HMA University – Special Reports

Here’s a list of all your HMA reports. You’ll now have the reprint and resale rights to all of the reports below. You do not pay me any royalties and you keep all of the profits. You can package them and sell them to prospective clients or use them as educational incentives.

You can give them away for free. These reports are available for you to download in Microsoft Word and in PDF. These downloads are different than some of the reports that you may have seen on my site. I have removed the header and footer links leading to my site. You’ll want to customize these reports to have them coming from you.

You can type in your name and say something like “compliments of (your name)” or you can print these reports as is and have a stamp or label on the back. This way your prospect will call you back for consulting services. The front cover of the report cannot be changed. My website and the company name is NOT listed on most of these reports.

A few of the reports that are related to my audio interviews do have my contact information on them. You may alter this if you wish. Robert Boduch is the author of many of these reports and he owns the copyrights.

By you becoming an HMA consultant, you are granted the digital and print duplication resale rights of these reports. Use them as lead generating tools for your consulting business. There are thousands of dollars worth of consulting advice contained in the reports. Use them well.

Report No.1

Special Report “Behind Close Doors”: Vol. I 21 Insider Consulting Secrets You’re not Supposed To Know. 86 pages of The Most Revealing, Proprietary Consulting Secrets On The Subject of Marketing Consulting That Exist Anywhere. Read More

Report No.2

The Headline Bank which is a hundred of the top money-making headlines. Read More

Report No.3

Quick Fix Marketing which is a one shot turnaround strategies for 50 different companies. If all you did was take that one business report that you’ll be getting in your volume two, you’d have 50 marketing plans for 50 different businesses that you can go out and use. Read More

Report No.4

Insider Business Strategies, Five Ways to Increase Your Bottom Line Profits Without Spending an Extra Dime on Advertising. Read More

Report No.5

Report #2: Special Classified Magic. “How to make your small Ads pay off big!” (Best-Selling Book – 80 8.5 x 11 inch pages. Read More

Report No.6

Headline Q & A’s – Frequently Asked Questions About How Anyone, Anywhere Can Write Compelling, Moneymaking Headlines, Quickly & Easily. Read More

Report No.7

How To Get Free Advertising With Classifies Ads  Read More

Report No.8

The Power of Unique Selling Propositions Why Your USP Must Be #1 in Marketing. Read More

Report No.9

How To up your profit in a down economy. 114 Tips, Techniques and Tactics To Kick-Start Your Cash Flow, Boost Your Business, and Pile Up Your Profits — When Other Businesses Are Struggling Just To Survive! Read More

Report No.10

7 Quick and Easy Headline Formulas. Your Instant Reference Guide To Creating Explosive, Attention-Grabbing Headlines Anytime! Read More

Report No.11

Yellow Pages Success Secrets. “How To Attract More New Business With A Riveting Ad That Captures Immediate Attention”. Arouses Intense Interest and Gets The Call Every Time! Read More

Report No.12

140 Quick Headline Tips. Easy To Use Techniques, Tactics and Ideas For Creating Powerful, Riveting Attention-Grabbing Headlines. Read More

Report No.13

How To Use Brochures To Grow Your Business. 79 Profit-Boosting Ideas, Tips, Tactics and Techniques to Help You Gain Maximum Marketing Value From Every Brochure! Read More

Report No.14

How To Double Your Business In The Next 90 Days. 11 Key Concepts For Turning Your Business Into A Powerful, Customer-Focused Marketing Machine! Read More

Report No.15

The Ultimate, Idea-Inducing, Creativity-Enhancing Sample Headline Collection. Over 600 Examples Of Published Headlines Including Some Of The Best Ever! Read More

Report No.16

How To Get Far More Accomplished In A Lot Less Time. 113 Tips & Tricks To Help You Boost Productivity and Overcome Procrastination! Read More

Report No.17

Unlimited Prospects Instantly. “How To Magnetically Attract A Flood of Fresh, Qualified and Highly-Interested Prospects – Anytime You Want!” Ask any of your prospects what they want the most help with in their business and nine out of ten times they’ll tell you they want more customers. And this report can help get them on their way. Use the idea within this report to help credentialize yourself as an consultant who understands what it takes to get more customers in the door. By using the HMA System for growing a business without advertising and the ideas within this report, you’ll be positioned as the go to consultant in your town that business will turn to when wanting expert help. Read More

Report No.18

Display Ad Secrets. 101 Powerful Tips, Techniques and Strategies For Maximum Results. Display advertising is NOT something you are going to push as an HMA Marketing Consultant. However, you will find most of your prospects paying for advertising already. And this little report can help them with existing marketing messages. You may have prospects who are making display advertising work.  And with this report, you can help make it work better. Some of the greatest opportunities for ramp-ping up sales with display advertising can be accomplished with only a few minor changes to a headline, an offer or call to action. I encourage you to review this special report and use it within your own HMA consulting practice and to use it as a tool for helping and generating new client work. Read More

