HMA University – Marketing Templates

Here’s a nice collection of sample joint venture letters, workshop invitations, proposals and other, done for you marketing collateral. We’ve done most of the work so you don’t have to. Take a few minutes to look at what we have for you. Feel free to modify and build onto these documents. Edit them and brand them as you wish for your marketing consulting practice.


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Direct Mail Letters Examples

You may want to consider direct mail as a way to generate client work. If you can test small and find a letter, postcard or dimensional mailing that works, you may never have to cold call for clients again. Whenever you need more clients, you simply drop more of your magic client getting letters in the mail. But be warned, this can take some considerable time and testing.  And when you test, test smart. I would never mail more than 100 letters at a time for your test. If your test mailing of 100 letters gets some good response, you can mail more. I’ve seen consultants blow thousands of dollars because they were so sure their mailing was going to be a home run. Test Test Test. Read More

Lumpy Mail Letter Examples

Below is a very well written direct mail campaign that was successful in generating client work from one of out HMA consultants. The idea is to use lumpy grabbers inside your mailing that get your mail open. Make sure you test small and based on your response you can mail as you need more clients. This lumpy mail campaign can totally eliminate the use of cold call prospecting for client work when executed properly. You can outsource this type of mailing to fulfillment houses or you can do it on your own at first.  Some consultants will look at this type of mailing too expensive compared to a regular flat mailing, but remember that return on your investment is what this consulting business is about.  You’ll see a great example of a series of timed lumpy mailings that you can test, modify and mail for a potentially killer HMA getting client strategy.  Read More

HMA Consultant Documents

Your magic profile analysis. There’s a good chance you completed a profile similar to this before you made the jump to HMA. The real secret behind this profile is two fold.  Firstly, it’s a way to separate your serious prospects from the ones who just wants you for free consulting information.  Your prospect, your buyer, your client and or your customers will have to make a concerted effort to earn the right to work with you.  And this positioning can make all the difference in your consulting practice. Read More

Joint Venture Letters

There’s no better way to get clients than this.  It’s doing Joint Ventures. The simple idea is to leverage off the business assets of others. And these Joint Venture letters will get you on your way.  You have lots of training in the HMA University on how to set up joint ventures so make sure you have a good understanding before you have someone mail these letters on your behalf. And remember to mail responsibly. Always test before investing big money on postage and letters. These templates don’t have to be physical letters either. You can modify theme for e-mail, voice recorded messages and telemarketing. Read More

Idea Generation

Your next idea for your client can be the one that makes him a ton of money. And it’s hard to sometimes come up with these ideas on the fly. These docs have more marketing ideas packed into their pages than you’ll know what to do with. Review these marketing idea generators when working with clients. Read More

Appointment Client Getting Tools

All of these documents are centered around your initial client getting appointment.  Here are some tools that will help fast start the process for interviewing potential prospects about their hidden marketing assets. Use these templates to format your opportunity analysis whether it’s in person, over the phone or in direct letter format. I’m certain these documents will shortcut the client acquisition process.  Read More

Client Proposals Examples

The big mistake most consultants make is working by the hour and not working based on the value brought to the client.  This occurs because other consultants don’t have a system for project work. With the HMA System, you sell projects not hours. And when you’re selling projects you’ll need to show the client exactly what they’re getting for their money.  These proposals describe all the project steps of your HMA Marketing Consulting System.  You will save time and effort so you don’t have to write them from scratch. Read More

Postcard, Brochure and Flyer Examples

Here’s a huge collection of postcards and promotions you can use and modify for your marketing of your HMA practice. You can use them in your online classified advertising. You can use them for direct mail. You can use them on your website. You can use them in your one-on-one interactions. Just remember, if you’re to mail responsibly. Always test 50 to 100 pieces BEFORE you send out a significant amount so you don’t lose your investment in time, postage and printing. The right successful mailing can eliminate all your future cold call prospecting for your HMA Marketing consulting business.. Read More

Press Release Examples

Every once in a while I’ll have an HMA consultants send me a press release that they used to generate business for their consulting practice. Here are a few examples that you can use and modify if you’re interested in using press releases to generate radio, television, or newspaper media opportunities. I think you’ll find more than a few good ideas within the sample templates.

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USP Examples

I have a secret. The USP or unique selling proposition was always confusing to me. For the longest time I had a hard time really grasping and understanding the importance of this concept. And it’s critical in the HMA Marketing consulting system. You need the USP before you do any of the other steps in the HMA Marketing Consulting System. So here’s some examples of USPs that will help shortcut your understanding of how important, how to form and what the USP actually is.

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Telemarketing Scripts Examples

Warning! Getting clients using telemarketing methods yourself can be the hardest and most frustrating way to build a consulting practice. However, if you’re paying a telemarketing firm or outside contract labor, it can be a gold mine. Over the years we’ve had consultants submit various scripts on how they used telemarketing to generate client acquisition and appointment setting. These examples scripts can be used to train independent telemarketers.  Read More

Group Workshop & Seminar Documents

If you like people and you like speaking, group training workshops may be a direction you’ll want to take your consulting practice. With your done for you HMA Group Training Workbooks, you’ll have everything you need to put on and charge for group training workshops. These documents will help make these workshop a success. Feel free to modify for your own HMA Marketing Consulting Practice.

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Contracts & Agreement Examples

I‘ve assembled a collection of contracts and agreements that will make setting up consulting deals to fast and easy. Feel free to use and modify these for your consulting practice. NOTE! I’m not an attorney. Please make sure you check with your own legal adviser before using any of these agreement just to to make sure they apply to your state laws and individual situation.  Read More