HMA University – Group Training Workbooks

HMA Group Workshop Workbook Training Curriculum.

These are done for you, pre-designed marketing curriculum in workbook form to provide each one of your paying group workshop clients. And you may even have these workbooks private labeled with your consulting name on the cover (10 sets minimum and you must be paid in full ).

You can order the group training workbooks in a generic form for $50 per set with a ten set minimum. You’ll just follow the training in the group training videos from HMA Resource #3 and follow along as your group training clients learn how to implement all the HMA Steps in the HMA system for their own business.

Business owners will love you for this training and it’s different from your one on one clients. With your one on one clients, you are the implementer of the system. With the group training clients, you become a coach to offer teaching and support only. This will free your time and let you work and coach with more clients because they will be doing the execution of the training, not you.

If you want physical branded HMA Group Training Workbooks with image and or contact information, I will send you a template for you to to give your graphic artist so your can recreate your own branded cover workbooks. You will send that back to me and I will have them printed. For branded workbooks, you must order a minimum of ten sets at $50 each for a total of $500. You will pay actual shipping, $25 if shipping in the US, and $120 Shipping internationally.

It will take 10 business days from the time, I receive and sign off on your art to get your workbooks printed and shipped out to you. If you have any other questions email me at


This same marketing system was branded under a different name is used by U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE.

The system was exclusively licensed by centers of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership network throughout the United States.


Way back In 2006, even Dell Computers began to sell the popular Dell Learning System with the 7 STEPS training course included. In 2007, IBM showcased a Corporate Learning System at trade shows across the USA (including Linux World in San Francisco and Brain Share in Salt Lake City) which now features the 7 STEPS training course!


Since 1995, The International Guild of Professional Consultants headquartered in Orlando, Florida has endorsed and used the system to train over 2000 members in marketing and sales consulting skills

You’ll get 8 total workbooks in each set.

The workbooks look great and are printed in 4 colors.

You’ll get one set with your HMA System.

And if group training is the way you want to go, you only pay $500 for 10 sets. (A set included all 8 workbooks )

Here’s what you get.

  • Workbook #1- Uncovering Your Unique Selling Proposition for More Sales – 35 pages
  • Workbook #2- Integrating USP for Exponential Growth and More Sales – 16 pages
  • Workbook #3- Database Marketing for More Sales – 26 pages
  • Workbook #4- Strategic Marketing Alliances for More Sales! – 15 pages
  • Workbook #5- Custom Advertising for More Sales – 36 pages
  • Workbook #6- Community Relations/PR for More Sales – 14 pages
  • Workbook #7- One-to-One Direct Marketing for More Sales – 41 pagest
  • Workbook #8- Internet Marketing Is your Website Making Enough Sales? – 16 pages

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