HMA University – Rights To Audio Interviews

Would you be interested in the use rights to share links to hours of audio interview content to help with the credibility of your HMA Marketing Coaching / Consulting practice?

As an HMA Pro member, you can get certain rights to share links to hours of downloadable audio mp3 interviews, marketing lessons and transcripts by Gary Halbert, Jay Conrad Levinson, John Carlton, Brian Keith Voiles, Deremiah Phillips *CPE, Bill Myers, Carl Galletti, Ted Nicholas, Joe Vitale, The PR Doctor, Millionaire Mr. X, Taylor Trump, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Mr. Arthur Hamel, and many other marketing experts.  

If you say “Yes”, you’ll instantly have a volume of new products to beef up your existing products. You’ll have all the quality material you need to create your own products to get more customers, clients, and subscribers for your business. You may offer them as special incentives to better sell your existing products and consulting services.

I am making this available to you as an active HMA Pro Marketing Consultant. 

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not talking about you getting vague advice for success likes, “you’ve got to work hard” or “you have to have a positive attitude.” And I am not talking about unspecific answers like “you need to go read this book or that book.” When I interview a business owner, it is almost like an interrogation. But not in a negative way. I’ve discovered the secret after interviewing hundreds of successful business people. I’ve found the less I talk, the more money-making, “How to” secrets the business owner would reveal.

You now will receive valuable material to share with your potential clients and customers.

Please email and I’ll personally help you get set up.

NOTE: You may not upload or edit any of the audio interviews, recordings or transcripts.  

You may not upload any of the audio interviews to your site or any site without specific and direct permission from me.

This is not a resale license. 

It is a use license as long as your remain an HMA Pro Marketing Consultant in good standing.

If you are on a payment plan for HMA Pro, all payments must be complete BEFORE you use or gain any of these rights.


Questions or problems, 24 Hour help when you need it. Don’t hesitate to text or call 858-692-9461 or contact us.

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