Report No.19

113 Powerful, Persuasive Ways To Turn ANY Sales Letter Into An Explosive, Highly Responsive Moneymaking Machine. If you’ve got a client who writes anything to generate sales, this report can be a most welcome teacher for them. The ideas in this report are not limited to sales letters only. They can be used for any sales message used for selling including audio, telephone, web page copy and more. Read More

Report No.21

Best Headline Words And Phrases Quick Reference Guide — The Ultimate, Super-Fast Headline Creation Tool! (Not shown in photograph). Read More

Report No.22

Instant Headline Postcards Swipe File – Get 125+ Top-Notch Headlines Prepared For Easy and Instant Headline Writing (This is the kind of headline reference library the great Gary Halbert uses and endorses!) (Not shown in photograph). Read More

Report No.23

Hidden Marketing Assets — How To Sell More Consulting Services At Full Price In A Shorter Period of Time Than You Have Ever Done Before! Read More

Report No.24

Client Case Studies Volume 1 – Let One Of North America’s Top Marketing Consulting Experts Show You, In Person, The Hottest “Low Cost/High Return” Consulting Secrets & Strategies To Double Your Business In Record Time”. Read More

Report No.25

Your text here Mike Read More

Report No.26

Your text here Mike. Read More

HMA 117 Hours Use Audio Rights:

Would you be interested in the use rights to my collection of 117 hours of audio content, in the transcript from

You’ll get the rights to use and print out over 117 hours of downloadable audio interviews, marketing lessons and transcripts by Gary Halbert, Jay Conrad Levinson, John Carlton, Brian Keith Voiles, Deremiah Phillips *CPE, Bill Myers, Carl Galletti, Ted Nicholas, Joe Vitale, The PR Doctor, Millionaire Mr. X, Taylor Trump, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Mr. Arthur Hamel, and many other marketing experts. And you can get them in a matter of hours to offer to your customer, subscribers, and friends.

If you say yes and if you qualify, you’ll instantly have a volume of new products to beef up your existing products. You’ll have all the quality material you need to create your own products to get more customers, clients, and subscribers for your business. You may use these recordings and downloads as a free bonus material to market whatever you like. You may print the transcripts, include links to them as free content on your website, print and put them in your physical products or offer them as special incentives to better sell your existing products and consulting services.

I’m making this available to you as and active HMA Marketing Consultant. These audio recordings have been a labor of love that has taken years to create. I’ve invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in putting this material together. And I’m about to place everything in your lap for free.

If you have spent any time reviewing my recordings, I hope you’ll agree there is nothing like this available anywhere. My audio content is not the same old replicated, rehashed, recycled marketing information you can get from any book. Your customers will be introduced to world famous business people who reveal all their secrets about how to market, advertise and grow your business.

This is information is worth thousands of dollars and I promise you people you know have never seen or heard anything like this. Your friends and associates will get this how to business content first hand, directly from expert business consultants via no-holds-bared interviews conducted my me, Michael Senoff.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not talking about you getting vague answers to success like “you’ve got to work hard” or “you have to have a positive attitude”. And I’m not talking about unspecific answers like ” you need to go read this book or that book”. When I interview a business owner, it’s almost like an interrogation. But not in a negative way. I’ve discovered a secret after interviewing hundreds of successful business people. I’ve found the less I talk, the more money-making “How to” secrets the business owner would reveal.

This simple but basic rule in human nature is how am I able to get the business owner to open up. It’s the main reason why I am able to get all their secrets that they would never think of divulging to anyone. Not for any amount of money. Your customers have a real need for move gut marketing and business growth information, yet almost no time to read. If you’re granted a license, you’ll help them reach their goals without expecting anything in return.

My personal experiences are proof that offering these recordings, downloads, and transcripts to my site visitors for free is a powerful concept. It has made me thousands of dollars in more ways than you’ll ever know. Giving away this material without charging has put me in contact with some of the most respected and brightest minds in the world of direct marketing and advertising. These free recordings have created an enormous good will and customer loyalty. They have taught me many valuable ways to grow my business. And now I want to offer these same benefits to you.

You’ve just found a way to get material to give away to your customers that others would gladly pay thousands for. But you’re not going to have to pay anything. And you’re not going to have to keep hearing me go on and on about how good these recordings are. Below are some sample clips to give you just a smidgen of what you hold in your hands. Hold on tight, and press the play button below.

Just e-mail me by Clicking Here and I will make a custom page for you to


NOTE: You may not upload or edit any of the audio interviews, recordings or transcripts. You can link to them from your site. You may print and offer hard copy version from your website. This is not a resale license. It’s a use license as long as your remain an HMA Marketing Consultant in good standing.

Questions or problems, 24 Hour help when you need it. Don’t hesitate to text or call 858-692-9461 or contact us.

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