Heat On Your Cold Calls So You Can Land More Qualified Sales Appointments.

Even though cold calling can be a valuable marketing tool just like any other, if it’s not done correctly, it can be a huge waste of time. So in this audio you’ll meet cold calling expert, Scott Chanel. Scott is going to tell you how to revamp your cold calling process so that you’re eliminating drudgery, spending less time on the phone, and landing more appointments. Read More

How to Develop a Compelling USP.

Clarify Your Marketing Message, Craft A 30 second Elevator Speech, Align Your Business Image With Its Operations, And then sell, Sell, SELL in RECORD time Without Doing Hardly Anything at All Read More

Picking the Brain of a Heavy Weight CEO Coach: How to Develop a Peer-to-Peer Relationship with the Decision Maker and Communicate Value Up Front.

Paul R. DiModica is the founder of the Value Forward Group, a worldwide management consulting firm. Base on twenty years experience as a VP of sales and marketing, strategy, operations, and as a COO, he created the Value Forward method, a 360° business value assessment and implementation approach that integrates financial management, marketing methodology, sales process, corporate strategy and operations to help companies grow. Read More

Great Review Of How Richard Johnson Gets His Consulting Clients. His 10 Recent Case Studies.

Richad Johnson didn’t create a coaching business so he could retire. He’s still out in the field selling and working his coaching business. And in this interview, you’ll hear what he’s been up to for the last couple of years along with 10 of his most recent coaching case studies that illustrate important lessons about his (HMA) Hidden Marketing Assets System. Read More

Bring It On: Dave Flannery Reveals All.

With 17 clients and a long waiting list, Dave Flannery is one of the best. And while most HMA consultants only dream about such success, Rob Hentschel went one step further — he asked if he could grill Dave on every last detail of every last accomplishment. Well, it never hurts to ask because Dave’s response was, “Bring it on.” Read More

How To Wow Your Prospects With Numbers And Other Great Ideas.

In this conference call, consultants from around the world discuss the many ways they’re growing their businesses and closing more deals. Read More

How To Help Businesses Create Their Own Economy And Take Demand Away From The Competition.

It’s been a while since Richard has joined us on a conference call. This call is Richard answering your most pressing questions regarding the HMA System.  Read More

Dave Flannery – Is Grilled For More Details (Part Five).

After the last update with Dave, many consultants were left wanting more. Specifically, they wanted Dave to elaborate about his HMA practice and how he’s running it so successfully. So Dave agreed to a second interview. This one is a quick Q-and-A session with HMA students from around the world getting answers and advice to their most pressing questions.  Read More

Dave Flannery – Secret To Time Management: Let Your Client Do His Own Work! (Part Six).

Dave’s been busy since the last time we talked, and not just with his HMA practice. He’s also written a book called The Four Absolute Unbreakable Laws for Making Huge Profits. And in this audio, you’ll hear Dave talk a little about his book and a lot about how he runs his HMA business so smoothly. Read More

How To Take A Prospect Through An Opportunity Analysis And Hook Him On Your Services.

Frank’s shop isn’t doing as well as he’d like. And like most business owners, he’s too emotionally attached to analyze his problems accurately. So in this interview you’ll hear me take him through an opportunity analysis that gets him fired up about the benefits of consulting services. Read More