HMA University – System Recordings

 HMA Online Training

You’ll own 25 hours of cutting edge HMA training in consulting and marketing in downloadable mp3 audio files. There is no reason you need to be glued to your computer taking in this training.

We want you to get out and learn too.

Put a mp3 player on and go for a walk.

Listen in as you drive to pick up your kids.

Turn wasted time standing in line into learning time.

Richard’s very first live marketing consulting seminar was conducted in early 1995.

Your 1995 training features Richard at the top of this game teaching a room packed with students his system for becoming a successful marketing coach.

Each student paid over $5000 to attend.

You’ll be able to download, hear and learn everything you need about capturing clients and creating marketing systems for them.

It’s like having Richard right there with you showing you exactly what to do each step of the way.

Questions or problems, 24 Hour help when you need it. Don’t hesitate to text or call 858-692-9461 or contact us.

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